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Mainstream, VOL LX No 11, New Delhi, March 5, 2022

Is the Left, Right? | Kobad Ghandy

Saturday 5 March 2022, by Kobad Ghandy


If we seek to change society the starting point is to have a correct assessment of the current situation at any given time, as also the direction of its likely development. It is important to predict the future, to the extent possible, as only then one can adopt correct tactics well in advance. Without such clarity one would continue beating around the bush, shooting blindly in the dark, being satisfied with small/petty organisational gains, yet not moving one step forward in the direction of a basic change of the system. Mainly, marking time, acting through force of habit, not willing to analyse the precipitous changes taking place in the capitalist/imperialist system and whether it requires to work differently. Like the monk tolling the bell, day-in-and day out. Neither will one be able to take advantage of the deep crisis; on the contrary, are likely to fall prey to the machinations of the bourgeoisie, resetting the world in their image, using progressive jargon, but fascist content. The Great Reset is staring us in the face and being played out at great speed, at least in India, but we docilely fall in line, oblivious to the dangers lurking in the background.

A concrete analysis of the concrete situation is the essence of Marxism; without which we could never understand who are our real/immediate enemies and who are our friends. Revolutionary rhetoric and left demagogy, of the Rob Wallace type (see Rob Wallace: Frontline Interview [1]), cannot replace hard reality and the need for new steps. So, for example, if the historic farmer’s movement were not able to understand who their main enemies were — in the two Adani-Ambani corporates — and had not launched a boycott of them, would their agitation have been as successful? Unlikely! So also at the international level, it is pointless talking of capitalism/imperialism in general, unless we are able to target the fountainhead of its operations as it exists today; the real CABAL that is primarily responsible for running the system. More so during this pandemic and unprecedented lockdown.

I will divide this article into two sections: (A) The actual world situation as I see it, and (B) the approach of the left. I will then divide each section into two parts.

In the first I will present not only the state of the world economy and how the lockdown helped the CABAL reset their crisis situation, but also the highly sophisticated methods used to brainwash the people of the world, and particularly India, into accepting all their lockdown policies willingly. This second aspect is crucial to any future rational understanding and effective action, as if we are unable to see through the veil of obfuscation that they will continue presenting, we shall never be able to act coherently even in the future.

In the second section I will deal with the left’s attitude. I will first present the debates at the international plane and then come to India

First, in part (A) I will present the situation as I see it and as I have analysed at length in my three Mainstream articles ‘Coronacapitalism: Reverse the Reset [2] [3]and the two supplementary articles, ‘Origin of the Virus [4] & the most recent ‘Lockdown as a means of Controlling Covid? [5]. In this first part I will merely summarise the essence of the points researched there, but any reader interested can turn to these articles for more details. I will avoid giving data which is available in those articles — just analyse the present reality and how the lockdown has been utilised to push the world towards the so-called New World Order in a planned manner.

In part (B) I will discuss what the left have to say on both accounts — the economy and its direction as also on the lockdown. This too will have two parts: first the international Marxists reactions and that of the Indian Marxists.

A) Crisis, the Cabal & Behavioural Psychology

First, I will briefly recount the state of the world economy; then I will turn to that virus and methods used to counter it. In the next section, I will recount how Goebellian propaganda and behavioural psychology have been used to build a consensus.

(i) The World Economy & Crisis

What then is the principal feature of the world situation today? It has two aspects: first is the enormous centralisation of capital/wealth in a handful of individuals led by a CABAL of Top Financiers and Digital Moguls; second is a serious crisis in their system for which drastic measures were needed (like lockdown) — a crisis probably worse than the Great Depression involving as drastic measures, matching the world war situation that followed the Great Depression. If this central thread is not grasped, and its worldwide impact not assessed, we shall flap our wings in various directions but never be able to lift off the ground. Like a rocking horse we may continue to rock harder and harder, talking ultra-revolutionary rhetoric, but even after years we will still be where we were at the start.

So, in this situation first let us look at the twin aspects of the world situation as it is unfolding not only in the centres of big capital but also on the periphery, like India.

By the end of 2019 the major world economies had been in veritable stagnation for nearly a decade, ever since the Great Recession, following the sub-prime crisis and the Lehman Brothers crash. Right since 2015-16 establishment economists have been talking of a scenario where the capitalist system would be left with no recourse in the event of another recession, as the last tools in their armoury used to bail them out of crises — Quantitative Easing and low interest rates — had already been exhausted. By then itself they were aware that the economies had been in stagnation inspite of pumping in huge money (QE) and maintaining interest rates at rock bottom. Just in the decade to 2019 the global debt had skyrocketed from $ 87 trillion to $ 255 trillion, yet there was no sign of virility and life in the economies of the world, except probably China.

And then what these economists feared most began to unfold in the last quarter of 2019 and particularly the first quarter of 2020. The three major economies began contracting in 2019 itself, and in Q1 2020 they contracted to an unprecedented 4-7%. Such a deep recession was seen only during the Great Depression of the 1930s that resulted in WWII. By March 2020 the stock markets around the world began to crash. Were we heading for a 1929 scenario? Maybe; but the big bourgeoisie was prepared this time with a new formula.

A formula unheard of in the past. And, as the economists predicted, in the wake of another recession, mere QE and low interest rates would not be sufficient to revive their economies. The answer came in a worldwide lockdown. It seems naive to believe as most of the left economists do, that such a systematic lockdown could have been implemented throughout the world within a mere one week of the WHO declaring a pandemic! This is what, in fact, got me thinking at that time. How could such drastic action take place so fast throughout the world at a time when the number of Covid deaths were just a few thousand worldwide? That too an action the type of which they had no earlier precedent. Certainly, there appeared something sinister to the entire events being played out. But immediately there was no explanation as to why the bourgeoisie should want to destroy their own economies with such stringent measures?

Of course, the riddle soon began to unfold when, after a few months, data began to be released that the wealth of the billionaire club sky-rocketed as never before when the rest of the world was pushed to destitution including small business. In addition, the stock markets ‘recovered’ from the crash (in spite of the destruction of economies and negative growth bordering 20-25%), mainly due to the trillions of funds pumped in by the US, EU & Japan governments. Since then, till recently, stock markets have risen as never before (though GDP growth continues to be lethargic) and the billionaire club’s wealth has reached unseemly heights. But the millions who lost their jobs and source of employment continue to languish — not just labour, but large sections of the self-employed and middle classes. And in countries like India, education has also suffered miserably. In addition, nutritional levels have reduced as never before due not only to loss of income but huge hikes in prices of basic necessities and extra expenses on health care created not only by the virus but diseases resulting from the measures taken — like isolation, masking and even the vaccine (see recent article) — with big pharma, digital moguls, hospitals and many a doctor making a killing.

What then was the riddle of corona capitalism? Drastic situations, it appears, needed drastic remedies. Though the crisis seemed to be heading towards a 1930s scenario, world war was not an option due to the overlapping of the economies, particularly the two main rivals — US & China. They had, in its stead, discovered the lockdown method, rehearsed and planned well in advance, to be implemented when the time was ripe.

But who is this mysterious ‘they’? It is not just the 2000+ billionaire club but more particularly the main players amongst them whose wealth has been centralised in the monolithic Asset Management Groups (AMGs); with the top three dominating the scene. Together Blackrock, Vanguard and State City have over $ 11 trillion in assets under management. It is these big Three that are today the largest shareholder in 90% of the S&P 500 firms including the digital companies, pharma companies, Oil giants, media titans, and even cos. like Coca Cola and Pepsi. Ironically Blackrock and Street City major shareholder is Vanguard; and surprise of surprises Vanguard is not publicly listed. With veritably every major MNC controlled by the same cross shareholding interest’s big capital has probably never been so centralised. And who would be the main investors in these AMGs that call the shots in all these companies — they are none other than the Big Financiers (like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, etc), Digital Moguls (we all know the big 5) and a few others ..... and all their hangers on in politics, bureaucracy, media, academics, medical profession etc who benefit from a trickle-down effect.

It is these monsters, who I refer to as the CABAL. It is just this small gang who are determining what has to be done not just in this pandemic, but also generally. And through these three AMGs they exercise a vice-like control over the bulk of the wealth on the earth — be it Big Pharma, Big Media, Digital Moguls, et al — and decide policy in their interests. It is all an incestuous relationship where, for example, if Big Pharma has to market even a dangerous drug or vaccine, big Media and Digital Moguls will effectively do the promotion getting scientists and doctors to make appropriate statements. On a smaller scale we have seen this on numerous occasions, like the opioids and numerous other pharma scandals in the US which have gone on for decades taking thousands of lives. Or of the 4,96,000incidences of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis between 2000 and 2017 as a result of Gates raising the number of polio drops from 5 to 50 per child. Dr. Jacob Puliyel — head of paediatrics, St, Stephen’s Hospital, report in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health- for which India has paid a huge $ 2.5 billion. Yet we are told to put our faith in this same pharma.

Yet, it is they who call the shots worldwide, implemented through their vast network of philanthropic organisations and NGOs. The Most notorious and well known are the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Clinton Foundation, George Soro’s Open Society Foundation. In my earlier articles we have seen the huge network in the health sector involving these financiers, big pharma and the Foundations setting up international institutions like GAVI, PATH, IHME, CEPI, Welcome Trust, and now and International Treaty on Pandemic Prevention; not to mention the WHO itself (whose largest funder after the US is the Gates Foundation), UNICEF and other UN bodies. We have seen in my earlier articles; these have a deep network in India.

Today one of the major players in the international arena is the World Economic Forum and its founding Chief, Klaus Schwab, who appears as one of the primary ideologues of the CABAL. In fact, the WEF is the ideal body to implement their nefarious agenda as it is a platform that brings together top corporates, top politicians and bureaucrats, senior academics and civil society big-wigs from around the world. The ideal cocktail to work out a coordinated attack on the people of the world.

Now what do these big corporates gain from the lockdown, besides the windfall increase in wealth? To understand this one has to go deep into the economics of it, and not superficially deal with certain aspects as we see in the articles of left academics like Monthly Review, Robert Wallace, Michael Roberts, Slavoj Zizek and other leftists.

Capitalism, when faced with a severe crisis, results in the fall of profit and investments, as also the markets for their produce shrink. The question before the Cabal was how to revive them.

While investments are taken care of through the huge Quantitative Easing of trillions of dollars pumped in to the economy by governments through printing notes and raising the public debt to gigantic levels; on the question of profits productivity has to be somehow increased. This is now only possible through massive digitisation of the economies and use of Artificial Intelligence as also robotics. But this, in turn, would lead to gigantic unemployment and a new class of what Harari calls ‘useless’ people, which will shrink the markets for even basic goods. Yet, this is the only formula that they have to revive profits; regarding the shrinking market they will take care of that too somehow, however ruthless it may be.

So quite naturally, Klaus Schwab, harps on the same theme as Harari when he refers to the same ‘useless’ people saying: in the future ‘you will own nothing, but you will be happy’. Of course, the happiness part is to make the catastrophe look pretty. This ‘useless’ class, according to Schwab, would only survive by introducing a Universal Basic Income - a dole by the governments for the masses to live at a sub-human level. No doubt, the fewer of them the better, so that payments by the state could be reduced to a minimum. What better windfall then, than a pandemic to reduce their numbers of those ‘useless’ elements and those old who are also a burden on the exchequer. No wonder there is so much talk of eugenics these days by Gates and others.

So, the pandemic and lockdown has sought to kill two birds with one stone.

First, through the long-term effect of the lockdown the CABAL seeks to aggressively push such digitisation (earlier pushed in India through demonetisation, GST and a host of other measures, particularly Adhaar and its interlinking with PAN, SIMs, etc and now Arogya Setu, amongst others) to raise productivity.

Second, while reducing the population of the ‘useless’ the CABAL also have a formula for enhancing their market share?

 Let us now see how the lockdown has helped them to solve both these problems.

 Giving a massive push to digitisation of the economy: lockdown aims to wipe out the MSMEs and allow them to be swallowed up by Big Capital at throw away prices and also seize their markets; wind up all gaming (casinos), entertainment (flights, holidays, etc) forcing people to go online for all pleasure thereby also seizing a huge market; push home purchases online so that the Amazons flourish and the small mom & pop stores close down, thereby capturing the vast retail market; work from home to cut overheads of the corporates and increase work time of employees; pushing even most of education online and mere meetings and social interaction — forcing everything online. What a better method than through this lockdown simultaneously promoting it as the ‘New Normal’ by creating a paranoia that any social interaction even in the future will be dangerous as the WHO keeps warning of new pathogens propping up. This ‘new normal’ will help push up productivity even if means the destruction of crores of lives.

What exists then in the ‘New Normal’ is a reduced ‘useless’ population (though quite large in numbers), and a ‘useful’ tech savvy middle class. While the latter and the relatively wealthy will create a market for the various consumer goods mostly got through the digital networks; even the ‘useless’, due to their large numbers, will be a sizable market that cannot be ignored, particularly in such crisis ridden times. The bulk of these poor souls, possibly living off UBI, will be able to afford mostly food and medicine. So, this market too must be grabbed by the big retail outlets and digital moguls and put in the hands of the cabal. So the big corporates enter into agri-business and land ownership/control (Bill Gates is the biggest land owner in the US) and not to mention the giant retail market for essentials. Not surprising, the farm laws were introduced to facilitate these on an even bigger scale not only for Indian big corporates but also international ones. The Amazon-type giants, as also Reliance are already displacing most mom & pop neighbourhood stores, already struck by demonetisation and GST. In addition to these we see the promotion of telemedicine and other numerous digital retail schemes and start-ups.

 So, the market is restored for the cabal by destroying MSMEs and grabbing their markets, as also capturing food/medicine markets and their retail network of even the huge ‘useless’ class.

In this way the cabal and the big corporates will use the lockdown to try and pull the chestnuts out of the fire enhancing productivity (and thereby restoring profits) and grabbing existing markets (getting new ones is out of the questions as the world markets are already carved out). Can the left not see this writing on the wall? Are they so blind to what is happening at the ground level, seeing only a virus? We here particularly see this most crudely playing out in India. 

So lockdown, not surprisingly, was initially called a war scenario. Its purpose was much the same, to seek to pull capitalism, particularly the big corporates running the system, out of the impending catastrophe. But to implement such a horrific agenda they need fascist control and suppression of the people, which was achieved by lockdown. Most of the population was put under defacto house arrest, the courts were also shut but the police were overactive, police powers were infact increased ten-fold in the name of imposing covid norms, most rights were curbed including those of prisoners, and defacto section 144 was in operation throughout. What was particularly tragic, this was all implemented with peoples’ consent.

They have been surprisingly successful in India, particularly because the people, (at least educated), including the left and liberal sections, have fallen prey to the propaganda machine and willingly implemented the dictates of the cabal and their accomplices worldwide. We see it play out most horrendously in India. Abroad at least some sections of the people have been vehemently opposing. They are unfortunately being mobilised by the right wing and neo-fascist elements. Most join the protests as they are aware of how the lockdown and vaccine mandates infringe their democratic rights and are medically harmful (see my latest article on lockdown), not because they are fascist supporters. Many may later fall prey to the fascists as the left and democratic forces are nowhere to be seen (many are infact collaborators). With the left absent it is the fascists that are filling the vacuum and using the discontent to widen their mass base.

While the left spurt venom over this fascist’s involvement, calling them conspiracy theorists; it is in fact they who are primarily responsible to hand over the masses to them by remaining silent or even actively supporting the lockdown measures. No doubt, in the 1920s and 1930s we saw a similar scenario when the social-democrats actually paved the way for the rise of Hitler. History, it appears, is being repeated, not as a farce, but as a dangerous reality. For, if the democratic elements are thus neutralised, who will fight the horrific emerging scenario? The Right? They would merely have their own power agenda. That is why I ask “is the left, right”.

Now let us turn to how the Cabal and their agents have used modern technology to orchestrate acceptance for their pernicious agenda. This is most important as it seems it is the first time it has been used on such a massive scale worldwide, though mainstream media is generally oriented in that direction. The insidious nature of the propaganda is such that it seems to have taken in most, at least from the educated classes - left, right, centre. If it has been so successful it will definitely be used again, that is why it is important to be aware of what is going on, so that at least democratic forces do not fall prey the next time round.

(ii) Fear Psychosis & Behavioural Psychology

Fear is the key to induce people to accept an agenda where even common sense gets thrown to the winds. And fear of death can cripple a person psychologically. Fear combined with insecurity of the future is an ideal cocktail to destabalise the thought process. And to this cocktail if we add a pinch of isolation and guilt complex (induced by the propaganda that if you don’t mask or have the vaccine you become a super-spreader and should be shunned) we get a totally malleable product to be moulded as wished.

In addition, what we see is a clear class virus though both mainstream and left media propagate that this virus is the most democratic — effects poor and rich equally. But the opposite is true - not only have the corporate gained windfalls, while crores have lost their source of income and are so pushed to the wall; we also see that as we go up the economic ladder the richer the person the more paranoic, while the poorer and slum dwellers are most casual about it.

Though the rich can afford to be locked up in comfortable homes continuing to earn from WFH methods, while the poor cannot afford it and lie cooped up in small crowded tenements with no source of income; part of the phobia amongst the educated is a result of the gobellian propaganda coupled with fear and guilt complexes as also the subtle impact of behavioural psychology used widely, for the first time. Though this is covered at length in my article ‘Lockdown as a means of controlling Covid?’ I will repeat some of the major points here due to its enormous relevance for the future. In order that people are aware of the extent to which the Cabal can go to promote their agenda, and, for us, to be able to think independently and not fall prey to subtle (and overt) mind manipulation. It is unbelievable the extent to which they have gone on this count both internationally and even more so, in India. Let us see what they have done from the very start:

In May 2020, just a month after the pandemic was declared the WHO inked a contract with public relations giant Hill+Knowlton Strategies, an industry leader with offices in more than 40 countries, to develop a blueprint for effective communications in the midst of the pandemic.

Hill+Knowlton is a particularly notorious company with many of their chiefs linked to the US government and the CIA. To understand why the WHO chose such a disreputable company to promote their agenda we will have to look a bit into the antecedents of Hill+Knowlton.

Just a few of its infamous past: H&K acted for lobbyist and attorney for Haiti’s infamously repressive “Baby Doc” Duvalier, while its chief, Ron Brown was also Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce. In the early 1990s they played a particularly notorious role on behalf of the Kuwaiti government to white-wash US aggression on Iraq. They have acted on behalf of the Catholic Church in the anti-abortion campaign; they have handled flak for the Three-Mile Island’s near catastrophe; acted to promote the pesticide lobby as also to counter the negative effects of asbestos. They were involved in whitewashing numerous scandals like Debategate, Koreagate, Iran-Contra and the BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commercial International) one.

And most relevant to the present pandemic issue the H&K had a major role to play in the 1950s and 1960s on behalf of the major tobacco giants to counter the new evidence that had come showing the link between smoking and cancer. As this is very similar to what is playing out today by the pharma lobby, we will go into some depth on how they acted to pit false science against genuine science. Then, Hill & Knowlton produced a compendium of statements by physicians and scientists who questioned the cigarette—lung cancer link. This compendium became a fundamental component of Hill & Knowlton’s initial attempts to shape and implement its public relations strategy. The Tobacco Industry Research Committee (TIRC), a group that would be carefully shaped by Hill & Knowlton to serve the industry’s collective interests, would be central to the explicit goal of controlling the scientific discourse about smoking and health. The public announcement of the formation of the committee came in a full-page advertisement run in more than 400 newspapers across the country, soon known as the “frank statement.”

Why would WHO hire such a notorious PR company. Could it be that they wanted an approach similar to what H&K adopted to promote tobacco, pesticides, asbestos, war and mayhem all over the world? So now when some pit ‘science’ ‘against conspiracy theories’ one can understand what science they are talking about. If the tobacco companies could be that effective in promoting ‘science’ through H &K in the 1950s and 1960s, how much more would be their sophistication of the promotion of ‘science’ a half century later by Big Pharma, can only be imagined.

Ironically the same PR company is being utilised for these efforts — no doubt quite effectively — utilising not only ‘science’ but also the added psychosis of fear. And in the lead are many a doctor, most of whom have strong ties with the pharma/vaccine lobbies. One of the major weapons H&K suggested to WHO was to get prominent people — top politicians, film stars, sportsmen — to promote their agenda. No doubt many a top doctor/scientist would also play a leading role as we see numerous articles, talk shows etc by them. Did we not see many a PM, top film star, sportsman, supposedly getting Covid and making statements of isolation, hospitalisation etc. Amitab Bacchan comes to mind and his stay in Nanavati Hospital is one example that comes to mind. Have not many a scientist in the west not been threatened with the cutting off of their research funds unless they fell in line?

But today propaganda techniques have gone far beyond the Gobbellian methods of the past of confining to repeating a lie so often that it seems like the truth. No doubt this too was done on a scale never seen before with every channel, newspaper, social media, and even our smart phones giving a message before any call — was all meant to drill the fear of the virus into our sub-conscious. Besides it became known that You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, were taking down any pronouncements or evidence which went contrary to the main agenda. But, this too was not sufficient to push their lie ..... together with this developed gobbellian technique much more sophisticated methods involving behavioural technology were also being used.

The science of behavioural psychology is being developed and used to convince people of anything, even the most bizarre. Probably that is why people blindly accept the ridiculous methods of the lockdown, many of which make no sense and encouraged more crowding.

In fact, Behavioural Scientist, Simon Ruda, cofounder of the British Behavioral Insights Team, unofficially known as the “Nudge Unit” confirms that the British Government has been using propaganda to scare the public into complying with Covid rules. In 2010, the Nudge Unit was the first and only government unit dedicated to behavioural science in public policy. By 2021, there were over 400 globally.... Ruda wrote on Jan 13 2022 ...Nudging made subtle state influence palatable, but mixed with a state of emergency, have we inadvertently sanctioned state propaganda”.

Yet look what was attempted in Britain. A March 2020 paper by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Behaviour Advisory Committee, written on behalf of the UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group of Emergencies (SAGE), stated that the people were too “relaxed about the pandemic”; elaborating that “a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened”, adding that too many “are reassured by the low death rates in their demographic group”. It then urged the government to increase “the perceived of personal threat ..... among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging”.

As one sociologist, Prof Emeritus Frank Furedi, mentioned in an article (Spiked Jan 14, 2022): Nudging treats people’s emotional lives and relationships as legitimate objects of policymaking and professional intervention — the politics of behaviour has given rise to a new form of technocratic governance. Indeed, over the past two years, subliminal psychological manipulation has near-universally replaced debate and discussion.
Not surprisingly nudging began to be implemented in India by none other than the NITI Ayog soon after the declaration of lockdown. According to its own website it states: On June 25, 2020, NITI Aayog launched a new campaign “Navigating the New Normal” and a website. The campaign aims to help people follow norms to contain COVID-19. It adds: The Campaign has two parts. The first part of the campaign includes a web portal that contains the following related to COVID-19

  • Behavioural science
  • Nudge and social Norm Theory

The second part of the campaign is media focused and will create awareness about the importance of wearing masks.

Have we not been seeing signs all over the place, ‘Mask Nahi, Pravesh Nahi’. And was the article by Benita Fernando in Indian Express (Feb.3 2022) part of this nudging when she/family wanted to prepare a loved one who developed cancer from getting infected through “masking”. Where she goes into ecstasy by masking and I completely ignorant that cancer is not contagious — not transmitted by air, touch, kissing or even sex. But the article is prominently carried in the ’Ideas’ page.

Further it states:

The website provided information about simple and easy to practice ideas in the day to day lives. These ideas help to design the environment of the citizens in such a way that adopting such behaviour changes are easy. Around 92,000 NGOs are currently working with NITI Aayog to implement the behavioural changes. The campaign and website were launched in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ministries of Health and Women and Child Development

Who then are these 92,000 NGOs operating in India and what have they been doing? No one knows, but probably subtlely nudging us in the direction of the main covid agenda, playing on our fears and insecurities. Imagine the scale of the operations with a gigantic 92,000 NGOs involved. Why are they and their activities being maintained as a secret? What has been the necessity of such an elaborate campaign if what they say regarding vaccines, masks and lockdown were true? What would be the huge expenditure on this and who is baring it? This should get anyone to think, let alone rationalists and Marxists. And surely when it was known to have been launched in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Centre for Social and Behavioural Change (CSBC), Ashoka University, and the Ministries of Health and WCD, shouldn’t eyebrows have been raised?

With this background let us now turn to the main topic of this article, the approach of the left on, not only the pandemic/lockdown, but the emerging international scenario. Though this background has been rather long it was necessary to set the framework, as I criticise the left with a heavy heart. Given that the dangers are so great, the impact so distressing, and politics so fascistic, is there not an urgent need to counter it at every step? And, without the left and democratic forces who will bell the cat?

B) World Economy, Pandemic/Lockdown & Left

Not one of the top Marxist economists or magazines portray the depth of the world economic crisis. They also ignore not only what is taking place to cushion it (like the lockdown etc), even though their plans have been openly proclaimed by the World Economic Forum and many US top academics. Klaus Schwab clearly outlined what needs to be done in his books on the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’. Many like Bill Gates the Rockefeller Foundation have also openly set forward their plans for the future long before Covid/Lockdown and even had simulations of the entire process. And we see exactly what they have been saying playing out during the lockdown. This surely could not be a mere coincidence.

 Unfortunately, the bulk of the ‘Left’ as also liberals and progressives seem to be completely oblivious to the forces at play behind this so-called lockdown and pandemic. Regrettably, due to their confusion and therefore support for the central agenda, the masses who are coming out on the streets and opposing the mandatory vaccination, lockdown, masking, etc, are being misled by the rightist/neo-fascists.

If there is a sane voice it the world on this issue it is, internationally, coming from the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), and in India from the farmers’ movement. But more on these later.

First let us view what is happening at the international level amongst the left and progressive sections. Later we will turn to India.

(i) International

Though it was Trump who first declared the lockdown and released huge funds for vaccine research, generally the right in the US/Canada/EU tend to oppose the main agenda, while it is the democrats in the US, the ‘liberals’ like the Canadian and NZ PMs and others, as also the social democrats of Europe who are the main sponsors of pandemic policy aggressively pushed by their frontmen like Bill Gates, Fauci, Klaus Schwab, WHO and of course the entire Big Pharma lobby and their voices like ‘Lancet’. But the divisions are not so clear cut if we see how the ultra-right PM of the UK and Australia have been rigidly imposing lockdowns. China too probably has a major role to play in the entire scenario given their huge economic clout.

Let us then see what these international lefts have to say on the main agenda: economic and also pandemic/lockdown. We will at the end give the views of the CPP.

On the economic aspect we get Rob Wallace/Monthly Review as also Michael Roberts, talking vehemently against the capitalist system but are totally silent of the issue of the enormous centralization of capital and the role of Big Finance, Digital Moguls and the AMGs, not only in lockdown policy, but also generally. Not one of them picture the scenario of the Cabal and their worldwide machinations, which they seem totally oblivious of.

The essence of their arguments seems to be that the Covid-19 virus, as with earlier viruses, is the result of the capitalist ecological destruction so there is no solution until capitalism is defeated and the ecology restored through new policies. None speak of the ‘Gain of Function’ research nor the possibility of it being a lab leak, also an aspect of the capitalist system as only they would resort to biological warfare. Destruction of capitalism could be a long-term goal to restore the environment and also end biological warfare research, but to speak of it is meaningless if not linked to some immediate task. To talk of strategic goals without outlining the tactical steps to get there, is like instructing a crippled person to win the race.

Second, they don’t see it as a disaster that was used by the Cabal to push their fascist agenda. As a result, they don’t even look for alternatives and blindly accept Big Pharma’s entire agenda of masking, social distancing, lockdown etc as the only way to counter the virus. In fact, some call for even stricter lockdowns, uncaring about the massive collateral damage. They don’t even try to explain how a worldwide lockdown could have been so effectively imposed with just a week’s notice. Nor do they question some of the incomprehensible aspects of lockdown policy mentioned in my last article. Neither do they try and explain why and how the billionaire’s club wealth skyrocketed while the countries GDP contracted on a scale never seen before.

 Thirdly, what is even worse, they not only accept the vaccine mandate but push for it to be universally given, even to children. Their only difference is that it should be free and governments should bear the cost; which in fact is what most govts abroad have done. No cognisance is taken that it is a mere experimental vaccine and has been given Emergency-Use-Authorisation and should never have been so hastily introduced, particularly given there were more effective and simpler (and cheaper) alternatives. Also, being untested sufficiently and a new product there was lack of knowledge as to its side-effects.

 Fourthly, they seem enamoured by institutions like the WHO without being able to see their role in the entire game-plan. One Marxist, as we shall see, goes to the extent eulogising the WHO and calling for giving it extra powers. Others quote it probably unaware of the gobbellian PR job it has undertaken.

And lastly, they tend to see China as the holy cow, when both (US & China) have been in the game together. This appear surprisingly hypocritical as, if they lay emphasis on the fact that the virus was result of ecological destruction, China has one of the worst reputations in this regard. Besides, as the virus emanated from their lab (that too a category IV lab which does high-level biological warfare research) they are deeply involved and appear to be on the same wavelength as the CABAL on pandemic/lockdown policy. The ’Gain of Function’ experiment was actually performed in the Wuhan lab in China but funded by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease (NIAID) headed by Anthony Fauci which is a part of US National Institute of Health(NIH). So, US and China both have some involvement in this affair as we can see from my fist article on the issue ‘Origin of the Virus’.

 These left academics seem to be obfuscating the issue more than giving a clear picture that one can act on, and are basically silent on all these points. In fact, what is a systemic crisis of capitalism is being portrayed by them as an ecological crisis; they miss the wood for the trees.

 This being a short summary of their views, let us now briefly see what they have to say;
First let us look at Monthly Review (Jun 01, 2020) which, in an article entitled ‘Commodity Chains and Ecological-Epidemiological-Economic Crises’ by John Bellamy Foster and Intan Suwandi, quoting Rob Wallace. I find, in this and other articles they are more obsessed with agri-business and there is no mention of the main economic agenda at play. They start the article by saying “As the world enters the third decade of the twenty-first century, we are seeing the emergence of catastrophe capitalism as the structural crisis of the system takes on planetary dimensions.” Firstly, on this, he is a bit late as Naomi Klein wrote her book on ‘Disaster Capitalism’ in 2008 and not in the third decade of the twenty-first century. Then he and Wallace’s main focus in these articles is agri-business and the chains of capital (sophisticated word for sub-contracting) in their book ‘COVID-19 and Circuits of Capital’.

Their focus is primarily on ecological factors when in fact as we have seen in my other articles, the crisis is systemic to the capitalist system itself, of which the ecological factor is a part. Their first perception that the virus was zoonotic itself seems to be false and they just repeat what has been promoted by the pharma lobby without any evidence. And even now when it clearly seems more likely to be a lab leak this possibility is entirely ignored as also is the aspect of biological warfare research and ‘Gain of Function’ labs from which this virus actually emanated. Monthly Review and Rob Wallace have developed the climate change aspect in their studies to such an extent that they appear blind to any other reality. Their books : The Robbery of Nature: Capitalism and the Ecological Rift (with Brett Clark) and The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology—both published by Monthly Review Press in 2020; and Intan Suwandi author of Value Chains: The New Economic Imperialism (Monthly Review Press, 2019), no doubt go into the issue in great detail. With such emphasis on climate change, it is portrayed as though it is the main issue before the world (which is also the impression that Klaus Schwab gives), and not the crisis of the capitalist system itself and the holocaust unleashed by lockdown to overcome it.

In this article Foster goes on to add “The new pathogens generated unintentionally by agribusiness are not themselves natural-material use-values, but rather are toxic residues of the capitalist production system, traceable to agribusiness commodity chains as part of a globalized food regime.” Besides the pedantic language used that only few may understand, this may well be true generally (as far as the origin of the pathogen goes) but often the specific differs from the general. Unlike the earlier corona viruses most are now concluding that covid-19 was a lab leak. By supporting the zoonotic theory of the virus, which the bulk of the left appear to do, inspite of evidence to the contrary, they defacto support the agenda that was promoted by scientists organised by Fauci and his cronies who drafted that statement in Lancet in March 2020 itself to counter the lab leak theory as a conspiracy.

Climate Change is also the favourite issue of not just the liberals but also of Klaus Schwab and the US Democrats. They harp on about Green Energy while destroying forests, land, water resources and even the very air we breathe. And not a word about the amount of greenhouse gases produced in the extraction and processing of the rare earth metals necessary for green energy. How climate change, which is no doubt a serious problem, (though not the key problem) should be tackled is another matter; certainly not the corporate model of ‘green energy’ promoted by the UN, Democrats, liberals and a host of others.

Bellamy Foster adds “Yet, in a kind of metaphorical “revenge” of nature as first depicted by Engels and Lankester, the ripple effects of combined ecological and epidemiological disasters introduced by today’s global commodity chains and the actions of agribusiness, giving rise to the COVID-19 pandemic, have disrupted the entire system of global production. The effect of lockdowns and social distancing, shutting down production in key sectors of the globe, has shaken supply/value chains internationally. This has generated a gigantic “bullwhip effect” rippling up from both the supply and demand ends of the global commodity chains.” Have they really? Did ecological devastation give rise to covid-19 or lab leak? And was it really a kind of metaphorical “revenge” of nature...that., have disrupted the entire system of global production. Why this obsession with global chains when the billionaire club are in ecstasy with the rippling up from both the supply and demand ends of the global commodity chains.  Why are the left trying to portray that their (capitalists) actions are coming back to destroy them; when in fact it is these same capitalists who are engineering the entire process for the purpose already outlined and not to control the virus as made out by the left. The virus and lockdown are a recipe of the Cabal to try and pull them out of their crisis; their last gamble to bail them out of the mess they are in. It is not as though they were caught unawares by the virus, as the entire spectrum of left would have us believe.

Monthly Review adds: key to understanding both the complexity and chaos of the present crisis is the fact that no CEO of a multinational corporation anywhere has a complete map of the firm’s commodity chain. What is that to do with the pandemic; outsourcing and contract work has become a major method in extracting the maximum surplus value from labour, pandemic or no pandemic, ever since the neo-liberal economy was introduced. And then he weeps that most corporations have no emergency plan for dealing with the multiple breaks in their supply chains. Comrade, they care little which contractor is involved in the supply chains; they will come and go, and with the collapse of much of SMSEs there will be a queue of producers lined up once the market for their commodities revive — no doubt with greater digitalisation. And as the competition for filling the gaps in the commodity chains grows (once the market is revived) the corporate cabal will be able to extract terms far more favourable to themselves than before by whoever fills the gaps in the corporate chain.

And finally to further add to the panic already spread by the Public Relations teams hired by the corporates, Monthly Review quotes an Imperial College estimate of the predicted deaths indicating that in an unmitigated scenario the number of deaths would be in the range of 15 million in East Asia and the Pacific, 7.6 million people in South Asia, 3 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean, 2.5 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa, and 1.7 million in the Middle East and North Africa—as compared with 7.2 million in Europe and Central Asia and around 3 million in North America. So, MR is also whipping up the fear factor threatening death and mayhem; no wonder many left and liberals go in fear and panic not stepping out of their houses and masked up 2-3-fold, and are the first to make a bee line for the untested vaccines.

But this is not all, Monthly Review also presses other panic buttons saying that humanity itself is in danger not only due to the virus, but climate change and a nuclear holocaust. MonthlyReview resorts to panic-mongering not only on the pandemic but on a nuclear holocaust when it says that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to move its famous doomsday clock to 100 seconds to midnight, the closest to midnight since the clock started in 1947. How does such presentation help understand the forces at play and how to counter them?

As far as climate change goes, in fact it is what Klaus Schwab and many of his ilk are saying, going so far as to suggest that lockdown may even act to heal the wounds of pollution! Defacto Monthly Review and others are playing the imperialist card and if one reads Rob Wallace’s solutions, they are much the same as that of Bill Gates or Big Pharma — i.e stringent lockdowns, social distancing, masking and universal vaccination. His only point of difference is on patents and these left weep that the North is not sharing their vaccines with the South. Who wants their experimental vaccines in the first place which has not controlled the pandemic and only seems to have enhanced it? Please do not push your mRNA genetic experimental vaccines on us which needs −70 °C ultra-cold freezer for storage. Even if not harmful how is that possible in a backward country like India. Do they not know the conditions here and much of the third world?

And now if we turn to Michael Roberts who writes profusely on economics; we find that his articles delve into all aspects of the capitalist economy, except, ofcourse, its central aspect. In any complex phenomena to get a proper understanding, the first thing is to grasp the central thread. And to solve a contradiction it is necessary to grasp the principal aspect, without which we will be like the six blind men trying to understand the elephant. Michael Roberts is somewhat like the six blind men, dealing with inflation, growth, debt, etc, but not the elephant in the room — the Cabal and how they determine the corporate environment.

He has written many an article on Covid 19 and the world economy in his blog. While MR and Wallace are obsessed with supply chains and agri-business, he aggressively promotes the containment/lockdown agenda as the only means for controlling the virus giving WHO data to back his beliefs. He too, like the bulk of the leftists, supports the zoonotic thesis of the origin of the vaccine. He says “And here is the big problem. COVID-19 emerged, like other new pathogens for which human beings had no immunity from their transfer from wild animals in remote parts of the world through to animals being ‘industrially farmed’ and food markets into humans.” Where’s the proof? What is even worse he openly promotes the pernicious ‘lives vs livelihood’ debate; saying that the trade-off of livelihood is a necessity to save even more lives. He says “Lockdowns worked when applied properly. New Zealand applied a high-level lockdown from day one and reduced deaths to the bare minimum.” He should just visit India and see the havoc that lockdown has caused to the lives of crores — not only in the sphere of economy, but education, healthcare, and all spheres of life. Why even Oxfam says more lives have been lost by hunger than by Covid, but Michael Roberts is oblivious to even these latest reports and continues to emphasise the ‘lives vs livelihood; issue.

And as far as NZ goes while in the entire covid period there have been 56 deaths, NZ has 500 deaths yearly from flu (University of Otago, Wellington). And yes they have had draconian restrictions for that, then why not for flu which kills over ten times that number every year? They have even imposed isolation and confinement of Omicron patients which is spreading through the country, but is not dangerous. Most other countries are opening out with Omicron as it spreads whether vaccinated or not. In fact as a resident of Auckland, Daphna Whitmore, says “There have been other lockdowns in Auckland, last year it was for 4 months and we were not allowed out of the city without a special pass - eg either for essential business supplies or a dying relative. Now we still have restrictions throughout the country....Those who refused have lost their jobs. There are labour shortages. But the government is still quite popular. The ’left’ seem to love lockdowns and restrictions....The Auckland lockdown last year was called on the basis of ONE case of Delta. Omicron is spreading now and only one person is in ICU.” Millionaire PM Jacinda Ardern, has implemented on of the most ruthless lockdowns in the world and she is portrayed a model. Ironically it is these supposed liberals who have been most ruthless as in Canada. Instead of giving into the legitimate demands ot the truckers and others on the three-week protest against pandemic restrictions and mandatory vaccines, PM Trudeau, declared Marshall Law, called in armed police to arrest protestors, seize their vehicles and even allowed banks to freeze their accounts!!! Does Michael Roberts support all these measures as well?

He adds: “What the experience of the last six months tells us is, contrary to the views of the ‘contrarians’ and ‘libertarians’ and many governments (both right-wing and supposedly left), there is no trade-off between lives and livelihoods. Containment including lockdowns can save lives and control the disease and thus enable people to get their livelihoods back — assuming their bosses have not sacked them anyway.” And further “Those countries that have neglected or privatised their health systems, have failed to test and trace properly and have vacillated over lockdowns in order to ‘save the economy’ have ended up with more deaths and more damage to their economies.” Then he asks “Has containment worked? It certainly has. I estimate that without any containment, there would have been about 45m deaths from COVID-19 in 2020. But with containment, and partly using the forecast estimates of the Institute for Health Metric and Evaluation (IHME), I reckon that death toll will have been reduced to just 250-300,000.” Here he quotes again yet another Gates funded body. Earlier he quoted Fauci and the WHO, both of whom have been the main masterminds for the lockdown and vaccine agenda, now a Gates body! And from where did he concoct that 45 million figure? He seems to be competing with MR to promote panic and fear! Micheal Roberts articles are more mainstream than even those of ‘Lancet’, no doubt, padded with some quotes of Marx.

Next, there is the Marxist philosopher, Slavoj Zizekwho spreads even greater panic and completely mimics the points put forward by the Cabal. He says: The only thing that is clear is that the virus will shatter the very foundations of our lives, causing not only an immense amount of suffering but also economic havoc conceivably worse than the Great Recession. There is no return to normal, the new “normal” will have to be constructed on the ruins of our old lives, or we will find ourselves in a new barbarism whose signs are already clearly discernible.  Could this not be straight out of Klaus Schwab’s bible? He goes on to aggressively attack the so-called conspiracy theorists. And he goes to the extent of praising the European rulers and even the main villain of them all — the WHO. He goes to the extent of saying: The first vague model of such a global coordination is the World Health Organization from which we are not getting the usual bureaucratic gibberish but precise warnings proclaimed without panic. Such organizations should be given more executive power.

Actually, I don’t know why Slavoj Zizek is termed a Marxist. He, even more than Monthly Review, repeats what the mainstream say, like Both Alt-Right and fake Left refuse to accept the full reality of the epidemic, each watering it down in an exercise of social-constructivist reduction, i.e., denouncing it on behalf of its social meaning. Trump and his partisans repeatedly insist that the epidemic is a plot by Democrats and China to make him lose the election, while some on the Left denounce the measures proposed by the state and health apparatuses as tainted by xenophobia and therefore insist on continuing social interaction, symbolized by still shaking hands. Such a stance misses the paradox: not to shake hands and isolate when needed is today’s form of solidarity. Wouldn’t Bill Gates be in ecstasy to hear this, and that too from a renowned Marxist?

 Less said about such Marxists the better, but hopefully with the evidence that is now coming out which I have presented in my latest article ‘Lockdown as a means of Controlling covid?’, these academics may rethink the issue. But the damage they have done by supporting the CABAL agenda is already enormous as it blunts the edge of those who could have opposed the fascist manoeuvres.

To sum up most of the international left try and make out that the China model is the answer and exaggerate the contradiction between the US and China. But on the pandemic/lockdown both these countries were on the same plane and as my first article shows the US was deeply involved in the Wuhan lab, not only in financing it but also training its top virologist. On the other hand, one left academic, Slavoj Zizek, takes the opposite stand: China-baiting and praising the German-French government. Of course all praise the WHO, the very fountainhead of this entire plandemic.

But its not only these left academics, but also the entire gamut of communist parties of the world who seem to sing a similar tune. They issued a joint statement on March 30 2020, soon after the pandemic was declared and lockdowns imposed. This statement signed by about 80 communist and workers parties stated:

Today’s experience reveals the anti-social and parasitic nature of capitalism and highlights the superiority and timeliness of socialism and central scientific planning based on popular needs, which can secure primary healthcare and prevention, hospitals, medical and nursing staff, medicine, laboratories, medical exams and everything else needed to meet the constant as well as any emergency health needs of the people. 

"Individual responsibility" cannot be used as a pretext to cover state and government responsibility. Today, taking the necessary measures also requires the struggle of the peoples against the policy of supporting the monopoly groups, which sacrifices the satisfaction of the needs and the health of the peoples at the altar of capitalist profitability. 

Then in their list of demands instead of stating an alternative means to fight the virus instead of by destroying the lives of millions and imposing defacto fascist procedures as the “New Normal”; they state, amongst others, to follow lockdown policy with some welfare introduced. They add that: Immediate provision of all necessary means of protection (masks, gloves, antiseptics, etc.) by the state to the people free of charge and fight against profiteering. Provision of all protection measures to all healthcare personnel giving this battle at the hospitals with sacrifices and at their own cost.

So, nothing new, just better distribution of the harmful masks, etc. The rest of the demands are general around workers’ right and political ones against NATO and on the US - China trade dispute. Basically, they say impose the lockdown but with a human face. Is that not wishful thinking given the house arrest of the bulk of the population.

Then again at the European Forum 2021 that held the 5th European Forum of Left, Green and Progressive Forces in December, follows all the mainstream views and like MR creates a psychosis around climate change. They state:

At a time when pure survival is at stake, the peoples of Europe must mobilise by highlighting the contradiction capital/life, and the fight against inequality and the climate emergency must be the priority for left, green and progressive forces in Europe : we are now entering the final decade in which we will have a chance to avert disaster and we must therefore demonstrate a sense of urgency in the face of the real and increasingly imminent threat posed by climate change and the lack of co-responsibility for care.

Panic again. Finally, all the eight demands presented are for social democratic reform in Europe and support for more welfare and labour rights. It barely touches on the covid issues and the methods used and is absolutely silent on the Cabal, even though one of its main architects is the European Rothschild. In fact, such a forum would have been the ideal platform from where to launch a worldwide movement — say the Brussels Agenda - as a counter to the Davos Agenda; unfortunately, it turned out a damp squib.
In fact is the UN Secretary General sounds more radical than these leftists. In an article in Indian Express (Feb 19 2022) Antonio Guterres says “Indeed divides keep deepening. We see them everywhere. In the unfair and unequal distribution of vaccines; in a global economic system rigged against the poor; in the utterly inadequate response to climate change crisis; in digital technology and a media landscape that profit from division; and in growing unrest and conflict around the world”. This demagogy needs to be taken ofcourse with a pinch of salt given that the WHO, their affiliated organisation, paid million so dollars to hire the notorious H&K to promote disinformation on the vaccine and other lockdown measures.

But the only voice of sanity from the left seems to come from the Communist Party of the Philippines and their founder-ideologue Sison. The CPP denounces mandatory vaccination as “fascist,” demands the full reopening of schools and an end to all lockdowns. On January 8, 2021 Marco Valbuena, chief information officer of the CPP, issued a statement denouncing the vaccine mandate as “patently discriminatory, unlawful, fascist, burdensome, and above all, useless and stupid.” Like myself and other rational spokesmen against the Cabal they too were baited as voicing the views of the far-right and libertarian forces that vaccination was “a choice of every individual”.

Valbuena further wrote “Prohibiting more than half the population from becoming economically productive will only further collapse the economy marked by business closures and bankruptcies, widespread unemployment, loss of income, dislocations, supply disruptions and cause the further deterioration of the people’s overall socioeconomic conditions.” A leading person on the issues has been Romeo Quijano, former chair of Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD), a member organization of the national democratic umbrella group BAYAN. Quijano claimed that vaccines are more dangerous than COVID-19, and called on the mass movement to oppose mandatory vaccinations as an attack on “the individual’s right to free and informed consent.” Finally, the founder and ideological leader of the CPP, Jose Ma. Sison has on multiple occasions shared material on Facebook decrying vaccines as part of a campaign of “global genocide” staged by the “Vatican’s UN.”

Now let’s turn to the left in our country.

(ii) The Indian Left

If we turn to India, it is much the same, with the entire spectrum of left falling in line with the main CABAL agenda but, unlike the west, few have written anything. Quietly acquiescing to all the restrictions and infringements of democratic rights, and paying only lip sympathy for the millions of jobs and lives lost through collateral damage. On the lockdown agenda all the state governments — left, right, centre — are on the same plane as the Central Government. So are the numerous left and progressive groups; the only exception being the farmer’s struggle.

The bulk of left and liberals have not questioned the origin of the virus theory put out by Lancet at the start without any proof; they have been quietly masking up notwithstanding the disastrous side effects (see my latest article), accepting lockdown and social distancing though there has been no proof they are effective (in fact the Omicron wave shows that they have been totally ineffective), and finally not only blindly accepting the experimental (Emergency Use) vaccine but also the vaccine mandate making it compulsory.

In the sphere of social life, they have not been raising a word against court closures and prison restrictions and the giving of more powers to the police and other authorities.

Quietly accepting the de facto house arrest and imposition of section 144. For those economically stable passively accepting the ‘new normal’ of ‘work from home’ unconcerned about the crores who are pushed to starvation for their loss of income. Not a word on the ridiculous methods of lockdown, and the mechanical acceptance of the international agenda of social distancing in a country like India where the bulk live in one-room tenements The list could go on and on.

While they may speak about Hindutva fascism, they are totally silent about this even more pernicious fascism which defacto keeps the entire population under house arrest and makes section 144 a permanent feature. Forget about recognising and exposing the international CABAL and their Indian agents, they are even silent on its effect on our very own lives and that of crores of people who have lost their source of income; silent even on the question of online education which has veritably destroyed education of millions of youths particularly of the less privileged; silent even on the closure of anganwadis and the mid-day meals that children would get. The level of bankruptcy of the left is to be seen to be believed, all because of the fear of the virus and falling prey to media/pharma/political propaganda. One could understand this from the ordinary masses, but expected better from the left!!! And even Bill Gates would salivate when he hears the left criticising governments for not speeding up universal vaccination.

But then the left here has traditionally been an intellectually lazy lot, preferring to go either by what the Soviets or China said, or mimicking the Western Marxists. Even they easily fall prey to superficialities — so, if the ultra-right are opposing vaccine etc they must do the opposite and support it. No wonder the left is in such a sorry state in India.

And as far as the CPM goes and the ‘Kerala Model’ praised by the left, they act more loyal than the king. The CM has been criticising the Centre for not pushing boosters fast enough, and has recently threatened the public that they will not get free covid treatment if they have not been double vaccinated. Further the CM threatened on Dec 1 2021 that Teachers and staff of educational institutions who have not taken both the vaccines due to illness should also produce a govt doctor’s certificate to join work. They will have to submit a negative RT-PCR certificate every week to attend the institutions and these will have to be taken at their own expense. These directives will also be applicable to govt employees to attend office. Besides, though it received much praise for the first two waves, it was unable to control the third wave.

And even at the very start of the pandemic the Kerala Govt was involved in a scandal of selling data to a US based tech firm called Sprinklr. The Kerala government was embroiled in the controversy over allegedly breaching the privacy of 1.75 lakh people under quarantine in the state by striking a deal to collate and handle the health data of those quarantined. The major allegation was that the data was collected without the informed consent of the people and the deal lacked strong data protection clauses.

Since the confidential data was collected under the deal made with the US company, questions were raised as to why the government did not disclose any details in the public domain regarding the deal. Opposition parties also questioned the rationale behind single handedly appointing the US based Sprinklr company that too without putting a global tender for the same. Since the CM also manages multiple portfolios including the department of information technology, the controversial deal was enough to rake up a political storm that too in the midst of the pandemic.

Not only that, when re-elected, the CM sacked the health minister who was the architect of the ‘success’ in the first two phases. But then one doesn’t expect better from the CPM, but what about the rest of the left?

Most are silent even though the farmers’ agitation showed that they were not going to buckle under from fears (and threats) of covid and the use of section 144. In fact, in photos most were not seen to be even wearing masks and yet few died of Covid. In fact while being in crowded spaces for a full year at the hight of the Delhi cold and heat, they actually opposed wearing masks and the Haryana farmers are said to have chased away health workers prowling their villages promoting the vaccine.

If, like the rest of the left, they were to fear the propaganda on covid, they would not have been able to take even one step forward in their historic struggle against the farm laws that were designed to help not only the big corporates like Adani-Ambani but also Bill Gates-types who plan a big entry into the farm sector as well as land grabbing (after dominating India’s health/vaccine area). But would the left/liberals have at least reconsidered learning from this living experience; no, cocooned up in their snug fears, waxing eloquent on conspiracy theorists of any one who opposed the main agenda they basically sang the same tune as Gates, Fauci, and their Cabal masters.

Though most were silent spectators a few from the left did come out openly in support of the main agenda. In a video by Saroj Giri interviewing leftist Prof Partho Sarothi Ray, who did his PhD in molecular virology from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru; they both aggressively promoted the zoonotic theory presenting a unique discovery of a pangolin as the intermediary animal through which it was supposedly transferred. This ‘discovery’ is surprising as even the scientists who favour the zoonotic theory say they have as yet not found the intermediary animal, but Ray has! This is not surprising as he is also an advisor to the WHO. Then in another video entitled ‘Biology as Ideology’ he speaks about Dialectical Biology and gives his pure science diatribe a Marxist aura though it is totally devoid of any social content. In fact, while introducing Partho Sarthi Ray, Giri condescendingly says he shall not go into any of the traditional leftist approach of critiquing everything but take a constructive approach basing on pure science. Though what Ray presented in the sphere of science may be factual and even useful, not a word was mentioned on present approaches of vaccines in dealing with the virus and also masks and lockdowns in preventing it. All he did was praise Cuba, which has recently seen a massive wave of infections though most of the population have had three doses of the vaccine. We see an editorial in Frontier doing the same.

Also, Jayati Ghosh, though being a top Marxist economist, never utters a word on the Cabal and their involvement in this pandemic/lockdown. She too speaks in general terms of greater social welfare (as though that is possible with the Cabal at the helm), greater expenditure of health care (ignoring the power of Big Pharma), opposing protectionism — defacto supporting greater globalisation, which is part of the Cabal’s agenda, and to cushion the bad image of the Cabal, talks about a small tax on their income, which has already been agreed at Davos (though the bulk of their empires are registered/headquartered in tax havens).

Most of the left parties are only critical of the government for not making vaccines available to all. They may at most be critical of the exorbitant rates the vaccine producers charge and their two-tiered system of sales. But are in full support of all the main measures of lockdown, masking, etc. Vijay Prasad of the CPM goes so far as to say atop that, you’d think that India would be able to vaccinate its population, since India produces 60% of the world’s vaccines. As far as the non-parliamentary left (the M-L Groups) most have been silent on the issue quietly and faithfully implementing the state agenda — whether masking, social-distancing, vaccine mandates, et al. All see fascism only in Hindutva, not in the defacto house arrest of all, closure of courts and extension of police powers, section 144 being generalised, etc etc. I would welcome they comment on my latest article in Mainstream (Feb 19, 2022) entitled Lockdown as a means of Controlling Covid? As also this one.

Finally, none seek to look for an alternative strategy to deal with the virus. I have said in all my articles that there is an alternative: this should include building up the immunity of the people and using proven cheap drugs, like hydroxyquinoline and ivermectin, together with zinc and doxycycline (the latter for infection) both as prophylactics and cures, rather than unproven and untested new (and very expensive) drugs and vaccines. In my recent article I have tried to also show how masking and the Intramuscular vaccines were at best ineffective at worst exceedingly harmful. There is also the alternative of the Great Barrington Declaration put forward, as early as Oct 2020, by three of the world’s top epidemiologists and signed by thousands of doctors and civil society people, which could have been given a thought. But to merely weep over the death, destruction and mayhem caused by lockdown is meaningless, as even the UN Secretary General does, unless an alternative is presented. To be silent means consent and defacto complicit in the horrors perpetrated on the masses in India by the central and state governments in the name of lockdown, masking and compulsory vaccines.

It is sad that most of left opinion is so oblivious to the horrendous reality unfolding — not by the virus but by the CABAL. It is astounding how the left, both internationally and in India, cannot see what is staring the world in its face, let alone devise tactics to counter it. Marxism is a dialectical materialist approach to view the world and change it. If they can go so wrong on a central issue what would be their position on other relatively minor events — obviously as warped. What then is the root cause for this enormous retrogression, which will naturally be reflected in most aspects of the left — whether it is outlook, analysis, structures, organisation, values, social issues, in fact every sphere. For this it would require a detailed study to discover its material basis as also its philosophical essence. As I do not have any answers as yet, I will keep this for another article after greater study and discussion.

Meanwhile, if one continues to be silent on this central issue of the direction the Great Reset is taking, the future is bleak. To speak out against the New World Order, being introduced at present through lockdown, vaccine, masking, (later maybe through different means) the first step would be to recognise what’s actually happening, and to stop blindly believing the media. Ignorance may be bliss in normal times, but suicidal in times such as these. Let us now at least learn from our struggling farmers in India, and, at the international plane, look at the CPP rather than be enamoured by western Marxists.

Feb. 24 2022

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