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Mainstream, VOL LVIII No 36, New Delhi, August 22, 2020

Self! | AK Das

Friday 21 August 2020


(in a lighter vein)

Under Corona shadows
what the real ‘self’ is now?
Is it selfless or selfish?
If the dreaded virus showing

Karuna embraces the ‘self’,
it finds ‘itself’ shrunk to its core:
isolated within and without,
a stigma tattooed on it.

There still may be care, affection,
but all from a distance.
If the ‘self’ finally succumbs
to the fatal embrace,
its body will lie shrouded
in the veil of a distance.
Not sure, if the final rites
can be properly performed.

The ‘self ‘may become the soul
of a ghost, circling around
the contained zone of the earth.
No Mukti or salvation,
as the entry into the heaven
is heavily barricaded!

Don’t get nervous, or take it otherwise.
It’s all said in a lighter vein
to bring smile to your anxious face
or to your uncertain eyes
struggling through the cover of a mask.

— AK Das

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