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Reject the Nuclear Deal

Tuesday 22 July 2008, by Prem Singh


All conditions and regulations related to controversial Indo-US Nuclear Deal have been framed and finalised outside India in America. If the American Congress finally passes the agreement then the role of Indian Parliament is confined to merely accepting it. In this sense, this deal has been prepared by America, for America and in the interest of America. The interest of America lies in establishing its control on the market of India including its ‘defence market’. Whatever details have emerged so far indicate that the deal is being finalised at the cost of the country’s interest. If the UPA Government wins the trust vote after the withdrawal of support by the Left Front, this will be an insult to the lakhs of martyrs who laid down their lives for the country’s independence.

Some leaders who had earlier opposed the deal have now come out to change sides and to support it. Even before the date of the confidence motion, Parliament has been reduced to an arena of horse-trading. What is being termed as national interest is actually a degraded game of the American dollar and opportunism in politics.

Under the guise of secularism, the leaders who are supporting the deal belong to parties that have hard-core Shiv-Sainkis and RSS elements on their rolls. Citing a so-called threat to secularism, leaders supporting the deal had joined with the same Kalyan Singh during whose regime the Babri mosque was demolished. In addition to this, these leaders had defended Lal Krishan Advani in the court. Some leaders are opposing the deal citing the religious sentiments of the Muslim minority and some are supporting the deal citing the religious sentiments of the Sikhs in America. The people who supported Narendra Modi’s election campaign after Gujarat’s state-sponsored carnage of the Muslim community are now speaking of Muslim sentiments.

Any discussion in relation to secularism or religious identities does not make sense and is down- right hypocritical. The leaders and intellectuals who mention ‘development’ to support the deal should also disclose to the public that after the deal the expensive electricity will be confined only to the rich. This, of course, will be in keeping with Manmohan Singh and company’s liberalisation policies that ensure more riches to the rich.

Vidyarthi Yuvjan Sabha (VYS) and Samajwadi Jan Parishad (SJP) believe if this deal comes through it will strengthen capitalist-imperialist grip on India. Therefore, we exhort the hard working and patriotic public of the country to vehemently oppose the deal. This deal must be rejected to ensure India’s sovereignty and security and to create a nuclear free world.

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