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Mainstream, VOL 60 No 38 September 10, 2022

A Viral View | Fayezah Iqbal

Friday 9 September 2022

Inhale, absorb and drift from one pole to another.
Soak in from both the worlds, devastation and prosperity together.
Reaching the height of never-known scientific advancements,
The human progress pyramid crashed.
The challenge came from
An unknown virus incompatible with scientific temperament.
As the world mustered itself against the alpha, beta and omicron forces,
We sat locked down fathoming the virus and paying the price.
Many came to the rescue,
Doctors, armies and research processes.
We had it all.
The suffering, compassion and indifference touching new highs.
And technology took volatile turns.
Seeped in to exist alongside the devastation.
It was strange, unique and encrypted
Just like the virus.
The Tech sped fast, far and wide into all the places just like the devastation.
From the difficult terrains of Afghanistan to the crevices of Latin America.
Indecipherable just like the virus,
Technology looked like an advancement.
Tech turned out to be a bout of relief, invisible albeit riskier wealth,
It drove past every inhibition.
We coexisted with pandemic and awaited the thrill with determination.
Oh, Cryptocurrency.
Many a bubble of delusion deflated,
Economies, livelihoods and strong nations.
We advanced into vaccinations and post-tragedy realisation.
Power made new inroads into polarisation
And hate campaigns,
While Russia decided to write a new chapter of hostility in Ukraine.
Tanks fired, and digital tokens came to the aid of the ones wronged.
The West defended in unison while the war prolonged.
As we grappled to coexist with devastation and advancement as
The world leapt fast into the change quicker than ever conceived.
Pause. Inhale and drift from one pole to another,
For the world is afflicted and coexists with devastation and progress.

— Fayezah Iqbal (Sept 2, 2022)

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