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Mainstream, VOL LIX No 25, New Delhi, June 5, 2021

Seven Demands of Citizens For Democracy To The Govt To Tackle Present Crisis | June 2, 2021

Friday 4 June 2021

(Set up by Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan in 1974
in defence of democracy & democratic values)
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Date 2nd June, 2021

Press Release

Seven Demands Of Citizens For Democracy (Cfd) Which Should Be Pursued By The Government To Tackle Present Prevailing Crisis All-Around

Keeping in view the prevailing dismal situation in India due to ongoing pandemic, the Citizens For Democracy (CFD) in its recent meeting held on 30st May 2021 has decided to raise seven demands as mentioned below as well as to observe 5th June 2021 as ‘Sampooran Kranti Diwas’ on which day webinars will be held in different parts of the country to popularize the same as well as to garner support for them.

Demands are :

1. In view of the considered opinion of the medical experts that vaccination is the only effective remedy to fight the present corona, the Central Government must arrange free vaccination of all citizens as early as possible, free treatment of corona patients and free testing so that lives and health of the citizens are protected while steps are taken to prevent black-marketing of life-saving drugs and oxygen;
2. As unemployment has abnormally grown
due to lockdowns and continuous pandemic, large number of poorer sections are suffering due to lack of cash, the Central Government must ensure an un-employment allowance of Rs.7500/- per month to each unemployed and also assure wages at the rate of current minimum wage to each MGNREGA worker;
3. The Central government must take immediate steps to settle the demands of the agitating farmers and forthwith scrap the three
controversial farm laws so that issue is
amicably settled.
4. All examinations must be postponed so that the students do not become susceptible to Corona disease;
5. Newly enacted Labour Code must be scrapped and policy of privatization of governmental assets & Public Sector Undertakings must be withdrawn;
6. Judicial commission under a retired High court or Supreme Court judge ought to be set up :

a) to find out the identities of the dead bodies found floated in large numbers in the rivers of UP and Bihar or dumped on the river bank;
b) to find out cause of their deaths,
c) To find out the circumstances and reasons which made the concerned persons to throw the dead bodies in the rivers or dump them on the river bank;
d) To take appropriate steps to determine the actual number of deaths and their causes which took place since the inception of the pandemic as doubts have been cast over the data released by the different governments from time to time relating to number of such deaths.

7. Scandal in the purchase of ventilators out of PM Care Fund should also be
judicially investigated.
‘मोदी इस्तीफा दो’
It was also decided to initiate a twitter campaign at 12 noon on 5th June 2021 asking resignation of Prime Minister Modi for his colossal mismanagement in handling the corona crises leading to deaths of thousands of citizens who could be saved with better health infrastructure which was totally neglected.

We therefore urge upon the Central Government to implement above demands at the earliest and hope that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi will step down gracefully from his post.

S.R.Hiremath N.D.Pancholi Anil Sinha
President GeneralSecretary Secretary
(M) 9811099532, 9582015779

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