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Mainstream, VOL LIII No 48 New Delhi, November 21, 2015

Gau Maata Ki Jai!

Saturday 21 November 2015, by Sagari Chhabra

Amidst the silence of the rich and powerful
_ And the burgeoning of the lotus,
_ There must be more.
_ Beyond the clamour,
_ The onslaught of the hammer
_ Pulverised all that was sacred
_ Into dead meat;
_ What an amazing feat!
Black is the colour of the day,
_ A face smeared with ink,
_ By men in orange, who declare,
_ We are in the very pink,
_ Of health.
Watch, how with stealth
_ They enter the Press Club
_ And smear Rasheed,
_ For hosting a party with beef.
_ Did anyone ask them to take a leaf
_ Out of the Constitution of India?
Watch, as they protest with ‘non-violence’,
_ Smearing a face at a book release,
_ And as they give Mohammad Akhlaq
_ A release,
_ From his life.
Watch the strife
_ Of a man
_ Who sweats by his brow,
_ Then settles down to eat
_ A meal in his kitchen,
_ With a diya lit low.
It turns out to be
_ His last supper,
_ As they enter his home
_ Armed with the upper,
_ Hand of ideology.
They lynch him,
_ Calling him cow-slaughterer,
_ But don’t seem to blink over manslaughter.
They scream ‘Sangh Parivar ki fateh’
_ But Akhlaq merely said,
_ ‘Bharat Mata ki jai!’
They say, they have so many places to live,
_ But this is Hindu-stan, but
_ Wasn’t the idea of India
_ A rainbow,
_ Arched across the globe,
_ That strove,
_ For ahimsa within diversity?
They painted Hinduism black;
_ Who will meld with this colour,
_ Or take it back?
But now,
_ I fear for the cows
_ And how!
_ No one is being heard
_ We are part of the herd.

October 22, 2015      

Sagari Chhabra

(Poet, playwright, author and film-maker. Her latest book is In Search Of Freedom)

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