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Mainstream, VOL LVI No 47 New Delhi November 10, 2018

Rafale Four

Monday 12 November 2018, by Badri Raina

Now we are to tell this Court
How the deal was made,
How the price was computed,
How Anil Ji made the grade. 

If the Court will thus enquire
Into Executive considerations,
How may this Bharat outsmart
Wily enemy nations? 

Once for all we must decide
If Courts and the Constitution
Will this Republic run,
Or the Messiah newly born. 

Due process, democracy—
Cconceal a conspiracy;
Mere law and order will not help
Us demolish Nehruvian legacy. 

Sentiments and crony aid
And a Hindu King to boot—
This must be the talisman
If the Republic we would uproot.

If Rafale is in truth to be
Pushpak incarnate,
Petty-fogging probity
Must spare the Sanatan State.

Badri Raina

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