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Corrigenda - Mainstream weekly, January 27, 2018

Saturday 27 January 2018

In the editorial “We Shall Overcome!”, published on page 6 in Mainstream Annual 2017, there is a slight error. In the paragraph beginning with the words “Since then the outcome...” the third sentence should read: “On the contrary those in power at the Centre took the results as public endorsement of the demonetisation drive by the PM that was unequivocally opposed by all distinguished economists across the globe.”

In Harish Chandola’s article, “Iran quiet after Protests”, in the same issue on page 19 column one, the name of the former Yemeni President (who was assassinated a few days ago) was given as AbdRabbo Mansour Hadi; it should have been Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was Yemen’s President from 1978 to 2012.

On page 80 of the same issue a poem, “The Cripple”, by A.K. Das has been published. It was mentioned that the poem was composed on December 3, 2017 on the occasion of the International Day of Person with Disabilities. However, A.K. Das has informed us that it was written much earlier.

These errors are regretted. —Editor

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