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Corrigenda - Mainstream, VOL LV No 27 New Delhi June 24, 2017

Saturday 24 June 2017

While introducing Badri Raina at the bottom of the first page of his article, “The Barricades and Battlelines in Kashmir” (that is, in the first column on page 3), in Mainstream (June 10, 2017), it was written that his latest book, The Underside of Things—India and the World: A Citizen’s Miscellany, 2006-2011, came out in August 2012. Actually this is not his latest book. Two books by him, published after the Citizen’s Miscellany, are: Idea of India Hard to Beat: Republic Resilient and Kashmir: A Noble Tryst in Tatters.

In the same issue of Mainstream (June 10, 2017) in Sankar Ray’s article, “Wages of Conceit and Eulogy” on the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari Uprising, there is a reference to Nandini Dhak (in the second column on page 28). The actual name of the lady was Malina Dhak “who put her blood-stained fingers on her forehead as the vermillion mark after killing a police constable with a dagger!” Sankar Ray further informs: “.....the incident took place in Durgapur in the early 1970s and she (Malina) was sentenced to death. The Left Front Government (1977-2011) waived the capital punishment and later released her as part of the decision to release all political prisoners.”

These errors are regretted. —Editor

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