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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 23 New Delhi May 28, 2016

Congress’ Seat-share More than that of BJP’s

Sunday 29 May 2016


In all five States taken together the Congress got more seats than the BJP but this was ignored by the media.

Although the media in India was recently saturated with the results of the Assembly elections, it was by and large ignored that if we combine the results of all the five States then the Congress has won 115 seats while the BJP has won only 64 seats. Thus the number of seats won by the Congress is much higher than the BJP. This can be more clearly seen in the table given below.


Election Results of the Legislative Assemblies to the Five States/UTs

Assam 60 26
Kerala 01 22
Tamil Nadu - 08
W. Bengal 03 44
Puducherry - 15
Total 64 115

While it is clear that the Congress has suffered major setbacks and needs reforms, nevertheless its ability to get more seats than the BJP even in difficult times should not have been ignored by the media.

Bharat Dogra
C-27, Raksha Kunj,
Paschim Vihar,
New Delhi-110063

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