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Mainstream, VOL LV No 22 New Delhi May 20, 2017

Three Reasons why Extreme Hostility between Trinamul and CPM Should End

Saturday 20 May 2017, by Bharat Dogra


In recent years extreme hostility between the CPM and Trinamul Congress (TMC) has been a predominant characteristic of the political scene in Bengal, so much so that there have been a lot of violent incidents leading to several deaths. There are several reasons why this extreme hostility between the two leading political parties in the State should end.

First and foremost, hostility of such an extreme nature between two political parties that time and again leads to violence and even deaths is anyway very harmful for democracy. In the interests of democracy and also to prevent a lot of avoidable distress, efforts have to be made at some stage to reduce this. The sooner such efforts are initiated, the better it will be for democracy and for the people at large.

Secondly, both of these political forces are supposed to be committed to secularism and communal harmony. As threats to secularism and communal harmony are increasing in the entire country, but more specifically also in Bengal, there is an additional reason for these two important political parties in Bengal to not only reduce their hostility but also explore the possibility of cooperation, particularly on issues of protecting communal harmony. Of course, in such cooperation-based efforts other political parties like the Indian National Congress, the CPI and other political parties which are committed to secularism and communal harmony should also be involved.

Thirdly, in the emerging political scenario at the national level there will be increasing need for the cooperation of all political parties committed to secularism and communal harmony. Obviously such cooperation at the national level will be difficult if at the State level there is extreme hostility. This is yet another reason why efforts should be initiated without further delay to reduce hostility between the TMC and CPM in Bengal.

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