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Mainstream, VOL 61 No 12, March 18, 2023

Enter The Monster | Kobad Ghandy

Saturday 18 March 2023, by Kobad Ghandy


Bill Gates said : The next pandemic could be far more fatal than this one. This one killed over 20 million, mostly older people. You could have a pandemic that would kill hundreds of millions - like small pox level of fatality. It might be particularly risky for younger people.

Has Bill Gates come to India to frighten us and create a fear psychosis? According to the WHO the number of people who have died globally of Covid till end February 2023 is about 70 lakhs (actually 68,59,096) of which 5.3 lakhs were from India. So why is Gates mentioning a figure nearly three times that of what really happened? Why is he exaggerating the figure so drastically? Is he seeking to create panic in India so that millions buy his probable new vaccine? And then in the very next breath he talks of a next pandemic that would kill hundreds of millions - like small pox level of fatality. It might be particularly risky for younger people. Particularly as he keeps happing on the efficacy of vaccines, including Covid.

Is there a sinister conspiracy to unleash such a virus, as after all it was Bill Gates outfit that simulated the entire earlier pandemic a good six months before the first lockdown occurred. Now he simulates a similar more deadly pandemic in Oct 2022 at Brussels entitled ’Catastrophic Contagion’. He then seemed to be in the know as covid-19 played out exactly as the Gates simulation. Does he and his sponsors have something more deadly coming given this recent simulation?

The official report says: The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted Catastrophic Contagion, a pandemic tabletop exercise at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on October 23, 2022. The extraordinary group of participants consisted of 10 current and former Health Ministers and senior public health officials from Senegal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola, Liberia, Singapore, India, Germany, as well as Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The exercise simulated a series of WHO emergency health advisory board meetings addressing a fictional pandemic set in the near future. Participants grappled with how to respond to an epidemic located in one part of the world that then spread rapidly, becoming a pandemic with a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affecting children and young people. Participants were challenged to make urgent policy decisions with limited information in the face of uncertainty. Each problem and choice had serious health, economic, and social ramifications. India was represented by our health minister.

Echos of 2019? Gates, a proponent of eugenics and depopulation, as early as 2018 publicly announced that a global pandemic was on its way and could wipe out 30 million people. Then again in Oct. 2019 Bill Gates organised Event 201 in New York City entitled ’coronavirus pandemic exercise’. On large display at this Event, you see the text printed “We need to prepare for the event that becomes a pandemic”. From where did Gates get this knowledge?

And now Gates conducts Catastrophic Contagion, with a strange assortment of countries attending with a focus on his two main targets for his eugenics - India and Africa. In his interviews to the media he was euphoric about India and the government. What is his game-plan for India given his euphoria for government policy during the earlier pandemic. He has not a word for the plight of migrant labour, the collapse of the MSMEs, the collapse of the health infrastructure, etc. India has long been Gate’s playing field using our poor as guinea pigs for experimentation of his vaccines and other medicines.

Not surprising as it appears India has best implemented the Gates pandemic/health/vaccine, digital and climate change agendas more than any other country in the world. In fact Gates has unashamedly outlined how thorough India has been in all these three spheres and how other countries could learn from India. Posing as a philanthropist he has been vigorously promoting the vaccine and digital agenda into which he is heavily invested, giving him windfall profits. 

Just see what he has to say in his interviews to the media:

First on the issue of health care:

1) First he aggressively promotes vaccines both for covid and also other diseases. On Covid he says: The Indian govt acted very quickly; they were a lot smarter. The vaccine coverage rates achieved in India were one of the best in the world. He also speaks about how the Gates Foundation and the Indian Government promoted the cholera (rotavirus) and measles vaccines and how the two set up GAVI, the vaccine alliance to carry the vaccines to other countries of the world, particularly Africa. He adds: Post covid some of the health indicators, like the vaccination rates, did recover quite quickly in India....... Your govt has ambitious goals. We want to work with the government to get rid of lymphatic filariases, visceral leishmaniasis, and to really start getting the TB levels down pretty substantially. (Of course nothing is really done on TB as that is a poor man’s disease resulting from malnutrition, unhygenic living conditions and now resistance to the standard antibiotics. Gates could not care about such people who he anyhow considers as dispensable as part of his eugenics concepts.) He is also silent on the polio drops promoted by him and implemented by various governments leading to nearly 5 lakh paralytic cases.

2) Next he promotes the fraudulent PCR tests which raked in huge profits for the pharma industry. He says: Covid also catalysed a new wave of health innovation especially in the field of diagnostics in India and around the world, helping to increase testing capacities. And it has advanced self-testing and rapid disease detection, which has been game-changing. Right now, PCR tests are the gold standard for diagnostic in terms of accuracy but they are slow and expensive. He admits they are expensive at $ 5 a test, in other words a money spinner; given that they have been made mandatory throughout the world. He say this knowing full well that both the WHO and his own US CDC has said the test is unreliable. 

The WHO cautions health care providers not to rely only on the results of a RT-PCR test to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but to “consider any result in combination with timing of sampling, specimen type, assay specifics, clinical observations, patient history, confirmed status of any contacts, and epidemiological information.” In other words, just because a PCR test comes positive for SARS-CoV-2 it should not be the sole consideration for determining if someone has the covid-19 virus.

The CDC acknowledges that the PCR test does not effectively differentiate between Covid-19 and Seasonal Influenza and has gone so far as to withdraw its authorisation for determining Covid-19. In fact it was around June 2021 that the CDC warned the FDA that from Jan.1 2022 they should prepare for an alternative test. 

Yet Gates continues to harp on the fact of the PCR -test being the ’Gold Standard’. Lies. lies and more lies. Yet many get taken in by his sophistication and media hype.

3) Then he aggressively promotes the digitalisation of health care killing two birds with one stone - with him heavily invested in both. He say: That’s because it (a new diagnostic technique) would allow medical providers anywhere — from doctor’s offices in big cities to clinics in remote areas, to travelling health workers — to offer point-of-care diagnostics. When backed by a scalable digital health platform, of the kind India is now building, we’re talking about being able to test for multiple diseases like TB, HIV or HPV anywhere, with basic swabs and no need for a specialised instrument. And again he says: Nobody would say we have too many health workers or too many teachers. If you can have a personal tutor who engages your level of knowledge, that’s pretty amazing. If you can have ongoing dialogue with a health assistant that lets you understand your symptoms and is advising you, if the quality is right, particularly for the health care sector.......So those societal benfits. And i have been going off and gathering experts, and we have been doing prototypes. This is all developing fairly quickly. The reason for Gates euphoria is that India is implementing digitalisation in heath and other spheres that would even put the developed countries to shame. The bonanza to Gates and his friends abroad makes him salivate at the thought of his windfall gains; and so his lavish praise for the government and India.

So that was in the health care sector, where we see India’s actions matching Gate’s comments. This is even more so in the digitalisation of the economy in India, dominated by US multinationals including Microsoft.

The Digital Agenda

He was all praise for the speed of India’s digitalisation and financialisation of the economy with not a word on its impact on the lives of the people. Without mentioning it he defacto condoned all steps taken in this direction including demonetisation, GST and Lockdown.

He says:

1) And there’s a well-known example, which is being highlighted during the present G20, of India’s digital public infrastructure. Aadhar and financial empowerment have provided hundreds of millions of people with bank accounts, digital identities and payment services. We use it to pay health workers efficiently and it is used by farmers for loans to get the right fertiliser. The innovation on top of that digital platform is really just beginning. The Bank for International Settlements estimated that India’s digital financial infrastructure enabled 80 per cent of Indians to be covered by bank accounts in less than a decade, a feat that may have taken 47 years by traditional methods. Many elements of this digital infrastructure are now being exported to other countries too. This year, India is presiding over the G20. It convenes world leaders at a moment of great progress for India and great promise for the world. We are all looking to India — a place of innovation, ingenuity, and brilliant minds — to herald a new era of global partnership which can overcome the world’s greatest challenges.

2) With India at the head of G20 there is this opportunity to highlight things like Aadhar, digital Finance, showcase how digital public goods works, and show how that’s helping in India; show what the roadmap is, and then partners like the Gates Foundation can help other countries adopt best practices. The impact of the India example can be global.

3) We fund groups like the IIT-Bangalore , to actually build the open source software - on the issue of digital public goods. 

India is the country fastest implementing digitisation of the economy notwithstanding its impact on agriculture and the survival of the MSMEs and the dropping employment rate in the country. Ironically the first person Gates met on arrival was the governor of the RBI. Indeed mysterious, as to why the RBI governor should meet a ’philanthropist’ unless, ofcourse it was to get a further push in the digitalisation sphere. After all the digital payments schemes are the biggest in the world and all linked to US companies with Google, Amazon, Walmart, et al reining in the moolah. India is the most lucrative cow to milk by these US digital moguls, with most other self-respecting countries being self-reliant in these spheres. It may just be a coincidence that this meeting took place at a time when the RBI-deadline for linking the PAN card to Aadhar is about to expire. What transpired at this meeting was not made public!

Climate and Energy Agenda

Like the international bodies Bill Gates pushes the tech/corporate solution to the climate agenda rather than real grass-roots and lifestyle changes. He Speaks down to us Indian people while not mentioning a word on the lifestyles of the super rich of the US, including himself who are the biggest energy guzzlers.

He says:

1) And there is climate, it gets worse every year. It is difficult to deal with that as because modern economies are based on energy intensity. Over 80% of that energy comes from burning hydrocarbons. ........The world is facing a limited time frame in which wealthy and middle-income countries can successfully step up and lead the green transition, to avoid the most drastic effects of climate change. WE need to transition in all areas of life - manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, building and homes. To do this will be one of the great industrial challenges of all time; to get the energy system to grow, be reliable and be green, without making the price go up, and actually making the price even lower than it is today. I call this the Green Premium. I remain an optimist. In our lifetime, human ingenuity and innovations have quite literally changed the world.

Talks the same language as Klaus Schwab and Harari. Focus entirely on technology, not life or nature. Not a word about afforestation, not a word about pollution of our water, air and land; not a word about the depletion of our ground water resources; not a word about the elite life styles of a few which are the main cause of pollution; not a word about the salination of vast tracks of our land and the destruction of the top soil; and not a word about the treatment of our city/town liquid/solid waste and making peoples’ living more hygienic (for which he has never donated a paisa) resulting in less disease. Prevention of disease through such means is not his concern as there are no profits in it - yes vaccines, more vaccines and more vaccines is his solution. His motto : let there be disease, more disease and my vaccines will come as the saviour. India could not be a better playing field for this rakshas with a gigantic population suffering malnutrition; horrendous levels of hygiene and extremely pliable rulers who are willing to open up our populace to experimentation for a few dollars in bribes. The Indian cultural ethos is ideally suited to this, where the brahminical upper classes view the lower castes and particularly the dalits as chattels and so would bend backwards to please the white overlords handing them over for experimentation as guinea pigs.

And as far as climate change the entire focus is also new technology that helps the corporates profit in a period of severe crisis. So he adds:

2) There is energy. Energy supply chains are under enormous strain because of the war in Ukraine. It is leading to increased food and fuel prices in most parts of the world. If you look at the poor farmers they are buying far less fertilisers, which will affect the yield for many years to come.. That drives malnutrition and ill health and is almost a poverty trap. 

So for Gates the impoverisation of the masses is not the cause of malnutrition but lack of use of fertilisers. In which world is he living? Fertilisers produced mostly by foreign or foreign-collaborated companies are subsidised by consecutive governments to enable them to keep their prices inflated for the farmers giving them super-profits. Poor Bill weeps for the fertiliser companies declining sale and falling profits. Probably after a word with the FM the govt will reverse the cut in fertiliser subsidy so that the ’poor farmer’ could buy more fertiliser!!! Besides, it is well known that chemical fertilsers and pesticides are probably the single biggest cause for cancer.

3) . But when it comes to climate change, there isn’t nearly enough philanthropic funding — the two per cent is not enough to reinvent the industrial economy. We need to have price incentives and new innovative companies. That requires government investments and market-based solutions. Lowering green-house gas emissions will require building new products, new companies, and even new industries. It requires innovation on a massive scale to create the technologies to eliminate the “green premium.” That means making things as cheap to produce without it is to produce things with carbon. That’s the only way the world will get to net-zero emissions — if people and companies can transition without the penalty of higher prices for going green. Here Gates merely repeats the UN Agenda which is corporate friendly and for which there is no evidence as to whether the extraction of rare earth metals, necessary for electric batteries, is any less polluting than coal.

4) He adds: Eight years ago, I founded an organisation called Breakthrough Energy, specifically to raise private capital to take those ideas, fund start-ups and take those ideas in to the market. Bringing in risk capital, IQ and acceleration of innovation. Usually, when we innovate, we don’t have a deadline. But in this case, we have a deadline to not only work on those ideas but deploy them in the markets. There are 100 companies that have been funded just because they have technologies that can help with the climate. Not all succeed. But it is really starting to happen. For example, some of our partners are developing new ways to manufacture carbon intensive products such as steel and cement. Others are developing approaches to long duration energy storage. They’re finding ways to store renewable sources of energy that are intermittent, like wind and solar. This way, they can generate power on demand — not just when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining. Some of these clean-energy breakthroughs are happening right here in India. About 90 minutes away from here, in Rohtak, there is an entrepreneur named Vidyut Mohan, who is one of the fellows at Breakthrough Energy. His team is in the early stages of building a company named Takachar, which is developing the first portable biochar device for converting post-harvest crop and forest waste in to valuable bioproducts. These include sustainable biofuels, fertilisers, and other chemicals.

Certainly Gates network in India seems deep, stretching from top politicians/bureaucrats to our interior villages. Clean energy is not what our people need but cheep energy. Pollution in India is not primarily from fossil fuels but destruction of our surface and ground water; desertification and rape of our top soil due to chemical fertilisers and pesticides; adulteration on a massive scale of our food chain, destruction of our forest cover, mangroves and natural water bodies; lack of proper sewage and solid waste disposal in our towns and cities around the country; etc. Let the Gates types who lecture to us, first themselves try and reduce their massive consumption of energy due to their 7-star life styles and fund things like afforestation, proper public transport (to reduce vehicle traffic), and water treatment plants in our cities. Let him and the governments focus on disease prevention - through better hygiene, basic food and countering malnutrition, water purification, air cleansing, etc - rather than vaccines and medicines (most of which are harmful). After all, over 5 crore people are pushed into poverty each year due to expenditure on health, disease and hospitalisation caused primarily by malnutrition and poor hygiene.

5) He then adds: Some of the best innovation in crop research for climate adaptation is happening here in India. Just this morning, I visited the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR) in Pusa, a few kilometres away from here, where they are testing new crops, including chickpeas. Chickpeas are threatened by climate change. Higher temperatures could reduce yields by as much as 70 per cent. To prevent this from happening, the institute has been working with our foundation and other groups to produce new varieties. The results are still early. But in some cases, these plants are producing 10 per cent more chickpeas, plus are more drought resistant.

As with health so with nature - first you destroy nature through warped development policies and 7-star lifestyles of a few, then you research new varieties of crops that can adjust to the climate change/destruction, many of which are harmful to the health and even cancerous. So, instead of getting to the roots of the problem one keeps treating symptoms, keeping an entire populace hovering between life and death.

Ironically Gates came to India at the time of the G-20 meet, obviously to try and push the country more into the arms of the international corporate monsters. His very first meeting was with the RBI Governor. Why should a philanthropist be interested in the RBI. The reason soon became clear - to make sure he does not postpone the deadline for linking PAN to the Aadhar, that too for a huge fee of Rs.1000. It is with the threat that the PAN Card will otherwise be invalidated. So more digitalisation in the interests of the US Digital Moguls.

Maybe we should dispense with the Indian government as it seems Bill Gates and his bosses in the Cabal seem to determine all policies in India from Financial, health, agriculture, education and even our civic policies. Our servile elite in governments, media, businesses and the bulk of the academic world feel privileged to lick his boots hoping for a few crumbs off his imperial table. No self-respecting nation would allow itself to be thus dictated by such a parasite.

Besides the Union government is pursuing the aggressive policy of linking welfare schemes for the people with Aadhaar. According to the social activist, Nikhil Dey, recent shift to Aadhaar-based payment of MGNREGA wages took place when only 43 per cent of workers had their bank accounts Aadhaar-seeded. Very recently, the Centre sought monthly updates on the number of Aadhaar-authenticated students at every government and aided school in the country and the number of midday meals each serves. It is apprehended that the government plans to tie the midday meals with Aadhaar-seeding of enrolments. All this has taken an aggressive turn after the Gates visit.

Meanwhile the government has even privatised forest certification and such private companies, linked to international cartels are busy providing false certification for huge profits to cut down our forests export the timber to the industries in Europe and the US. Simultaneously Goa is witnessing the worst forest fires ever - destroying large parts of the western ghats and spreading to 48 different hills and forests. The destruction of flora and fauna is massive with little or no government intervention. It is said these fires were man-made, probably at the hands of the real-estate/tourism lobby in league with politicians and bureaucrats. No wonder Goa, Mumbai and other places on the west coast are witnessing the hottest summer ever.

India’s is preoccupied in not only destroying its people but also ecology. Country be damned, what matters is profits for just a handful of Indian and foreign businessmen. Probably no other country is destroying itself at such speed; no wonder Bill Gates is applauding from the roof-top and provided the red-carpet.

March 15 2023

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