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Mainstream, VOL LIII No 1, December 27, 2014 - Annual Number

Indian Police

Saturday 27 December 2014



All countrymen rightly condemn and resent the highly deplorable, thoroughly inefficient and corrupt Indian Police and its functioning.

It has earned notoriety for adopting the immensely inhuman torturous three-degree methods leading to custodial death, resorting to fake encounters, production of fabricated evidence in the courts, arresting innocent Indian citizens and keeping them for months as under-trials and for taking bribes. It is full of anti- Muslim bias and considers all Muslims terrorists. Over and above all this, it has failed to performs its primary duty of registering FIRs and allowing notorious criminals and history-sheeters to commit all sorts of crimes in return for receiving regularly money from them. Police Stations have virtually become dens of the worst kind of crimes. Its failure to control public demonstrations and using force is the glaring example of its thorough incompetence.

The need of the hour is this that the entire police system should be overhauled and revamped and a new comprehensive law be passed by Parliament removing all its defects and converting the Police Department into a real publice service department.

Dr M. Hashim Kidwai
(Ex-MP, Rajya Sabha)
C-201, Rose Wood Apartments, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi-110 091

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