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Mainstream, VOL 60 No 45 October 29, 2022

CPI 24th Congress calls upon people of India to fight for "Health for All"

Saturday 29 October 2022


Date: 20.10.2022

CPI to campaign for Health to be a Fundamental Right

Increase the public spending on health to 6% of GDP

The Communist Party of India (CPI) has demanded health to be a Fundamental Right. Resolution to the effect was passed unanimously at the 24th Party congress of the CPI held at Vijayawada from 14 to 18 October 2022. Dr Arun Mitra, who moved the resolution said that it is unfortunate that the despite poor health conditions of the people, health has not been given its due place by the successive governments. The political parties too have not taken health as a priority in their policy matters. In this connection the demand by the CPI to make health as a fundamental right is highly welcome step which will make health as justiciable.

An Infant mortality rate of 27.7 deaths per 1000 live births and under 5 years mortality rate of 32 and Maternal Mortality Rate of 103 per 100,000 live births are worrisome. It is a shame that in the Global Hunger Index, India stands at 107 out of 120 countries. Because of poor planning and infrastructure the diseases like Malaria, Tuberculosis, Cardiac illnesses, Diabetes, Cancers etc. got ignored during the COVID Pandemic.

The CPI resolution has cautioned that the insurance based healthcare system introduced after the Neo-liberal economic policies, has failed to deliver comprehensive healthcare to the people, instead it has become means to divert money from the public funds to the corporate sector.

The effort to bring government hospitals including district hospitals, PHCs under private control will further devoid the quality health care of low and middle income group people.

The resolution points out absence of a Rational Drug Policy till date. As a result the Pharmaceutical companies are making huge profits.

The resolution criticized unscientific and non-evidence based methods of treatment being promoted under the present government. Cow urine, Cow dung and Ramdev’s Coronil had been recommended as treatment of various diseases including the COVID-19 by the obscurantist forces with the support of the then union Health Minister.

The 24th Congress of the CPI reaffirmed its demand that Health should be declared fundamental right, Public expenditure on health should be increased from present of 1.28% to 6% of the GDP; All drugs, vaccines and medical devices should be produced by Union and state Governments through Public sector units to ensure drugs security. Active pharmaceutical ingredients should also be produced by public sector units to ensure self-reliance in drugs production.

Insurance based healthcare system should be abandoned and public health system should be strengthened. All treatments, investigations and services should be given free of cost. Medical staffs including doctors, nurses, paramedics, ASHA workers and Aanganwadi workers should be appointed on permanent basis. All temporary workers should be made permanent. Equitable distribution of doctors should be ensured in rural and urban areas. Medical education should be imparted in state sector only. Instead of Mixopathy an evidence based Scientific method of medical system alone should be permitted. Good nutrition should be ensured through proper measures under the Food Security Act. In schools Mid-day meal, free breakfast scheme should be provided in all states. Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) should be expanded to adults. Provide Human papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination for all girls and young women to prevent Cervix cancer. Newer Adult vaccines like influenza vaccines, Pneumococcal vaccine, zoster vaccine should be included in Universal Immunization Programme.

The CPI 24th Congress calls upon people of India to fight for "Health for All".

[received via: Dr Arun Mitra139-E, Kicthlu Nagar, Ludhiana – 141001 (Punjab)]

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