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Volume XLIV, No.48

Globalisation of Terrorism

by Shyam Chand

Tuesday 24 April 2007

The end of the Vietnam War marked the beginning of global terrorism. Senator Fulbright called the war as ‘the arrogance of power’. After the first Indo-China War, Vietnam was partitioned. Elections were to be held in 1956 for the unification of Vietnam. North Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh was sure to win the elections. South Vietnam under Ngo Din Diem refused to take part in the elections and the war started.

The North Vietnamese forces fought a guerrilla war with Russian military hardware and South Vietnam was supported by America. America did not directly involve in the war fearing Chinese intervention. An excuse was to be sought.

The attack on an American naval ship in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 was a fabricated lie and diplomatic disinformation to win the Congress’ support for direct American involvement in the war.

At the peak of the war American troops in Vietnam were 542,000, never enough to meet General Westmoreland’s demands. The My Lai massacre of 500 innocent unarmed civilians was a crime against humanity. The massacre could not remain hushed up for long. Lieutenant William Calley was accused and sentenced to life imprisonment. After three years in jail President Nixon pardoned him.

In the Tet offensive of 1968 the North Vietnamese forces attacked 36 major towns and cities in South Vietnam. As a face-saving device America offered to negotiate for the withdrawal of the US forces. During negotiations the North Vietnamese forces defeated South Vietnam and the country was united. America could not exercise its nuclear option as the Soviet Union had achieved nuclear parity.

Communist North Vietnam was victorious. The casualties were two million dead, and they included 58,000 American soldiers. The Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, designed by Maya Lin, is a monument of disgrace.
After the war heavy armament manufacturing industries came to a grinding halt in the US. There was large scale unemployment and war veterans were out of job. There was upheaval in the American economy. The dollar was devalued. There was complete estrangement of America not only from NAM, but from West Europe as well. The war had destroyed the reputation of ‘four-Star Generals’ and the ‘best and the ablest of intellectuals’ in America. The Watergate scandal had delivered a rude shock to America. The American Seventh Fleet made a hasty retreat from the Bay of Bengal during the Bangladesh war.

There was crisis in the American civilisation. The threat of a nuclear war during the Cold War days had disturbed the sleep of even Europeans. Human existence was at stake. America witnessed hyper inflation, student unrest, decline in moral standards, drug-taking, prostitution and cynicism. Capitalism was inching towards its morgue.

The Beatles were flocking around the self-styled sophisticated spiritual guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Youths from West were pouring into India and Nepal to forget their nightmare and find solace in the smoke of ‘grass’. We were humming and enjoying the song: Dum maaro dum, mit jain gum!
Communism was at its peak. To combat communism America took refuge in Karl Marx—‘Religion is the opiate of the masses’. Religion was found a handy fool in the hand of the American policy-makers. The CIA instigated the rulers in the Middle East to propagate Islam in its most distorted form. They were advised to use oil to finance its propaganda by hiking its price. OPEC came into being to control the supply and price of oil. The oil price was linked to the dollar.

In 1973 the world, especially the developing countries, received a rude shock when the oil prices were hiked manifold. Any conflict in the Middle East shoots up oil prices whose cumulative effect on their economies tends to generate inflation.

Easy earned petro-dollars stacked in America revived its sagging economy. The Sheikhs invested in real estates and spent their money in the fashion of degraded oriental luxury. When completely deranged in enjoying life to the brim, they were reminded of heaven and its pleasure. The martyred for the cause of faith were sure to enter there. Madrasas mushroomed from Indonesia to Somalia, funded with oil money.

One single individual who laid the foundation of Muslim fundamentalism and made the American task easier, though he was against America, was Syed Abul-Ala Maududi (1903-1970). He was a ruthless critic of Jinnah and the Two-Nation Theory of Veer Savarkar. He believed in Muslim Brotherhood and his belief that the Muslims would rule entire India after Independence as in the past, supported his theory. He opposed tooth and nail the partition of the country. His journal, Tarjuman-Ul-Quran (Exegis of Quran) greatly influenced Muslims thought throughout the world. After partition he migrated to Pakistan. He was against capitalism, communism, secularism, nationalism (Muslim Brotherhood had no national boundaries), democracy and Zionism after the creation of Israel.

Maududi disoriented the definition of Jihad from man’s struggle within against evil to struggle to seize power for the establishment of Brotherhood. His greatest disciple was Qutb, an Egyption, who died in jail during Nassers’ rule. His ‘Milestones’ brought him many followers. He was the founder of Sunni fundamentalism in the Middle East and his legacy is still alive. Qutb was supported by the CIA against Nasser. Nasser’s socialism, Pan-Arab vision and non-alignment had earned for him the displeasure of the Americans.
Sadat signed separate Camp David Agreements with Israel under pressure from American President Carter. Israel vacated aggression on Egyptian territories and not on the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and East Jerusalem which it captured in the 1967 war. For betraying the Arab cause, Sadat was assassinated.

In 1977 General Zia-ul-Haq overthrew the democratically elected government of Bhutto in Pakistan and sent him to the gallows. General Zia turned Pakistan into a truly Islamic state, and ruled for eleven years by Prophet Mohammad’s ordained system of ‘Nizam-e-Mustafa’. The US and Saudi Arabia, where General Zia had sent Pakistani soldiers to defend the Kingdom, liberally showered aids and grants. Madrasas flourished throughout Pakistan where the Taliban or Softas were fully indoctrinated. The US supplied all the military hardware to Pakistan.

When the monarchy was overthrown in Afghanistan and Marxist reforms sparked rebellion, Soviet troops entered Afghanistan. Afghan guerrillas consisting of the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other terrorist outfits were supported by America and Pakistan. America supplied military hardware—AK-47 assault rifles, hand grenades, rockets and rocket launchers, etc. Pakistan provided all logistic support.

Soviet troops were withdrawn and the rebel faction overthrew the regime in 1992. An Islamic republic was established. In 1996 the Taliban militia, supported by Pakistan and America, seized power. All Islamic harsh laws come into operation.

The family of Saudi Laden and family of Bush were business partners. Osama bin Laden was the spiritual commander of Lashkar-e-Taiba and other terrorist organisations in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden came in direct conflict with America when he tried to overthrow the Saudi royal family, an ally of America, to bring about reforms.

Osama bin Laden, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist outfits in Pakistan and Afghanistan are the creations of America. All the military hardwares of AK-47 riffles, hand grenades, rockets, etc. the Americans left behind in Pakistan and Afghanistan have been used, and even now are being used, against India.

All these terrorist outfits have been supported by their patrons in America and England. India had lodged protests with these countries that their soil had been used for anti-India propaganda. America has always turned a blind eye when the existence of terrorist-training camps is brought to their notice. Under the garb of free speech England has allowed anti-India propaganda and flow of money meant for terrorists.

There are three explosive spots on this planet—Kashmir, Israel and Iraq. All are the creations of America. Nehru, a saintly figure, went to the UNSC for the vacation of aggression by Pakistan and not for holding plebiscite there. Accession of Kashmir to India was legal and final. He could not fathom the dirty diplomacy of the international crooks. America and the UK have left a festering wound on the body politic of India.

If America is God’s mistake, Israel is the American blunder committed through the UN. Since the creation of Israel, there has been no peace in the Middle East.

It is pertinent to trace briefly the history of Jews. These nomadic desert people were taken as slaves, when Ramses II was building walled cities, colonnaded temples and his own giant statue (Shelley’s Ozymandias) in Egypt. When Ikhnaton became King, Moses delivered them from slavery and gave them the name Jew.

Moses was slain by the Jews when they could not bear his rigorous discipline and his place was taken by Yahweh. Sigmund Freud, a Jew, who has studied mythologies in terms of psychoanalysis, writes:
To deny a people the man who it praises as the greatest of its sons is not a deed to be undertaken light heartedly—especially by one belonging to that people. No consideration, however, will move me to set aside truth is favour of supposed national interest.

As Golwalkar believes only in ‘living God’, the Hindu people, the Jews also believe in ‘living God’, the Jewish people. Every Jew is collectively reminded every day, “Lest ye forget you were slave in Egypt.”

From Abraham to Christ, the Jews had only three national Kings whose regions spanned over just a century. Samuel anointed Saul as the first king. He turned against Samuel and died a mad man. David took refuge with the Philistines when he was on the wrong side on Saul. When he became King, he, with the support of the Philistines, defeated the Jebusites and captured Jerusalem of his dream. When in Jerusalem he, with the support of Jebusites, smashed the Philistines once and for all. Then it was the turn of everyone. Solomon (10th century BC), son of David, was the last King. Thereafter the empire disintegrated. “Empires that endure produce Romans, not Jews,” says Howard Fast, himself a Jew.

Nebuchadnezzar (630-561 BC), the King of Babylon, defeated the Jews and took about 35,000 Jews to Babylon. In Babylon, the birthplace of Adam and Eve, the Jews were treated with respect. They enjoyed full freedom of worship of Yahweh and intermarriage. It was in Babylon that the Jews came into being, ‘the Being’. All religious and law books of the Jews—Genesis, Torah, Almud, Denteronomy—were written in Babylon. It was in Babylon that the Jews graduated from traders to merchants and bankers, enjoyed the monopoly of trade with India, and controlled the Silk Route.

Yet, when King Cyrus of Persia invaded Babylon, the Jews opened its gates for him. He freed them from captivity and restored their entire wealth looted from the Temple in Jerusalem. [Now the Jews want to open the gates of Iran (Persia) for the Americans!] Prophet Ezra took them to Jerusalem and commanded them to cast away foreign women and their children. Those who defied, left Israel.

The last nominated King was Herod. He was appointed Governor by the Romans when they conquered Israel. On the advice of Cleopatra and support of Antony, Herod was recognised as Prince and then King by the Roman Senate. Herod wanted to be the High Priest of the Temple of Jerusalem also. But he was not from the priestly class. Cleopatra intervened and Aristobulus from the Hasmonaen priestly family and son of Alexandra, Cleopatra’s friend, was appointed to that post. Herod got Aristobulus drowned in his swimming pool, killed his sister Mariamme, Herod’s wife, her two sons and thousands of innocent people. Alexandra, the mother-in-law of Herod, fled the country. Herod tried to do away with Cleopatra also when she passed through Israel. When Antony and Cleopatra requested Herod for support against Octavian, he supported Octavian. The Battle of Actium is the first victory of the West over the East.

Herod died. Christ was born. He called the Jews the salt of the earth. Was it a curse? The Jews had to leave Israel and spread over everywhere, especially in Europe. When Emperor Constantine of Rome adopted Christianity, the Jews were not allowed to enter Jerusalem. Inter-marriages were forbidden unless the Jews become Christians. In imperial pronouncement, Judaism was referred to as Secta Feralis, a bestial religion.

In Europe wherever the Jews went their houses were set on fire, their synagogas were torched, their women were raped and they were subjected to every kind of humiliation. They were killed also. Hitler’s Final Solution had smitten human conscience. With the UN mandate Israel was carved out of Palestine. It was generally in Muslim countries that the Jews found haven in their diaspora. They were given shelter, respect and even shoulder in grief. Now the UN and Muslims are their enemies.

Why were the Jews so much hated? These ‘chosen children of God’ (Yahweh) suffered from a false sense of racial superiority and pride. They did not allow even the gentiles to worship in their Church.

Their exclusiveness created anti-Semetic feelings everywhere. Even the Greeks, who at one time became Hellenised but uncircumcised Jews after they had dethroned their mythological gods, were not assimilated into the Jewish fold. They deluded under ‘Messianic Hope’. ‘Strangers shall stand and feed your stocks, and aliens shall be your plowmen and vinedressers. But ye shall be named the priests of Jehovah; men shall call you the ministers of our God; ye shall eat the wealth of nations; and in the glory shall ye boast yourselves.’ (Isaiah ixi. 5, 6) ‘Jeremiah alone appears to be free from the taint of racial pride, and imperialism in the worse sense of the words,’ says Somerve!

Adversity taught the Jews how to survive. One would wonder that they are handsome, hard-working, intelligent and wealthy. They have produced many finest brains in every field—art, literature, science, medicine, music, dance and cinema, etc. It is a different matter that Hitler was also one-quarter Jew.

About 12 million Jews are in the world. Half of them live in America and roughly half in Israel and elsewhere. The Jews in America control the economy and politics. Being wealthy they fund the political parties and control the levers of power. Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and the lot would outdo a Machiavelli any day. America provides money and military hardware to Israel to bully their neighbours. The temerity and ungratefulness of Israel to the UN can be judged from its arrogance to reject as many as 65 UN resolutions requiring Israel to vacate aggression in the Gaza, West Bank, Golan Heights and East Jerusalem. It is a daylight robbery and the robber is protected by the international super cop. America has vetoed 30 UNSC resolutions upbraiding Israel.

The media, especially the Western media, never highlights Jewish fundamentalism and state terrorism against Israel’s neighbours. In 1980 Rabbi Israel Hess wrote: ‘Genocide : A Commandment of Torah’. Hess completely forgets his own prophets, Hossea, who said: ‘God is love’, and Hillel, when asked to comment on Torah, remarked: ‘Love they neighbour as thyself. That is Torah. Rest is commentary.’ People who violate the Ten Commandments, invent the eleventh of their choice.

Kookists (after Kook) are more aggressive. ‘It is God’s command to drive aliens out of the Promised Land, destroy their sacred symbols, exterminate them and not to make any treaty with them.’ Haim Tzuria writes: ‘Hatred is natural and healthy.’ ‘When a Jew is humiliated, God is shamed.’ The Jews are the chosen people of God, and as such they are not bound by any laws obligatory to other nations. Hillel confronted Herod when he was on a killing spree and said : ‘Do not do unto others as you would not have done unto you.’

Israel was admitted to the UN on the specific condition that it would abide by the UN resolutions. The UNSC Resolution 509 directing Israel to withdraw from Lebanon it occupied in 1982 was rejected with contempt. The UN is regarded as the enemy of Israel whose mandate created it. To deal with Israel’s enemy, the UN, America has sent Charles Bolton as its Permanent Representative at the UN to ‘bolt on’ it.

Muslims also claim their descent from Abraham. Judaism is the parent religion of both Christianity and Islam. Islam is a scientific religion and Muslims take pride in their heritage. The egalitarianism of Islam was a driving force for its spread. Islam gave science to the world. Muslim scholars translated the much forgotten Greek Classics which brought Renaissance and Humanism in Europe.

Islam today is shorn of its pristine purity. The Mullahs, Madrasa and Softas turning fundamentalists have given it a bad name. Like the Jews, the Muslims consider war as holy in the name of Yahweh and Allah respectively. The only difference is that unlike the Jews, Muslims claim heaven for the martyrs of holy war.

Muslims are a divided house—Sunnis, Shias, Arabs, Africans, Persians and Asians. All are not democratic. Some countries are ruled by feudals and tyrants. A good Muslim, though he performs Namaaz five times a day, he can do it alone anywhere. The Jew’s prayer is not considered proper unless there are at least ten male members above the age of thirteen at the Synagogue. Jews are clever like crows. Attack on one is considered an attack on all. Whereas Muslims rulers’ tergiversation, like the NDA partners, to make private deals to remain in power, has eroded their credibility and popularity among their masses.

The American Dream and the Messianic Hope of the Jews draw their sustenance from a common cause. Israel would smash its neighbours, occupy illegally their territories and reduce them their ‘plowmen and vinedressers’. America would breach the wall of Iran. The entire Middle East is under American heels. Once they penetrate Iran, Kashmir is in the American scheme of things from where like the gods of Greek mythology sitting on their Olympian heights they can keep India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Russia and China under their watchful eye.

Hamas is the creation of Israel. It was formed to countercheck Arafat’s authority in Palestine. Now, Hamas is a democratically elected government. The capture of its half-a-dozen Ministers and Speaker of their Assembly was an act of terror committed by Israel. The capture of two soldiers of the Chosen People had invited the wrath of the terrorist state to destroy Lebanon completely. Israel killed thousands innocent men, women and children in Lebanon, destroyed their airport, water and power supply, communication system, roads, bridges and houses. Bush allowed that terrorism full one month to commit crimes against humanity, just as Vajpayee allowed Modi to commit genocide in Gujarat. Two soldiers’ lives are more precious than the lives of a thousand people.

Hezbollah came into being after Israel mercilessly killed hundreds of Lebanon’s citizens in 1982 and illegally occupied their Sheeba farms which Israel says are a part of the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights is a daylight robbery. It is between Syria and Lebanon to decide. Israel must vacate the aggression for peace in the Middle East which neither America nor Israel wants.

To capture Iraqi oil, Bush invaded Iraq in the name of democracy. Hawk-and-hunter in search of antiques treasury Targeted the monster of degraded oriental luxury. A fabulous treasure trove, great liquid gold rush a lickerish temptation irresistible to Blair and Bush. Both prayed together at the Ranch during anti-belium wished to possess the magic lantern to enter the atrium. The debates of the Security Council, resolutions of NAM Free entry to UN Inspectors guaranteed by Saddam. The surging swarm of humanity, waves of human sea Shouting that Saddam is a lesser devil than Double B. The pleading of Evangelic Church, the prayer of Pope But the antinomians shattered mankind’s hope. Bush, Blair, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld and Armitage
Leaders of civilised nation destroyed humanity’s heritage. Would Blair show the ‘clinching evidence’ of WMD at the Bar or tell his maker the number of people killed in the War? Nazi brutes and Mongolian hordes would be outdone in hypocrisy when civilised people kill civilians in the name of democracy!

When Hitler ‘imagined’ himself Christ ‘scourging out’ Jews of Jerusalem
was he not a ripe case to be sent to some lunatic asylum?Saffron fascists in India have been creating a wedge between Hindus and Muslims for the past 80 years. The RSS is fascism and apartheid woven into one. Before partition the RSS and Muslim League were on the same wavelength. Both wanted division of India. In undivided India neither a Jinnah nor a Vajpayee could dream of becoming the Prime Minister. Now the RSS and ISI are on the same wavelength. The RSS is striving for Hindu Rashtra. The ISI knows that it cannot break secular India. Hindu Rashtra is the common choice of both the RSS and ISI.

Ever since Independence, the RSS has been harping on Article 370 and Common Civil Code. Article 370 was incorporated in the Constitution when Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was a Minister in the Nehru Government. Before Independence Dr Mukherjee was a Minister in Bengal in the Government of Muslim League headed by Fazlul Haq.

The Common Civil Code applies to civil society. A society that practices female foeticide, female infanticide, dowry, bride-burning, caste system and untouchability is neither civil nor civilised. Moreover, this Common Civil Code of the RSS variety is concerned about divorce, not marriage. Why not a Common Civil Code for marriage? Inter-caste or inter-religious marriage creates riots. The RSS has alienated Muslims in Kashmir by a vicious propaganda of abolition of Article 370 and introduction of the Common Civil Code.

It is a matter of common knowledge that Muslim boys and girls had started coming out of their ghettoised life forced on them by the bearded Mullahas. They wanted to join the mainstream. The demolition of the Babri Masjid was a conspiracy against Muslims and a plot against the secular Constitution inviting minimum penalty of life imprisonment. Criminals of the Babri Masjid demolition call it a political act. Law, not criminals, decides the nature of crime and punishment. German justice treated Hitler with velvet gloves and he destroyed Germany.

Mayhem, arson, loot, murder, rapes and gang-rapes of Muslim women were crimes against humanity committed by the saffron scoundrels and their Shiv Sainiks. The Sri Krishna Report was termed as anti-Hindu and rejected. Justice Sri Krishna was on the Bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court till recently. Abu Salem should be hanged on the lamp-post near a crossing and Monica Bedi should be dropped in the Ocean if found guilty. What about the criminals of January 1993 mayhem in Bombay? The media is completely silent over the matter.

The Kargil War, caused by the failure of the political leadership, brought about national unity. National unity renders the RSS redundant. This anti-social, hence anti-national, fascist outfit thrives on conflict within and without. Genocide in Gujarat was a national shame, and the perpetrator of the crime, who is a blot on Gujarat, slur on Hinduism and curse on this nation, is still in the Chair.

RSS activities in America have found their natural allies, the Jews. Since the RSS is against Muslims and Christians in India, the Jews are their natural choice. The foundation of this friendship was laid by the Foreign Minister of India in Morarji’s government, Atal Behari Vajpayee, who smuggled into India Israel’s Foreign Minister, Moshe Dayan, in the darkness of night. Morarji refused to meet him. As the Prime Minister, Vajpayee invited Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, ‘the Butcher of Lebanon’. (May God give Sharon long life!)

When Vajpayee visited America as the Prime Minister, his National Security Advisor, Bajesh Mishra, enjoyed the dubious distinction of being the first Indian public functionary to address the Jewish Committee in Washington D.C., and called for development of a US-Israel-India triad that will have the political will and moral authority to take bold decisions in combating terror. The Jewish Committee raises funds to finance state terrorism in Israel. The saffron mafia is a threat to India’s integrity and unity. America is a threat to itself and the world. This triad breeds terror.

The RSS raises funds from the US for charitable purposes. But it uses those funds for conversion of the tribals and ‘reclamation’ of Muslim Dalits, the victims of Brahmanical cosmic pollutant that pollutes every religion coming in contact with it. After conversion they are not allowed by some ghost of a satan to enter the Hanuman temple, though he was a tribal. If they go to the Church or Mosque there are satanic laws all passed in States ruled by the saffron fascists.

Tribes were the first to raise the standard of revolt against British occupation in India. The tribals’ uprising started on June 30, 1855 and continued upto 1899. In ten villages around 15,000 Santhal Bhils were butchered. Their lands were seized. Very few people know about Birsa Munda who died in jail in January 1900.

When it was known that the UPA Government had prepared a Bill to restore the rights of the tribals, the very next day the tiger jumped in to tear off every clause of the Bill with its ferocious claws. The media lacked all the sympathy with the tribals. Now, there is pressure on the JPC to dilute some of the clauses of the Bill in favour of ‘traditional inhabitants’ who in reality are the exploiters and seducers of the tribals.

If the scales of social justice do not tilt in favour of the poor, they should at least be held in perfect equilibrium. If the powerful and anti-social gangsters exploit the poor socially, economically and physically, a Birsa Munda would metamorphose into a ‘Naxal’.

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