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Mainstream, Vol XLVII No 12, March 7, 2009

Good Man Muthalik

Saturday 7 March 2009, by Badri Raina

(On the occasion of International Women’s Day)

Good man Muthalik, patriot—

He upright, honest man;

He do not like this dirtiness,

He clean up all he can.

One problem he is having, though,

That require CT Scan:

The dirtiness he thinks he see

Is all inside his brain.

Muthalik, he like Amreeka

For dollar and internet;

But for keeping mahila disciplined

Taliban are his pet.

Kama Sutra, Khajurahu—

Very spiritual are;

Naked sadhu maharaj-jies

Spread that message far.

Mahila, she is not to act,

But to be acted upon;

Bharat ki naari tu tou hai

Very much mahan

But only when you do observe

Proper laaj and sharam;

And oblige without argument

When Muthalik is garam.

Between these poles resides the crux

Of your param dharma.

— Badri Raina

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