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On Rapists’ Remission | Sagari Chhabra

Friday 16 September 2022, by Sagari Chhabra


In the blink of an eye
they changed the axis of the earth,
the belief that we were equal
that justice would prevail,
but it is of no avail;
and I beg your honour,
for your kind permission,
to place on record,
for I know I cannot afford
to offend,
but some men did descend
to the floor,
to touch their feet,
distributing a mouth-watering sweet,
for raping women
is now an accomplished feat.

We do not aspire to be equal,
we only know,
we are safe,
if we keep out of harm’s way;
stay ensconced
within the four walls
of your home, is the dictum,
and if you are poor, a minority, or a woman,
the moral compass does not extend
the scales of justice do not bend;
get to the scaffold,
or in domesticity be honed;
but remember the goddess Kali
cast in stone?
She may just lift an upturned foot,
and stamp you
with the anger of women betrayed;
her tongue may lash
a thousand curses,
for subverting morality, decency
and the constitution;
there will someday,
be retribution.

— Sagari Chhabra, 13 September 2022

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