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Mainstream, VOL LX No 11, New Delhi, March 5, 2022

Birthday | Ajit Das

Saturday 5 March 2022



What’s special about birthday?
When you came to the world,
you just filled in a vacancy,
creating another in the future
to be filled when you’ll depart.

It’s a remembrance that ends
with the outer glitter fading.
Then life moves on as usual,
staying close to the route,
wary of charting unknown paths.

You remain satisfied, engrossed
in small joy, but feel heartbroken,
when small sorrow befalls you.
Sailing on wavelets of a placid sea,
you navigate to another shore.

But does any dream or mission
spur you to wipe off tears
from a grieving face, bring cheers
to one toiling in misery, while in glossy
show-off you trumpet your birth!

Ajit Das

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