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Corrigenda - 9 November 2013

Tuesday 12 November 2013

In Suranjita Ray’s “Losing Freedom to the Corporate Hawks” (Mainstream, October 12, 2013), the third sentence of the paragraph under the subheading “Exposing Contrived Myths” on page 16 (column one, line 12) should read: “While Stone argues that research across several continents is done by and for ‘the biotech industry (and its academic interlocutors)’ as there is a ‘cosy alliance between GM manufacturers and ostensibly independent researchers’ (Stone, 2012: 69), Herring questions the contention that researches, which find merits in GM crops, are funded by its promoters. (Herring, 2013: 63-64)”

In B.D.G.’s Political Notebook “N.C.’s Abiding Relevance” (Mainstream, November 2, 2013) the fourth sentence of the third paragraph on page 3 (column one, line 11) should read: “The 20-year Indo-Soviet Friendship Treaty was a master-stroke that put paid to Washington’s plan to prevent the disintegration of Pakistan and emergence of independent Bangladesh.”

These errors are regretted. —Editor

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