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Mainstream, VOL LX No 11, New Delhi, March 5, 2022

Appeal for Ending of War: Continuing Dialogue for Peace - Communist Party of India (Mar 1, 2022)

Saturday 5 March 2022


Communist Party of India
Central Office
New Delhi

March 01, 2022

Press Release

Appeal for Ending of War: Continuing Dialogue for Peace

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued today (on March 01, 2022) the following statement:

Last few days marked with the advance of Russian forces in different parts of Ukraine resulting in huge human and material loss. The CPI denounces the military action and demands stop the further advance of Russian forces in Ukraine, immediate ceasefire and restoration of peace and return to the path of diplomacy and dialogue.

For last few months, the world has witnessed how the US and its NATO allies sent hi-tech armaments to Ukraine and its partners in Eastern Europe as well as deployment of Missiles across the Russian border thus aggravating the hostilities between two countries and posing great threats to peace and stability in the region.

CPI believes that these military conflicts will not bring solution to the both countries rather it will help the US to use this as “pretext” for its further intervention in the region aiming at control of the market of oil, natural gas and raw materials.

CPI demands that US, EU and NATO should stop further expansion of NATO towards East with their agenda of “Balkanization of Russia“, should address the Russian Security concerns, withdraw all unilateral inhuman sanctions against Russia and respect the “Minsk agreement of 2014” which was agreed by both the Ukraine and Russia.

The CPI respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and expects mutual trust and friendly neighbourly relations between the two countries.

CPI welcomes the initiative of the governments of Russia and Ukraine holding talks to find solutions to the present conflicts without outside interference and hope that just and amicable peace will be achieved through dialogue.



Office Secretary
Communist Party of India

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