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Mainstream, Vol XLVI No 48

Khushbu: Eye-opener for Muslim Girls

Sunday 16 November 2008, by N Jamal Ansari



It was interesting and informative to go through your editorial, “Voyage to the Moon” (Mainstream, October 25, 2008). You have thrown light on all aspects of the Chandrayaan mission but unfortunately the people who were behind the successful launching of Chandrayaan-1 failed to get attention.

A twelve-member team was behind the Moon Mission. Ms Khushbu Mirza, hailing from a small town Amroha, was one of them. Her story is an eye-opener for all Muslim girls. She has demolished the myth that Muslim women are orthodox, backward and remain content with domestic chores. Khushbu completed her B.Tech (Electronics) from Aligarh Muslim University. She was selected by some of the best firms but preferred to join the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). She was chosen to be part of the twelve-member team which was entrusted with the responsibility of developing the satellite system of Chandrayaan-1. I believe she should be congratulated.

Ms Khushbu’s achievement demolished another myth. Aligarh Muslim University is not an ordinary institution. Its founder never wished it to be so. Often AMU has been portrayed as a madrasa-type institution whereas in reality young boys and girls of AMU are just like their counterparts in other universities. They have dreams and aspirations. Ms Khushbu is an example. Readers will agree that young dreams should not be broken. Hence let us congratulate Ms Khushbu and extend good wishes to other youngsters of AMU to make possible, the impossible.

N. Jamal Ansari
- 4/1083, Sir Syed Nagar
- Aligarh-202001
- Mob: 9927571082/9760984725

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