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Mainstream, VOL LV No 33 New Delhi August 5, 2017


Saturday 5 August 2017, by Badri Raina

Among India’s fine politicians there

Is but one who never loses his shine.

Like the Kohinoor, he passes from

Hand to hand, crown to crown, enemy

To enemy, friend to friend, glowing

For all with equal light just so long

As they keep him at the height.

An unshakeably principled man,

He finds a new cause for cleaning

Up the realm, then, at opportune time,

Returns to the previous. All about

Him is above board and pristine,

Nothing devious. He has a manner

Most innocuous and humble, and in his

Political kitty, he packs oodles

Of moral dexterity that never

Fails to impress. What he opposed

Yesterday, he can sanitise today—

A diamond who unleashes a canny

Ray whenever fortunes seem to

Turn grey. If only Indian politicians

Imbibed such ethical transactions,

We would have a Republic freed

Of fake ideological contentions.

Badri Raina

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