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Mainstream, VOL 60 No 45 October 29, 2022

No Images of Gods on Indian Currency Notes - Letter to the Editor

Saturday 29 October 2022


October 27, 2022

The Editor,

We strongly protest against any move to emboss Indian currency notes with the images of Goddess Laxmi and God Ganesh. It is a conspiracy to give Gandhi the Divine status and manufacture a new Trimurti.

It is a move to insult Hinduism by defiling the image of a Hindu God and a Hindu Goddess whose rightful place is in sacred temples and not on the filthy currency notes. In our culture, money is dirt that needs to be discarded. We wash our hands after touching a currency note.

Indian money is associated with black colour that is inauspicious.

The currency notes touch the leather of the purse and leather is impure. The purse is kept in the back pocket. The thought of foreigners carrying these in close proximity to the unwashed bottom is unbearable to us.

The currency notes will be demonetised, shredded and pulped, obliterating the images of Laxmi and Ganesh. This is a deeper conspiracy against Hinduism.

Our members seek to protect Hindu Gods and Goddesses throughout the world. Unless this demand of the anti-Hindu elements is officially rejected by the Government before the Gujarat elections, we shall launch a global agitation.

— Hurt Hindus of America

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