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Corrigendum 30 November 2013

Sunday 1 December 2013

The ‘Communication’ of Bernard D’Mello, Deputy Editor, Economic and Political Weekly,—“ ‘Freedom and People’s Emancipation’ : It’s a Political and an Ethical Project”—published as a letter to Marxist-Maoist thinker Kobad Ghandy (currently lodged in the Capital’s Tihar Jail) in Mainstream (November 16, 2013) has one error. The quotation from Marx’s Thesis on Feuerbach, that starts with the words “The materialist doctrine...” in the second last paragraph on column two of p. 24, should end with the words “...revolutionising practice” with which the paragraph concludes and not with the words “... into better human beings” at the conclusion of the next paragraph on column one of p. 25 as has appeared in print. The paragraph starting with the words “Historical materialism...” and ending with the words “...into better human beings” (that comprises the last para of column two, p. 24 and first para of column one, p. 25) actually happens to be Bernard’s text. So the double inverted commas used at the beginning and end of the para should be deleted.

This error is regretted.       —Editor

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