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Mainstream, VOL LX No 6, New Delhi, January 29, 2022

Citizens’ Letter to President of India with alternative proposal regarding the Bose Statue at India Gate

Friday 28 January 2022



We, the undersigned, are writing to you as Head of State on a matter which we believe to be of considerable importance. The Government of India has announced its intention of installing a granite statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose at India Gate to honour him. At present he is being represented by a hologram.

Honouring national figures at India Gate is an excellent idea. However, we would like to suggest that instead of a permanent statue, holograms of different national leaders be represented there, rotating periodically every few months. In this way, we would be able to honour many national leaders in the heart of the national capital.

Such a move would also promote greater unity and amity throughout India. People from across our diverse country would welcome this honour being conferred on iconic leaders (both women and men) from their states. It would keep alive the memory of many of our great nation’s heroes. Children visiting the site would also learn about them.

We, as citizens, hope that the Government will seriously consider this suggestion, made in a positive and constructive spirit, both for this commemoration and for similar commemorations that are planned in the future.

With kind regards, Signatories

Name Profession City
1 Dr. Bina Agarwal Professor of Economics Delhi
2 Sujata Madhok Journalist Delhi
3 Devaki Jain Economist Delhi
4 Gurcharan Das Author and public intellectual Delhi
5 Dr. Rukmini Bhaya Nair Professor of Linguistics and English Delhi
6 Dr. Santosh Mehrotra Professor of Economics Delhi
7 Dr. Neera Chandhoke Professor of Political Science (Retd) Delhi
8 Sagarika Ghosh Author and journalist Delhi
9 Dr. Satish Deshpande Professor of Sociology, DU Delhi
10 Poonam Mutreja Development Professional Delhi
11 Dr. Achin Vanaik Professor of Political Science (Retd) Delhi
12 Dr. Arun Kumar Professor of Economics, JNU (Retd) Delhi
13 Dr. Manoranjan Mohanty Prof of Political Science, DU (Retd) Delhi
14 Nandita Haksar Writer Goa
15 Rohini Hensman, Writer and independent scholar Mumbai
16 John Dayal Journalist Delhi
17 Vrinda Grover Advocate, Supreme Court of India Delhi
18 Flavia Agnes Advocate Mumbai
19 AKG Menon Architect Delhi
20 Patricia Mukhim Journalist Editor Shillong
21 Nafisa Barot Gender and Social Mobiliser Ahmedabad
22 Pamela Philipose Journalist Delhi
23 Rita Anand Journalist Gurgaon
24 Dr. Namita Wahi Lawyer, academic, policy researcher Delhi
25 Dushyant Arora Lawyer Mumbai
26 Dr. Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, Professor of Economics Delhi
27 Dr. A.K. Shiv Kumar Economist & Development Professional Delhi
28 Renuka Mishra Development Professional Delhi
29 Admiral L Ramdas Retired Alibag
30 Dr. Anjana Mangalagiri Educationist New Delhi
31 Dr. CSC Shekhar Professor of Economics Delhi
32 Dr. R S Deshpande, Professor of Economics Bengaluru
33 Aasha Ramesh Gender and Development Consultant Bengaluru
34 Jayshree Anand Advocate, Supreme Court Delhi
35 Pia Gupta Lawyer Delhi
36 Dr. Vibhuti Patel Economist Mumbai
37 Vimla Ramachandran Educationist and Teacher Jaipur
38 Dr. Kaveri Haritas Lecturer in Law Sonipat
39 Devyani Dhawan Lawyer Delhi
40 Daksh Trivedi Lawyer Delhi
41 Rennu Dhindsa Art Consultant Delhi
42 Vandana Menon Architect Delhi
43 Alka Kumar Medical Doctor Delhi
44 Dr. Jeemol Unni Professor of Economics Ahmedabad
45 Dr. Bala Nambisan Retired Scientist Thiruvananthapuram
46 Indira Bagai Farmer Delhi
47 Kavita Srivastava Development Professional Jaipur
48 Rajesh Kapoor NGO professional Ahmedabad
49 Rashmi Vaidyalingam Lawyer Delhi
50 Ravi Verma Research, Programme Design & Evaluation Delhi
51 Dr. Kavita Chakravarthy Prof of Economics (Retd) Rohtak
52 Shiva Sharma Development Consultant Delhi
53 Lola Nayyar Journalist Delhi
54 Sonia Bahl Business entrepreneur Delhi
55 Dr. Anjali Agarwal Lecturer in Economics Delhi
56 Dr. Sandeep Goyal Entrepreneur/business Delhi
57 Dr. Madhvi Bhalla Lecturer in English Delhi
58 Mani Dhawan Lawyer Delhi
59 Shivani Dhawan Public Relations Delhi
60 Rajiv Bhalla Medical doctor Delhi
61 Arun Aggarwal Businessman Delhi
62 Ranjana Aggarwal Social worker Delhi
63 Madhu Agarwala Architect Delhi
64 Parag Sharma IT Professional Delhi
65 Dr. Anita Dighe Adult educator and administrator Noida
66 Sushmita Bakshi Finance Professional Delhi
67 Dr. Bidyut Mohanty Prof of Women’s Studies Delhi
68 Shraddha Jain Doctoral scholar in Economics Delhi
69 Divya Development Professional Delhi
70 Shilpa Vasawada Development Professional Ahmedabad
71 Dr. Radhika Desai Sociologist, Development Professional Hyderabad
72 Dr. Manjeet Bhatia Professor DU (Redt) Delhi
73 Dhananjay Ray Development Consultant West Bengal
74 Sumati Kakkar Social worker Delhi
75 Ashok Sharma IFS (Retd.) Delhi
76 Subhash Bhatnagar Social Activist Delhi
77 Vivek Shukla Journalist Delhi
78 Teesta Journalist Mumbai
79 Rashme Sehgal Journalist Delhi
80 Runu Professional and activist Delhi
81 Rukmani Anandani Writer Delhi
82 P K Sharma IT Ghaziabad
83 Hiral Dave Development professional Ahmedabad
84 Bindu Sachthey Home maker Delhi
85 अिमतŮकाश िसंह पTकार ( 4तंT) Haridwar
86 Renu Dogra Home maker Delhi
87 Vandana Bhagra Journalist Shimla
88 Bindu Sachthey Home maker Delhi-
89 Meena Saraswathi Seshu Social work Sangli
90 Devalina Kohli DU teacher (Retd) Delhi
91 Princy Parashar Student Shivpuri
92 Priya Tuli Consultant, Strategic communications New Delhi
93 Dr. Malvika Mahesh Lecturer Delhi
94 Divya Life Coach New Delhi
95 Anjali Sethi Concerned Citizen of India New Delhi
96 Gurpreet Singh Bindra Community Work New Delhi
97 Anil Sahai Engineer New Delhi
98 Subhash Chandran KR Advocate, Supreme Court Delhi
99 Jawed Naqvi Journalist New Delhi
100 Swatija Retired Thane
101 Tanushree Gangopadhyay Journalist Ahmedabad
102 Bharti Ali Child Rights Defender Delhi
103 Mannika Chopra Media New Delhi
104 Suresh Nautiyal Political Activist and Journalist Delhi
105 Lalita Ramdas Educator and Activist Alibag
106 Dr. Chirashree Dasgupta Associate professor, JNU Delhi
107 Ranjana Mangalagiri Freelancer Mumbai
108 Zarin Singh Freelance translator Delhi
109 Ranjit B. Rai Navy Commodore (Retd) New Delhi
110 Col Pavan Nair Veteran Pune
111 Bharathi Agarwal Teacher Kolkata
112 Akhileshwari Ramagoud Academic and Journalist Secunderabad
113 Dr. V. Sasi Kumar Scientist Thiruvananthapuram
114 Abid Shah Journalism Ghaziabad
115 Archana Mangalagiri Retired Thane
116 Kunal Bhanot M&A professional Delhi
117 Meera Sanghamitra Social Activist Hyderabad
118 Asha G. Scientist Thiruvananthapuram
119 Rathin Das Journalist Ahmedabad
120 Arun Kumar Retired Bengaluru
121 Dr. Sachi Agarwal Housewife Delhi
122 K. Ashok Rao Social activist Delhi
123 Satish Misra Journalist Noida
124 Lourdes M Supriya Student Delhi
125 Sandhya Gokhale IT professional Mumbai
126 Seema Kulkarni Social Worker Ahmedabad
127 Meena Chowdhry Housewife & concerned citizen Delhi
128 Manimala Journalist Delhi
129 Deepika Sondhi Freelance writer Delhi
130 Dr. Sandhya Kumari Academic Noida
131 Lekh Ram Negi Teacher Dharamshala
132 Sujata Raghavan Development writer Delhi
133 Ritu-Ngapnon Varuni Architect and farmer Himachal Pradesh
134 Asmita Meena Jayendra Concerned citizen Malvan
135 Purvi Vyas Organic farmer & consultant Ahmedabad
136 Himanshu Sharma Medical doctor Delhi

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