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Mainstream, VOL LX No 22, New Delhi, May 21, 2022

The Police State | Radhkanta Barik

Saturday 21 May 2022, by Radhakanta Barik


(The agencies of state be CBI, Police or ED and drug control authority are very powerful to create a police state)

The sky
Full of stars
They do not give light
The moon is there
But its light does not fall on us
A writer writes
But words do not create ripples
Poet creates a powerful metaphor
But it does not reach people
We look at the folk story
Once there was a king
Whose rule we enjoyed
He has been turned into a god
People worship it
Forget his rule
We have new rulers
They speak a lot
About him
But behaves like the devils
Those fight against the king
Write differently about
All turn today into devils
They are in chains
Policemen moving around
Pick up them from any where
From heaven or earth
Or hell
They find them
Put them in jail
Jail turns into a romantic place
No window
No table
No book
No idea
It is the place
These romantics enjoy
By looking at the light
Falling through skylight
In the present day India
Those think boldly
Those throw light
Those speak differently
Those come to the streets
Protest about sufferings of people
They are all in jail
Jail is the only abode for them
They cannot speak
They cannot protest
They cannot interpret differently
They all will come to the hell
As hell is empty
As devils have gone
We need to reimagine these new devils
They have power
They can talk of god
And they can talk of dead people
They are not bothered of living people
Let them die
Let them speak
But lies
Like the rulers
Let them think like these devils
That gods rule the country
Not human beings
They cannot create problems
It is only human being concerned of the problems
Any star emits light
The moon is blinkering
All need to be in jail
Police men
Are ready and every where
Looking for those
Creating noise in dark world
Needs to be silenced.

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