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Mainstream, VOL LVIII No 34, New Delhi, August 8, 2020

Nationwide condemnation of interrogation of Prof. Apoorvanand by Delhi Police - Text of Statement by Concerned Citizens, Aug. 6 2020

Friday 7 August 2020



Press Release

6th August 2020

Nationwide condemnation of Delhi Police regarding their interrogation of Prof. Apoorvanand

On August 3, 2020 the Special Branch of the Delhi Police called in Prof. Apoorvanand, well-known writer, public speaker and Professor of Hindi at Delhi University, where he spent 5 hours, for an interrogation in connection with the Northeast Delhi riots. The police have seized his phone. This comes close on the heels of the interrogation of many other activists.

A day when authorities feel free to haul in the nation’s leading public voices to police stations, merely because they speak against the policies and ideology of the ruling government, is a day we must all be deeply concerned. Also, a day when we must overcome all fear, to stand up for each individual’s right to disagree, dissent, and thereby deepen our democracy. For this democracy today faces its most serious crisis since independence, far more critical than Indira Gandhi’s Emergency 45 years ago. As concerned citizens who love and value our democracy, and our country, we must speak out before it is too late and all voices of freedom are silenced forever.

It is not unusual, or even improper, for the police to ask citizens to cooperate in the crime they are investigating. What matters is the context and manner in which this is happening. Like dozens of others in the past two months, Prof. Apoorvanand has been summoned under section 43F of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, or UAPA. This is not all – the summons mentions 19 sections of the IPC; two sections each of the Prevention of Damage of Public Property (PDPP) Act; two sections of the Arms Act; and, finally, four different sections of the UAPA. This is not a normal enquiry or police business as usual. It is part of a clear strategy by the Delhi Police to present protests against the CAA as a conspiracy to plan and stage the communal riots that shook Delhi in late February. This, in turn, is part of the larger design to shut down all dissent in the country so that no one dares question authority.

Over the past several months, students, activists, writers, artists, journalists and other public persons who participated in the anti-CAA protests have been targeted for repeated inquiries, and many have been arrested. Under the omnibus FIR 59 of 2020 alone, more than 17 arrests have taken place already under the UAPA, and over two hundred have been arrested under sections of the IPC. The intense activity of the Delhi Police in pursuing this line of inquiry is in marked contrast to their inaction in investigating leaders associated with the BJP who were seen inciting violence on public television. This pattern is identical to that in the Bhima-Koregaon case, launching a nationwide hunt against alleged “Urban Naxals”, while those who were so clearly responsible for instigating riots after the Elgar Parishad meeting in January 2017 are being allowed to go scot-free.

This crusade to silence all of us has been gathering momentum over the past two years. And today, public figures like Prof. Apoorvanand, and many others, known for their unwavering stand against violence and the politics of hate, are being targeted for their dissenting views. This is all being done under the absurd pretext that these were the "masterminds" who instigated the Delhi riots. By attempting to silence people like this, the government intends a chilling effect on all democratic dissent and discourse; if this is permitted, the chilling effect will be nationwide and it could be irreversible.

We appeal to all citizens committed to the values enshrined in the Indian Constitution – freedom of speech, equality before the law, secularism – to resist this attempt to turn India into a police state where all dissent is criminalized under the most draconian laws. We demand that this systematic harassment of voices critical of the government and the blatant misuse of the law and the state apparatus be stopped immediately. If we fail to protest the muzzling of our democracy today, there may be no democracy left tomorrow.

Endorsed by - (In alphabetical order)

1. A C Michael, Christian Activist For Human Rights And Former Member Delhi Minorities Commission
2. A. Hasan, Retired Banker
3. A. K Singh, NA
4. A. Reyna Shruti, Student
5. A. Giridhar Rao, NA
6. A. M. Roshan, Concerned Citizen
7. A. Selvaraj, Former Chief Commissioner Of Income Tax
8. Aakanksha, Student
9. Aakash Gautam, NA
10. Aakshi Sinha, NA
11. Aastha, Student/Teacher
12. Abde Mannaan Yusuf, Moderator IAD
13. Abdul Ghaffar, Manager, Private Firm
14. Abdul Kalam, NA
15. Abdul Mabood, Citizen
16. Abdul Wahab, Social Activist / Business
17. Abha Choudhuri, Homemaker And Caregiver
18. Abha Dev Habib, Assistant Professor, Miranda House, DU
19. Abha Rani Devi, NA
20. Abha, Research Scholar
21. Abhay Kardeguddi, CEO
22. Abhay, Lawyer
23. Abhijit Kundu, Faculty, DU
24. Abhijit Sinha, Mediaman
25. Abhinandan Sinha, NA
26. Achin Chakraborty, NA
27. Achla Sawhney, NA
28. Adithi, Teacher
29. Aditi Mehta, IAS Retd.
30. Aditya Mukherjee, Professor
31. Aditya Nigam, Academic, Delhi
32. Admiral L Ramdas, Former Chief Of Naval Staff
33. Adnan Jamal, Student
34. Adv. Ansar Indori, Human Rights Lawyer
35. Afaq Ullah, Social Worker
36. Aftab, Advocate
37. Agrima, Student
38. Ahmar Raza, Retired Scientist
39. Aiman Khan, Researcher
40. Aiman Siddiqui, Journalist
41. Aishah Kotecha, Principal
42. Aishwarya Bajpai, Student
43. Aishwarya, NA
44. Ajay Singh Mehta, NA
45. Ajay Skaria, Professor, History And Global Studies, University Of Minnesota
46. Ajay T G, Filmmaker
47. Ajin K Thomas, Researcher, Ahmedabad
48. Ajmal V, Freelance Journalist
49. Akash Bhatnagar, IT
50. Akha, NA
51. Akhil Chaudhary, Lawyer
52. Akhileshwari Ramagoud, Independent Journalist and Academic
53. Akshay Chauhan, Student
54. Alexander Thomas, Private Service
55. Ali Javed, President, PWA
56. Ali Zia Kabir Choudhary, Advocate
57. Alice Erani, Advocate
58. Alka, Freelance Editor
59. All India Democratic Women’s Association, Mariam Dhawale General Secretary
60. Alok Rai, NA
61. Alokmay Datta, Emeritus Scientist, CSIR-Central Glass And Ceramic Research Institute
62. Amaani Vaniya, Student Activist
63. Amber Habib, NA
64. Ambikesh Mahapatra, Professor Of Chemistry
65. Ameet Parameswaran, Assistant Professor
66. Amir Ullah Khan, Professor
67. Amit Bhaduri, Former Professor Emeritus, JNU
68. Amit Singh, Assistant Professor
69. Amita Chatterjee, Emeritus Professor, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
70. Amita Joseph, Advocate
71. Amita, ELT Trainer
72. Amitabh Behar, NA
73. Amitabh Srivastava, Theatre Person
74. Amitabh Trehan, Lecturer
75. Amitabha Basu, Retired Scientist, CSIR-NPL, New Delhi
76. Amitabha Pande, NA
77. Amitadyuti Kumar, Working President, APDR
78. Amites Mukhopadhyay, NA
79. Amman Madan, Professor Of Sociology And Social Anthropology
80. Ammar Azam, Student
81. Ammu Abraham, Women’s Rights And Civil Liberties Activist
82. Amod Shah, Phd Researcher
83. Amrita Ibrahim, NA
84. Amrita Kamalini Bhattacharyya, NA
85. Amrita, Professor
86. Amrita, Research Associate
87. Anahita Mir, NA
88. Anamika Tyagi, Student
89. Anand Kumar Sahil, Student
90. Anand Verma, Freelance Journalist, Content Editor & Translator
91. Anandhu, Student
92. Anant Bhatnagar, General Secretary, PUCL ,Rajasthan
93. Ananya Chakraborti, Social Activist
94. Ananya Chatterjea, Professor, Theater Arts & Dance
95. Ananya, NA
96. Anas Khan, Actor
97. Anasuya Mathur, NA
98. Andrew A Thangaraj Late.T.Arulappan, Senior Citizen
99. Ania Loomba, Professor
100. Anil Bisht, Retired Professor
101. Anil Chamdia, Journalist
102. Anil Chaudhary, Convener, People’s Council For Shrinking Democratic Spaces (PCSDS)
103. Anil Chaudhary, Film & TV Producer, Director
104. Anil, Activist
105. Anila Singh, NA
106. Anindita, NA
107. Anirban, Student
108. Anish Ankur, Cultural Activist
109. Anish Mishra, Student
110. Anish, Development Worker
111. Anita Anand, Director
112. Anita Anish, Teacher
113. Anita Cheria, Director, Openspace
114. Anita Cherian, Associate Professor, AUD
115. Anita Dighe, Concerned Citizen
116. Anita Mathur, Social Worker
117. Anita Mazumdar, NA
118. Anita Rampal, Professor
119. Anjal Lele, A Concerned Citizen
120. Anjali Lal, NA
121. Anjali Monteiro, Filmmaker And Academic
122. Anjali Noronha, Citizen
123. Anjali, Ms
124. Anjana Mangalagiri, Retired
125. Anjoo Mason, Read. School Teacher
126. Anju Khemani, Disability Activist
127. Ankit Kumar, Assistant Professor
128. Ankit, Student
129. Ankita Aggarwal, Student
130. Ankita Mishra, NA
131. Ankush Rathore, Asst Professor
132. Anmol Raj Tiwari, NA
133. Ann Ninan, NA
134. Anna Dani, Ex IAS Govt Of Maharashtra
135. Annie Namala, Convener WNTA
136. Annie, Content Writer
137. Annika Taneja, NA
138. Anshu, Social Work Student
139. Antara Dev Sen, Journalist
140. Antony Thomas, Retired Journalist
141. Anu Verma, NA
142. Anup, NA
143. Anupam Pachauri, University Academic
144. Anupama Datta, Head, Policy Research And Advocacy
145. Anupama Jha, School Principal
146. Anupama Saxena, Professor
147. Anupama, Faculty
148. Anuradha Talwar, Activist
149. Anurag Majumdar, Student
150. Anwar Bagban, Proprietary
151. Anwar Zaidi, NA
152. Anweshita Das, NA
153. Apar Gupta, Advocate
154. Aparna Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor, Ashoka University
155. Arati Pinto, NA
156. Aravinda, NA
157. Archana Kaul, Secretary, Srijanatmak Manushi Sanstha
158. Arif Kapadia, Businessmen
159. Arman Reyaz, S/W Developer
160. Arman Singh, Teacher
161. Arman Suhail Ekram, Social Activist
162. Arokia Mary, Social Worker
163. Arshad Ajmal, Lok Parishad
164. Arul Lakshminarayan, Professor
165. Arun Agnihotri, NA
166. Arun Kathote, Theatre Activist
167. Arun Kumar, Retd. Professor
168. Arun Saldanha, Professor, Dept Of Geography, Environment And Society, University Of Minnesota
169. Arun Virasam, Rtd.Lecturer
170. Aruna Gnanadason, Consultant
171. Aruna Roy, MKSS
172. Aruna Sinha, NA
173. Arundati Mathew, Designer
174. Arundhati Dhuru, NAPM National Convenor
175. Arundhati Ghosh, NA
176. Arup Gayen, Associate Professor
177. Arushi Rana, Student
178. Arvind Kumar, Phd Student
179. Asad Aqueel, NA
180. Asha Sharma, Gen Secretary, AIDWA Delhi
181. Ashim Roy, Trade Unionist
182. Ashique Hussain, Theatre Practioner
183. Ashis Roy, Psychoanalytic Therapist
184. Ashish Basu, Retired
185. Ashish Beck, Lawyer
186. Ashish Ghosh, Retired Teacher
187. Ashish Lahiri, NA
188. Ashish Ranjan, Assistant Professor
189. Ashish Ranjan, NA
190. Ashlin Mathew, News Editor, National Herald
191. Ashok Agarwal, Advocate
192. Ashok Agrwaal, Advocate
193. Ashok Bhowmick, NA
194. Ashok Kumar Sharma, IFS (Retd.)
195. Ashok Kumar, Social Worker
196. Ashok Lal, NA
197. Ashok Sharma, Ex IFS
198. Ashok Shrimali, Social Activist
199. Ashok Vajpeyi, Writer, Poet , New Delhi
200. Ashvin Upadhyay, Citizen
201. Asif Iqbal, General Secretary
202. Asifa, NA
203. Asmita Aasaavari, University Of Connecticut, USA
204. Asokkumar V, Retd Hm
205. Atul Sood, Professor, JNU
206. Avani, Advocate
207. Avinash Kumar, Asst Professor, JNU
208. Avinash Kumar, Civil Society
209. Ayesha Kidwai, Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University
210. Azam Khan, Business
211. Aziz Ahmedabadi, Concerned Citizen
212. B D Kashniyal., Journalist.
213. B. Rajendra Prasad, Citizen
214. Baijayanti Das, Retired Schoolteacher
215. Balaji P, Advocate
216. Balveer Arora, Chairman, Centre For Multilevel Federalism
217. Bapu Belose, Social Activist
218. Beena Choksi, NA
219. Beena Pallical, General Secretary
220. Bernard D’mello, Retired
221. Bharat Bhushan, Journalist
222. Bharat Shekhar, NA
223. Bharati Jagannathan, Associate Professor
224. Bharati Motwani, NA
225. Bhargav Oza, Researcher
226. Bharti Ali, Child Rights Activist
227. Bhaskar Gupta, Professor
228. Bhaskar Prabhu, Convenor
229. Bhavya Paliwal, NA
230. Bhupender Yadav, Professor (Retired)
231. Bhupinder Chaudhry, Associate Professor, Delhi University
232. Bijay Bhai, Convenor, Bharat Jan Andolon
233. Binay Kumar Pathak, Assistant Professor, Lalit Narayan Mithila University
234. Bindu Menon, NA
235. Binu Mathew, Journalist
236. Bir Singh, Asstt Professor
237. Bittu K R, WSS
238. Bizeth Banerjee, NA
239. Braj Kishore Jha, Environmentalists
240. Bratati Pande, Retired Associate Professor Of DU
241. Brijesh Kumar, CCG
242. Brinda Adige, Activist
243. Brinelle D’souza, Faculty Member, TISS And Co-Convenor, JSA Mumbai
244. Bubla Basu, Teacher
245. C.Balakrishnan, Retired Secretary (Coal)
246. Camellia Paul, Ma, Department Of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University
247. Car Prasad, NA
248. Cedric Prakash, Director
249. Chaitanya Chekkilla, Md, Family Physician, Indianapolis, USA
250. Chand Qureshi, Lawyer
251. Chandan Kumar, Student
252. Chandan Srivastava, Faculty
253. Chandrashekhar Tibrewal, Concerned Individual
254. Charanpreet Singh, NA
255. Charu Govindan, Member, #Voiceofpeople, Chennai.
256. Charu Soni, Independent Journalist
257. Charudatta NAvare, NA
258. Chayanika Shah, NA
259. Chelsea, Student
260. Chhaya Datar, Retd. Professor
261. Chitra Joshi, NA
262. Chitrorath Guha, Private Tutor
263. Chittaroopa Palit, Social Activist
264. Christina Samy, NA
265. Chun Kapur, NA
266. Claire Noronha, Concerned Citizen
267. Cn Subramaniam, NA
268. D Bhattacharyya, NA
269. D Ravi Kanth, Journalist, Geneva
270. D S Paliwal, Social Worker
271. D S, A Tax-Payer.
272. D. Hariparanthaman, Judge(Retd), Madras High Court
273. Darshan Shah, Director
274. Dasarath Murmu, Assistant Professor Of Philosophy
275. Dasarathi Gv, NA
276. Daya Ram, Concerned Citizen
277. Deb Mukharji, Retired Member Of Indian Foreign Service
278. Deba Prasad Nanda, Associate Professor
279. Debaditya Bhattacharya, Faculty, Kazi Nazrul University
280. Debjani Bhattacharyya, NA
281. Debjani Mazumder, NA
282. Debjani Sengupta, Associate Professor, Dept Of English, IP College
283. Deepa Balsavar, Independent Writer And Artist
284. Deepak Pandey, NA
285. Deepak Sanan, Retired Civil Servant
286. Deepika Singh, NA
287. Deepti Sachdev, NA
288. Depinder Kapur, NA
289. Dev Desai, Anhad Gujarat
290. Devaki Khanna, Freelance Editor
291. Devasahayam Mg, IAS (Retd)
292. Devashish Sengupta, Assistant Professor
293. Devesh Sharma, NA
294. Devesh, Research Scholar
295. Devika Mittal, Assistant Professor, Bharati College, Delhi University
296. Devyani Bhardwaj, Educationist
297. Dhanu Swadi, Concerned Citizen
298. Dhiraj Kumar Nite, Social Scientist
299. Dhruva Kumar Sen, NA
300. Dhruva Narayan, Founder Trustee, Janam Foundation
301. Dikshant, Artist
302. Dilip Hota, Social Activist
303. Dilip Simeon, Research Scholar And Writer
304. Dimpi, Assistant Professor
305. Dimple Oberoi Vahali, Independent Activist
306. Dinesh Juyal, Journalist
307. Dinesh Patel, Teacher Educator
308. Dipak Dholakia, Convener, Indian Community Activists Network (ICAN)
309. Dipankar Banerjee, NA
310. Dipta Bhog, Educationist
311. Divya, NA
312. Dl Tripathi, PUCL. Raj. Vice President
313. Dorothy, NA
314. Doyeeta Majumder, Assistant Professor
315. Dr A K Gaur, Doctor
316. Dr Abid Haleem, Professor
317. Dr Biplab Bandyopadhyaya, Physician
318. Dr Javed Hussain, Senior Veterinary Officer
319. Dr Jolly Rimai, Director
320. Dr Nakadar, NA
321. Dr Ramanuj Pd Singh, NA
322. Dr Rashid Hussain, Associate Professor, Vice Principal
323. Dr Rathi Menon, NA
324. Dr S Faizi, Environmentalist
325. Dr Shakeel, Consultant Physician
326. Dr Sudhir Agrawal, National President, Samagra Vikas Party
327. Dr Sunil Sahu, Assistant Professor
328. Dr Sunilam, Ex Mla, Kss Working President
329. Dr Sylvia Karpagam, Public Health Doctor
330. Dr Ujjwala Shahi, Associate Professor
331. Dr Umesh Chandola, Veterinary Medicine Officer Govt Medical College Haldwani Uttarakhand
332. Dr V Rukmini Rao, Feminist
333. Dr Vikas Bajpai, Assistant Professor, Centres For Social Medicine And Community Health, JNU
334. Dr Vinay Jha, Asst Professor
335. Dr. Ashish Mital, General Secretary, All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha
336. Dr. Balbir Singh Butola, Professor
337. Dr. Balwant Kaur, Assistant Professor
338. Dr. Bobby Luthra Sinha, Independent Researcher And Social Scientist
339. Dr. Praveen Kumar Prabhakar, Doctor
340. Dr. Radhika Desai, Independent Researcher-Gender, Livelihoods, And Social Inclusion
341. Dr. Saba Hussain, Social Work
342. Dr. Santosh Mudgil, Social Activist
343. Dr. Sudhir Vombatkere, NA
344. Dr. Suresh Sanikommu, Public Health Professional
345. Dr. Tej Ram Garg, GP
346. Dr. Usha V Athaley, Ipta Secretary
347. Dr. V. Suresh, General Secretary, People’s Union For Civil Liberties (PUCL)
348. Dr. Vivek Monteiro, Secretary, CITU Maharashtra
349. Dr.Mohammed Imran, Doctor
350. Dr.Yogesh Tiwari, Director Of Academics
351. Dunu Roy, Hazards Centre
352. Dushyant, Lawyer. Columnist, Mumbai Mirror
353. Dvijendra Nath Kalia, Associate Professor (Retd.)
354. Edwin, Director
355. Elahe, NA
356. Elin Lakra, Social Worker
357. Eric Pinto, Anhad And NAPM
358. Esthappen, Playwright
359. Falakyar Askari, Advocate, The High Court Of Judicature At Patna
360. Farah Naqvi, Writer and Activist
361. Faraz Ahmad, Freelance Journalist
362. Farhat Hasan, Professor
363. Farhat Rizvi, GS Progressive Writers Association Delhi
364. Faruque Ul Islam, Social Activist
365. Fawaz Shaheen, NA
366. Feroze Mithiborwala, Bharat Bachao Andolan, NAtional Convener
367. Film Society Of Ravenshaw, NA
368. Firoz Khan, Director, Pvt Ltd Co
369. Firoza Khan, Freelance Filmmaker
370. Flavia Agnes, Founder Trustee Majlis
371. Forum For Justice And Peace, NA
372. Fr. Jothi Sj, Right To Food, West Bengal
373. Francis Parmar, Senior Citizen
374. Franz Manjali, Professor
375. Frazer Mascarenhas, Academic Administrator
376. Freeda Nicholas, Independent
377. G Arunima, Professor, JNU
378. G. Kalyani, NA
379. Gail Coelho, Independent Researcher
380. Gaiti, NA
381. Gauhar Raza, Retired Scientist, Poet, New Delhi
382. Gaurav Singh, Llb Student
383. Gautam Bandyopadhyay, Chairperson, Gandhi Vichar Parishad
384. Geeta Gairola, Aam Nagrik
385. Geeta Kapur, Art Historian
386. Geeta Ramaseshan, Advocate
387. Geeta Seshu, Journalist And Co-Editor, Free Speech Collective
388. Geetha Venkataraman, Professor, AUD
389. Geevan C P, Independent Researcher
390. George, Farmer
391. Ggparikh, Editor Janata
392. Ghanakumar, Asst. Professor Of Law
393. Ghulam Faruki, Concerned Citizen
394. Gita Jayaraj, Research Scholar
395. Gitanjali, Phd Student
396. Githa Hariharan, Writer
397. Gloria Goodwin Raheja, Professor Of Anthropology, University Of Minnesota
398. Gopal Ji Pradhan, Professor
399. Gopalakrishnan Sankaran, NA
400. Gopalan Balagopal, Ias (Retd)
401. Gorvika Rao, Assistant Professor
402. Goutam Gangopadhyay, NA
403. Gudakesin Sharma, NA
404. Gurcharan Singh, Freedom Of Speech
405. Gurinder Singh, Researcher
406. Gurinder Singh, Retired
407. Gyan Prakash, Dayton-Stockton Professor Of History, Princeton University
408. H S Gujral, Indian Forest Service (Retd)
409. Harbag, Doctor
410. Harbans Singh Brar, Kisaan
411. Harendra Singh, NA
412. Hargopal Singh, Nil
413. Haridas T, Columnist, Activist
414. Hariharan Subrahmanian, Photo Artist
415. Harish Khare, Journalist
416. Harkesh Singh Sidhu Ias Rtd, Chairman Mascat To Malwa Arts Sports Cultural And Education Trust
417. Harsh Kapoor, Independent Researcher
418. Harsh Yadav, Independent
419. Harshita Agarwal, Employed
420. Hasan Abdullah, Writer
421. Hcbelle, Self Employed
422. Heather Baker, Teacher
423. Heman, Student
424. Hemant S. Mohanpuriya, Manager
425. Hena F, Mental Health Professional
426. Henri Tiphagne, National Working Secretary, HRDA - India
427. Himanshu Pandya, Associate Professor , Govt College, Raniwara ( Jalore )
428. Himanshu, Citizen
429. Hindal Tyabji, Retired IAS
430. Honey Oberoi Vahali, Academician
431. Iftikhar Khan, Retired University Teacher
432. Imteyaz Husain, NA
433. Inderjeet Singh, NA
434. Indira Unninayar, Advocate Supreme Court And Delhi High Court
435. Indra Raghuvanshi, General Secretary, Forum Against Corruption & Threats
436. Indrani Deb, Principal
437. Indranuj Ray, Student
438. Indu Prakash Singh, President, Forum Against Corruption & Threats
439. Ipsita B, Preschool Teacher
440. Iqbal Ahmed, NA
441. Iqbal M Rahmani, NA
442. Iqbal Singh, Associate Professor (Rtd)
443. Ira Bhaskar, Professor, JNU
444. Ira Raja, Assistant Professor
445. Irawati, Independent Researcher
446. Irfan Engineer, Member, All India Secular Forum
447. Irshad Mansuri, NA
448. Ishan, Student
449. Ishrat Israr Ashrafi, NA
450. Ishrath Nisar, Faculty
451. Jabeen Merchant, Film Editor
452. Jag NArayan Mahto, Samajwadi Jan Parishad
453. Jagdeep Chhokar, Former Professor And Dean, Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad
454. Jagmohan Singh, Gen Secretary AFDR Punjab
455. Jahan Ara, Member National Muslim Women Welfare Society
456. Jahnvi Andharia, NA
457. Jai Rajera, Administration
458. Jaipal Singh, Associate Professor (Retd)
459. James P J, Political Activist
460. Jamil Ahmed, NA
461. Janaki Nair, Former Professor JNU
462. Janice Maganji, Founding Director- International Network Of Democratic Indians Abroad.
463. Janki Vyas, Housewife
464. Jaskiran K. Mathur, Professor
465. Jasmeet Walia, NA
466. Jaspal Singh Dappar, Lawyer
467. Jasveen Jairath, Housemaker
468. Jatin Bhatt, Professor & PWC
469. Jatin Sheth, Convener, Nagrik Sashaktikaran Manch
470. Javed Akhtar Khan, Associate Professor
471. Javed Anand, Indian Muslims For Secular Democracy
472. Javed Malick, Academic
473. Javid Chowdhury, Former Union Health Secretary.
474. Jawhar Sircar, Former Culture Secretary, Ex Ceo, Prasar Bharati
475. Jaya Sharma, NA
476. Jayashree Ramadas, Professor (Retired)
477. Jayati Ghosh, Professor
478. Jennifer Mirza, Retired From Film And Tv Research And Production
479. Jenny Rowena, Assistant Professor , Miranda House , Univ Of Delhi
480. Jeroo Mulla, Visiting Faculty, Sophia Polytechnic.
481. Jinee Lokaneeta,
482. Joby Joseph, Associate Professor
483. Joe Victor, Social Worker
484. John Dayal, Writer And Activist
485. John Thirithuvadoss D, Retired Additional General Manager, Bhel, Ranipet, Tamil Nadu
486. Johnson Thomas, Retired.
487. Joseph Salve, Research Scholar
488. Joti Sekhon, NA
489. Joy Chakrabarti, Retired
490. Joy Sengupta, Artist/ Media
491. Joya Roy, Editor
492. Judith Siqueira, Retired
493. Jyoti Jhariya, Former Women Pdf
494. Jyotirmaya Sharma, Professor
495. Jyotsna Lall, NA
496. K P Fabian, Former Ambassador
497. K R Makwana, Teacher
498. K. M. Shrimali, Former Professor Of History Delhi University
499. K. Padma, Advocate
500. K. Phaniraj, Teacher And Social Activist
501. K. Sudhir, NA
502. K.Ravi Chander, President, Telangana Praja Front
503. Kabeer Katlat, CCM
504. Kai Friese, Journalist
505. Kalpana Sharma, Independent Journalist
506. Kalyani Chaudhuri, Additional Chief Secretary, West Bengal, Retd
507. Kalyani, NA
508. Kamal Chakraborty, Social Worker
509. Kamal Chenoy, Retired
510. Kamayani Bali Mahabal, Human Rights Activist
511. Kamini Tankha, Concerned Citizen
512. Kanchan, Prof (Hony)
513. Kannan Srinivasan, Wertheim Scholar, New York Public Library
514. Kanwal, NA
515. Karan Bm, Retd.
516. Karan Singh, Retired From Services
517. Karen Gabriel, Associate Professor, St Stephen’s College
518. Kasturi Khaitan, NA
519. Kaushik Bhaumik, NA
520. Kaushik Ghosh, Associate Professor, Vassar College
521. Kavita Singh, Professor
522. Kavita Srivastava, Human Rights Worker
523. Kesab Bhattacharya, Professor In Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University
524. Keval Arora, Associate Professor
525. Keya Dasgupta, Retired Faculty, CSSSC, Kolkata
526. Kezia Shah, Student
527. Khairun Nisha, Samajik Karyakarta
528. Khushbu, NA
529. Kinnera Murthy, Retired Professional
530. Kiran Moghe, NA
531. Kiran Pandare, Salaried
532. Kirankumar Vissa, NA
533. Kirti Jain, Theatre Worker
534. Kirti Singh, Advocate
535. Kokila, Artist / Activist
536. Komal Sharma, Student
537. Komal Srivastava, Chairperson BGVS Rajasthan
538. Koninika Ray, National Federation Of Indian Women
539. Kopal A, Asst Professor, AUD
540. KP Jayasankar, Filmmaker And Academic
541. KP Singh, NA
542. Kranti Saran, NA
543. Krishan, Phd Scholar
544. Krishna Majumdar, NA
545. Krishna Mohan M R, Manager
546. Krishna Sengupta, Retired Teacher
547. Krishnendu Dey, NA
548. Krithika, NA
549. Kriti Jain, Student
550. Kulandaisamy, Professor
551. Kumar Ambuj, Writer
552. Kumar Hassan, President, Janavadi Lekhak Sangh, Odisha.
553. Kumar Ketkar, Member Of Parliament, Rajya Sabha
554. Kumar Mukesh, Social Activist
555. Kumar Rana, Freelance Researcher
556. Kumkum, NA
557. Kunal Chattopadhyay, NA
558. Kunal Kumar Das, Student
559. Kunal Shankar, Journalist
560. Kunal Shankar, Journalist
561. Kundan, NA
562. Kuriakose Mamkoottam, Professor Emeritus, Ambedkar University Delhi
563. L.Nageswara Rao, Retired
564. Laila, Teacher
565. Lalit Vachani, Filmmaker And Researcher, University Of Göttingen, Germany
566. Lalita Ramdas, Educator, Activist
567. Lalitha Kaul, NA
568. Lalitha Matthew, NA
569. Latha Jishnu, Journalist
570. Latha Lr, Activist
571. Latha Reddy, IFS (Retd)
572. Latha Sridhar, NA
573. Leena Abraham, NA
574. Leena Dabiru, NA
575. Leena, Programme Coordinator
576. Leila Kabir Fernandes, Individual
577. Leo Anthony Singh, State Councillor, NAPM, Jharkhand
578. Leo, Consultant
579. Lima Kanungo, Retd. Reader DU
580. Liza Ghazal, Student
581. Lokesh Malti Prakash, Writer And Activist
582. Lotika Singha, NA
583. M A Shakeel, Advocate
584. M Michael, Retd. Civil Servant
585. M S Khan, Social Activist
586. M Umar Vahora, Secretary, IRCG
587. M. Maqbool A. Mateen, National President, United Citizens’ Forum
588. M.N.Roy, NA
589. Maansi Shah, Student
590. Madhavi Kuckreja, Founder Sanatkada
591. Madhu Bhaduri, Former Ambassador Of India
592. Madhu Bhushan, Women’s Rights Activist
593. Madhukar Dube, NA
594. Madhulika, NA
595. Madhuri Lalwani, Student
596. Madhuri, Social Worker
597. Madhurima, Entrepreneur
598. Madhusudhan, Theatre Activist
599. Mahaboob Batcha Akbar, Advocate
600. Mahasweta Samajdar, Citizen
601. Mahatma Gandhi Central University Teachers’ Association, MGCUTA
602. Mahendra Singh, Associate Professor. Retd
603. Mahesh Trivedi, Senior Journalist
604. Mahesh, Coordinator
605. Maimoona Mollah, President, AIDWA Delhi
606. Maitreyee Kuhu, Student
607. Majid Muneer, Student
608. Malavika Kasturi, Associate Professor , University Of Toronto
609. Malay Firoz, Phd Candidate, Brown University
610. Malini Ghose, Independent Researcher
611. Malkhan Singh, Teacher
612. Mamatha Karollil, Academic, New Delhi
613. Manan, Freelance Writer
614. Manasi Pingle, NA
615. Manasi Thapliyal, Assistant Professor
616. Maneesha Taneja, Assistant Professor
617. Manidipa Sen, NA
618. Manimay Mukherjee, Theatre Activists
619. Maninder Bhatia, Social Activist
620. Manindra Nath Thakur, Associate Professor
621. Manish Jain, Associate Professor, AUD
622. Manish Saandilya, Journalist/Activist
623. Manisha Sethi, Academic
624. Manisha Subba, Assistant Professor
625. Manisha, NA
626. Manjari Mehta, Anthropologist
627. Manju Sharma, NA
628. Manju, NA
629. Manjula Pradeep, Campaigns Director
630. Manner Hussain, Social Activist
631. Manoj Chahil, Citizen
632. Manoj Kumar, NA
633. Manoj Mitta, Journalist And Author
634. Manoj Nigam, Citizen Of India
635. Manoranjan Mohanty, Professor (Retd) Delhi University
636. Mansee Bal Bhargava, Citizen
637. Mansi Sharma, NA
638. Manu, Student
639. Marcia Dcunha, Professional
640. Margaret Gonsalves, Social Activist
641. Mario Da Penha, Graduate Student, Rutgers University
642. Mary John, Researcher
643. Maya Krishna Rao, Theatre Artist
644. Maya R, Director
645. Md Abid Hassan, Student
646. Md Faizan Alam, NA
647. Meena Gupta, Retired Civil Servant
648. Meera Sidhardhan, NA
649. Megha Malhotra, Director
650. Meghna, Founder, AIQA
651. Mh Jawahirullah, President, Manithaneya Makkal Katchi
652. Michael Neri, Journalist And Activist
653. Milan Datta, Journalist
654. Mina Kala, NA
655. Minakshi, Teacher
656. Mintu Ghosh, Retired Self Employed
657. Minty Pande, Retired Social Development Leader
658. Mmpsingh, Gs, Janwadi Lekhak Sangh & Editor ‘ Naya Path ‘
659. Mohamed Janib, NA
660. Mohammad Haroon Rasheed Khan, NA
661. Mohammad Imran, Retired Professional Engineer NJ
662. Mohammed Ahmed, Director
663. Mohammed Ashfaq, NA
664. Mohan Menon, Academic
665. Mohd Abuzar, Activist, Anhad
666. Mohd. Shahid Akhtar, Journalist
667. Moinak Biswas, NA
668. Mona Dikshit, NA
669. Mona, Joint Secretary
670. Monali Chowdhurie, NA
671. Monimalika Day, NA
672. Monisha Behal, NA
673. Moushumi Bhowmik, Singer
674. Mozaffar Ali, Retired Teacher
675. Mridul Vardhan, NA
676. Mridula Mukherjee, Professor
677. Ms. V Saldanha, NA
678. Mubassir Ali, NA
679. Mukta Sinha, Secretary
680. Mukul Priyadarsahini, NA
681. Mukul Sharma, Professor
682. Mukul Talwar, Sr. Adv.
683. Mukund M Parikh, Retired Bank Manager
684. Mukund, Researcher
685. Muniza Khan, Researcher
686. Muskaan, Student
687. N K Choudhari, Retired Principle Technical Officer, ICMR
688. NK Raghupathy, Former Chairman, Staff Selection Commission Government Of India.
689. N Venugopal, Journalist
690. Nabarun, Free Indian
691. Nabendu Goswami, Retd. Associated Prof.
692. Nabila Kazmi, NA
693. Nadim, Nikhat
694. Nagaragere Ramesh, Retired Professor
695. Nagaraju, Teacher
696. Nagmani Rao, Retired Faculty Of Social Work & Citizen
697. Naina Dayal, Delhi University
698. Najid Hussain, Scientist
699. Najwa, NA
700. Nalin Verma, Journalist
701. Namita, Professor
702. Nandan Dasgupta, Seeker
703. Nandan Saxena, Story-Teller
704. Nandini Mehta, Concerned Citizen Of India
705. Nandini Saha, NA
706. Nandini Sundar, Sociologist
707. Nandita Narain, Associate Professor
708. Nandita Sehgal, Formerly In The IAS
709. Nandita Sengupta, NA
710. Narayani Gupta, Retd Professor
711. Naresh Kumar, Theatre Activist
712. Nasreen Fazalbhoy, NA
713. Nasreen Shaikh, NA
714. Nataraja Viswanath, NA
715. Natasha Badhwar, Author, Film-Maker
716. Navaid Hamid, President, All India Muslim Majlis E Mushawarat
717. Navdeep Mathur, Faculty IIM Ahmedabad
718. Naveen Gaur, Associate Professor
719. Naveen Kishore, Publisher Seagull Bioks
720. Naveen Mahich, Social Worker
721. Naveen, Citizen Collective For Humanitarian Relief
722. Navneet Sharma, Faculty, CUHP
723. Navrekha Sharma, Member Of Constitutional Conduct Group
724. Navsharan Singh, NA
725. Nazim Khan, Advocate
726. Neela, NA
727. Neelam Bagotia, Field Worker
728. Neelam Kumari, Social Worker
729. Neelam, Student
730. Neelu, Bihar Women’s Network
731. Neema Chaurasiya, Phd Scholar
732. Neena Vyas, Freelance Journalist
733. Neeraj Malik, Academic
734. Neeraja D, Faculty, Srishti Inst Of Art, Design And Technology
735. Neeta Ratwani, Filmmaker
736. Neha Shah, Associate Professor
737. Neha Sonawane, NA
738. Neha, Teacher
739. Nidhi Mishra, Doctor
740. Nidhin, Public Health Physician
741. Niharika, NA
742. Nikhil Dey, MKSS
743. Nikhil Mohan P, Research Scholar
744. Nikita Sud, University Academic
745. Nilanjan Bhowmick, Assistant Professor, Department Of Philosophy
746. Nilita Vachani, NA
747. Niraj Kumar, Paediatrician
748. Niraja Jayal, Professor
749. Niranjan Takle, Journalist
750. Niranjanaradhya.V.P, Senior Fellow And Development Educationist
751. Nirjhari Sinha, Chairperson Jan Sangharsh Manch
752. Nirmalangshu Mukherji, Retired Teacher
753. Nisha Biswas, NA
754. Nisha Sidhu, General Secretary NFIW Rajasthan
755. Nitamishra, Academic
756. Nivedita Jha, Bihar Mahila Samaj Working President
757. Nivedita Menon, Professor JNU
758. Noopur Patel, NA
759. Noor Mohammed Khalid, Researcher
760. Noor Zahara, Treasurer, United Religions Initiative
761. Noorul Absar, Asst. Prof
762. Nupur Basu, Journalist And Documentary Filmmaker
763. Nuzhat Kazmi, Professor
764. Omkar Mahesh Shinde, Student
765. Osheen John, Student
766. Ozair, Student
767. P A Azeez, Retired
768. P Singh, Outraged Citizen
769. P. I. Jose, Advocate
770. P. R. Dasgupta, Former Civil Service Officer
771. P.Balasubramanian, Retired Employee
772. Padma Sarangapani, Professor, TISS
773. Padma Velaskar, Professor (Retired)
774. Padmanabh Samarendra, NA
775. Padmini Smetacek, NA
776. Pakhi, NA
777. Pallavi Deka, Teacher
778. Pamela Philipose, Independent Journalist
779. Panchali Kar, Gender Rights Activist
780. Pankaj Chandra, Professor
781. Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, NA
782. Parminder Singh, Professor Of English (Retired)
783. Paromita S, Journalist
784. Parth Raval, Student
785. Partha Bhattacharya., NA
786. Partha Pratim Biswas, Professor
787. Partha S. Ghosh, Retd Professor, Jnu
788. Partha Sen, Retired Professor Delhi Universiyy
789. Partho Datta, NA
790. Parul, NA
791. Parul Dave Mukherji, Professor
792. Paula Chakravartty, New York University
793. Peehu Pardeshi, Assistant Professor, TISS Mumbai
794. Peeyoosh, Student
795. Persis Ginwalla, NA
796. Peter D’cruz, Senior Citizen
797. Peter Souri Raj, Businessman
798. PK Satish, NA
799. Ponniah Rajamanickam, Rtd. Associate Professor, PSM Activist
800. Pooja Mishra, Student
801. Pooja, Student
802. Poonam Bhushan, Associate Professor
803. Poonam Girdhani, Theatre Artist
804. Poonam Kaushik, Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan, General Secretary
805. Poonam Mehra, NA
806. Poushali Basak, Feminists In Resistance, Forum Against Oppression Of Women
807. Prabeen Singh, Concerned Indian
808. Prabhakar Sinha, Member, PUCL
809. Prabir Mukherjee, Retired Teacher, South Point High School, Kolkata
810. Prabir Purkayastha, Editor, Newsclick
811. Prachi Kalra, Assist. Prof
812. Pradeep, New Socialist Initiative
813. Pradip Datta, NA
814. Pradip Datta, Retired Professor
815. Pradip Krishen, Writer, Naturalist
816. Pradip Kumar Mahapatra, Associate Professor, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
817. Pradyumna Singh, Researcher
818. Prafulla Samantara, President, Lokshakti Abhiyan
819. Pragati, NA
820. Prakash Chandra Upadhyaya, UGC Research Scientist ’C’ (Retired)
821. Prakash Narain, NA
822. Prashant Olalekarr, Jesuit Activist
823. Prateek Vats, Filmmaker
824. Prateeksha Sharma, Researcher
825. Prateep Kumar Lahiri, Former Secretary(Revenue)To GOI And Executive Director, Adb
826. Pratiksha Baxi, Associate Professor, JNU, Delhi
827. Pratul Pratap Singh, Law Student
828. Praveen Singh, Professor
829. Praveer Peter, Solidarity Centre , Ranchi
830. Pravyn, Researcher
831. Preeta Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor, Department Of Ancient Indian History And Culture, University Of Calcutta
832. Preeti, Assistant Professor, Lakshmi Bai College
833. Prem Chandavarkar, Architect And Concerned Citizen, Bengaluru
834. Prem Verma, Convenor, Jharkhand Nagrik Prayas
835. Priya, NA
836. Priyanka Singh, NA
837. Priyaranjan Jha, Service
838. Probal Dasgupta, Retired Professor
839. Prof John Chathanat, Professor
840. Prof Roop Rekha Verma, Social Activist
841. Prof.Mohan Rao, NA
842. Prof.Prakash, NA
843. Puja, Assistant Professor, Du
844. Puja, Independent Legal Researcher
845. Puneet Nicholas Yadav, Journalist
846. Purushottam Agrawal, NA
847. Purvai Dwivedi, Student, KMC, DU
848. Purvi Tank, Architect
849. Pushpa S, Activist
850. Pushpendra Singh, Filmmaker
851. Pushpendra, Professor
852. Pyara Lal Garg, Dean Faculty Of Medical Sciences Panjab University Chandigarh. Chandigarh
853. Qais Khan, Director
854. R Raghunath Menon, Academic
855. R V Bindu, Kannur
856. R. Loganathan, Senior Citizen
857. R. Muraleedharan, Advocate/Human Rights Activist
858. R. Srinivasan, NA
859. Rabin Chakraborty, Individual
860. Rabindranath Manumdar, Prof. (Retd), University Of Calcutta
861. Rachana Joshi Issar, Lawyer
862. Rachana Kamtekar, Professor Of Philosophy , Cornell University
863. Radhan K, General Secretary, KSSP
864. Radhika Chadha, Associate Professor
865. Radhika Govinda, NA
866. Radhika Menon, Asst Professor
867. Rafia Zaman, NA
868. Rafiq Siddiqui, Principal
869. Raghu Rangarajan, Professor
870. Raghvendra Kumar, Advocate, Supreme Court Of India
871. Ragini Shukla, Student
872. Rahi Soren, Teacher
873. Rahul Kapoor, Phd Scholar, Jamia Millia Islamia
874. Rahul Singh, Former Editor Reader’s Digest, Indian Express And Khaleej Times, And Presently Columnist For The Tribune
875. Rahul, Student
876. Raj Paul Singh, Member, Tarksheel Society Punjab
877. Raj Singh, Retired Lt. Colonel
878. Rajan Joseph Barrett, Asst Professor
879. Rajarshi Dasgupta, Assistant Professor, JNU
880. Rajashri, Senior Editor
881. Rajat Thakur, Journalist
882. Rajdeep Saha, Manager
883. Rajeev Bhargava, Professor
884. Rajeev Dhyani, Political Activist & Satirist
885. Rajeev Godara, President (Swaraj India, Haryana), Advocate Practising Pb. & Haryana High Court
886. Rajeev Kumar Shukla, Freelancer
887. Rajendra Bhatt, NA
888. Rajendra Kumar Raychawdhuri, Retired
889. Rajesh Azad, Activist
890. Rajesh Khindri, NA
891. Rajesh Kumar Choudhary, Ex Lecturer
892. Rajesh Kumar Gautam, Professor
893. Rajesh Pandathil, Editor
894. Rajesh Ramakrishnan, NA
895. Rajesh Yadav, Regional Coordinator
896. Rajichezhiyan, Business
897. Rajiv Gupta, Former Professor And Head Department Of Sociology University Of Rajasthan Jaipur
898. Rajiv Lochan Sah, Editor
899. Rajive Tiwari, Professor
900. Rajnai Juyal, Home Maker
901. Rajshree Chandra, Associate Professor, Delhi University
902. Raju Sharma, Retired Civil Servant
903. Rajvendra Singh, Advocate, High Court, Allahabad
904. Rakesh Meena, Assistant Professor (Department Of Law) Central University Of Haryana
905. Raksha Kumar, Journalist
906. Ram Murti, NA
907. Ram Nath, Retd. Scientific Officer , DAE
908. Ram Puniyani, Chair, CSSS
909. Ramachandra Guha, NA
910. Ramachandran Mancharambath, Social Worker
911. Ramendra Singh, NA
912. Ramesh Dixit, Academician
913. Rameshwar Mali, NA
914. Rami Chhabra, Veteran Media Person And Author
915. Rammanohar Reddy, Hyderabad
916. Rana P Behal, Associate Professor
917. Ranbir Nerwal, NA
918. Ranbir Singh Dahiya, President HGVS Haryana
919. Ranjan Ghosh, Social Worker
920. Ranjana Padhi, Activist And Author
921. Ranjani Mazumdar, Professor, JNU
922. Ranjit Kapoor, Writer & Director
923. Ranjita Biswas, Queer Feminist Activist
924. Ranu Jain, Academician
925. Rashid, Fluid
926. Rashida Parveen, Student
927. Rashmi Doraiswamy, Teacher
928. Rashmi Paliwal, Freelance Editor
929. Rashmi Pant, NA
930. Ratna Pathak Shah, NA
931. Ravenshaw University Left Front, NA
932. Ravi Arvind Palat, Professor Of Sociology, State University Of New York At Binghamton
933. Ravi Chaturvedi, Professor Retired
934. Ravi Chopra, Research Scientist
935. Ravi Kiran Jain, President PUCL
936. Ravi Kant, Freelance Consultancy
937. Ravi Nair, Human Rights Researcher
938. Ravichander, Designated Senior Lawyer
939. Ravindra Parmar, Programme Executive
940. Raymond Fernandes, NA
941. Rayyan Zohour, NA
942. Raza Haider, Filmmaker
943. Raza Mehdi, Sr. Citizen.
944. Reena Mohan, Concerned Citizen
945. Regina Hansda, Researcher
946. Rekha Awasthi, Secretary, Janwadi Lekhak Sangh
947. Renu Arora, Assistant Professor
948. Renu Gupta, Entrepreneur
949. Renuka Mishra, NA
950. Reny Ayline, NA
951. Revati Laul, Journalist And Human Rights Activist
952. Richard Regis, Retired Professor
953. Riddhi Khandhar, Psychologist
954. Ridhima Garg, NA
955. Ridhima, NA
956. Rimli Bhattacharya, Writer And Teacher
957. Ritambhara Shastri, Journalist
958. Ritika Ganguly, NA
959. Ritu, Administrator
960. Ritwik Agrawal, Department Of Philosophy, University Of Arizona
961. Rizwana Fatima, Researcher
962. Rizwana Fatima, Researcher
963. Robancy A, Student
964. Roger Gaikwad, Presbyter
965. Roger Samuel, Social Worker
966. Rohan D’souza, Associate Professor
967. Rohit Prajapati, Activist
968. Rohit Prasad, Professor
969. Romila Gillella, Teacher
970. Ronak, Law Student
971. Rosemary Viswanath, Deeply Concerned Citizen
972. Rothin Guha, Retired
973. Royina Grewal, Retired
974. Ruchi Chaturvedi, NA
975. Ruchi Garg, Assistant Professor
976. Rudrashis, NA
977. Rupa Chinai, Independent Journalist/ Author
978. Rupak Kumar Singh, Student
979. Rupamanjari Hegde, Works In Education, Curriculum And Teacher Development
980. Rupesh, Lok Parishad
981. Ruth Zothanpuii, NA
982. S Emmanuel, Tamil Nadu Forum For Justice And Peace
983. S.P. Ambrose, Former IAS
984. S N Jha, NA
985. S N Sahu, Researcher
986. S. Durga Bhavani, Faculty
987. S. Jeevan Kumar, Human Rights Forum-Telangana &A.P. States.
988. S. Krishnaswamy, Retired Professor Ex Madurai Kamaraj University
989. S. Raghunandana, Kannada Poet, Playwright And Stage Director
990. S. V Rajadurai Manoharan, Writer
991. S.B. Upadhyay, Professor
992. S.Balamurugan, Pucl NAtional Secretary
993. S.H.Akhtar, Retired
994. S.Mohammed Irshad, Teacher
995. S.Q.Masood, Social Activist
996. Sabeen Rizvi, Assistant Professor
997. Sabiha Hashmi, Retired Teacher
998. Sabuhi Parween, Student
999. Sachidanand Mishra, NA
1000. Sachidanand Sinha, Professor
1001. Sachin N, Assistant Professor, DSC, DU
1002. Sadhna Arya, Associate Professor, University Of Delhi
1003. Sadhna Saxena, Professor
1004. Sagari R Ramdas, Veterinary Scientist
1005. Saheli Women’s Resource Center, New Delhi, Collective
1006. Saikat Ghosh, Asst. Professor, English, SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi University
1007. Sailaja Modem, Assistant Professor
1008. Sainabu T.M, Allow Freedom To Speech And Equality
1009. Sajid Anwarbhai Alvi, Student
1010. Sajjad, NA
1011. Sajni Mukherji, Retired Professor, Jadavpur University
1012. Sakshi, Student
1013. Sakti Sadhan Mukhopadhyay, Retired Teacher
1014. Salil Biswas, Retired
1015. Salim Hafezi, Sociopolitical Activist.
1016. Salim Yusufji, Free-Lance Editor
1017. Salman Zaheer, Concerned Citizen
1018. Samantak Das, Jadavpur University
1019. Samapti Guha, Professor
1020. Sameer Wagle, NA
1021. Sameer, NA
1022. Samhita Das, A Student And A Teacher
1023. Sami, Teacher
1024. Samik Bandyopadhyay, Publisher/Editor
1025. Samim Ahmed, Teacher
1026. Samina Mishra, Filmmaker, Writer & Teacher
1027. Samir Saha, NA
1028. Sampa Sen, Associate Professor
1029. Samuel Asir Raj, Professor
1030. Sandeep Pandey, Vice President Socialist Party (India)
1031. Sandeep, Social Worker
1032. Sandhya Gokhale, Forum Against Oppression Of Women, PUCL
1033. Sandhya Phadke, NA
1034. Sangeeta Bhansali, Founder, Kahani Tree Children’s Bookstore
1035. Sangeeta Kamat, Professor, University Of Massachusetts Amherst
1036. Sania Hashmi, Filmmaker
1037. Sanjay Jain, Professor, University Of Delhi
1038. Sanjay Sahay, Editor ’Hans’
1039. Sanjay Tyagi, Professor
1040. Sanjaya Kumar Bohidar, Associate Professor
1041. Sankalp, Student
1042. Santanu Sengupta, Retired Engineer
1043. Santhosh S., AUD
1044. Santokh Gill, Press Reporter
1045. Sarabjeet Kaur, Research Scholar
1046. Sarah Mathews, NA
1047. Sarahbeth George, Student
1048. Saratchand C, NA
1049. Sarfaraz, NA
1050. Sarla Kumari, NA
1051. Sarojini, Associate Professor (Retd.), University Of Rajasthan, Jaipur
1052. Saswati Sengupta, Associate Professor
1053. Satish Misra, Independent Journalist
1054. Satya Sivaraman, Journalist
1055. Satyaban Roy, Ex-Chief Engineer, WBSEDCL
1056. Satyendra Kumar, Constitutional Rights Activist
1057. Saubhagya Beura, Student
1058. Saumyajit Bhattacharya, Associate Professor, Kirori Mal College, University Of Delhi
1059. Savithri Singh, Retired Principal Of A Du College
1060. Sayed Parwez, Student
1061. Sehar, NA
1062. Sehba, Political Activist
1063. Sejal Dand, NA
1064. Selvyn Jussy, Associate Professor, University Of Calcutta
1065. Sevanti Ninan, Journalist
1066. Shabnam Hashmi, Social Activist, Delhi
1067. Shadman Mozaffar, Student
1068. Shahab Ahmed, Social Worker
1069. Shaheen Nazar, Journalist
1070. Shahnawaz Akhtar, Editor
1071. Shailaja Rao, NA
1072. Shaji Kangapadan, Int’l Development Worker
1073. Shakil Akhtar, Entrepreneur
1074. Shalini Baxi, Assistant Professor
1075. Shalini Gera, Advocate, High Court Of Chhattisgarh
1076. Shalini Joshi, NA
1077. Shalini Shekhar, Freelance Editor
1078. Shambhavi Jha, NA
1079. Shams Tabrez, NA
1080. Shantha Sinha, NA
1081. Sharad Raj, NA
1082. Sharada, Individual
1083. Sharik Laliwala, Independent Researcher
1084. Sharmila Purkayastha, Miranda House
1085. Sharmila Roy, Indian Citizen
1086. Sharmila, Academic
1087. Shashi Bhushan Raj, Graduation (3rd Year)
1088. Shashi Kant, Associate Professor( Retd)
1089. Shavez Waris, NA
1090. Sheeva Dubey, Researcher, Yuva
1091. Shefalee Jain, NA
1092. Shefali, Psychotherapist
1093. Shefalle, Professional
1094. Shehar, Researcher
1095. Sheila, Housewife
1096. Shekhar Mallik, Writer
1097. Shekhar, Researcher
1098. Sheli Sinha Chaudhuri, Professor
1099. Sherna Dastur, NA
1100. Shewli, Associate Professor
1101. Shibath Chakrabarty, Professor
1102. Shikha Jhingan, Assistant Professor, JNU
1103. Shikha Sen, NA
1104. Shilpi Singh, Assistant Professor
1105. Shirish Inamdar, Self Employed
1106. Shirley Joseph, Asst.Prof
1107. Shiv Kumar, NA
1108. Shivani Gautam Bhardwaj, Specialist Social Equality And Development
1109. Shivani Nag, Academic
1110. Shivani Roy, Educator
1111. Shobha, Social Activist
1112. Shomona Khanna, Advocate, Supreme Court Of India
1113. Shraddha, NA
1114. Shradha, Coordinator - Takshila Educational Society
1115. Shreekumar, Farmer And Activist
1116. Shreyans, Advocate
1117. Shreyoshee B, Student
1118. Shrikant Kalokhe, Assistant Tea
1119. Shriti Sinha, Self Employed
1120. Shubham Belwal, Student
1121. Shubham Kothari, Citizen
1122. Shubhra Chaturvedi, Artist And Photographer
1123. Shuchi Sinha, NA
1124. Shukla Sawant, Prof, SAA, JNU
1125. Shweta Azad, Student
1126. Shweta Damle, Member Platform For Social Justice
1127. Shweta, NA
1128. Shyam Menon, Teacher
1129. Siddharth K J, Independent Researcher
1130. Siddharth Narrain, Phd Candidate , UNSW , Sydney
1131. Siddhartha Chaudhuri, Assistant Professor, Computer Science And Engineering, IIT Bombay
1132. Simran Banga, Student
1133. Simran Varma, Student, AUD
1134. Simran, NA
1135. Simrita Gopal Singh, Feminist Activist And Researcher
1136. Siraj Dutta, Right To Food Campaign, Jharkhand
1137. Sitlhou, Assistant Prof
1138. Sivakumar, M.Sivakuma
1139. SK Das, NA
1140. Smita, Social Worker
1141. Smriti Nevatia, Researcher-Writer-Text Editor
1142. Snehal Shah, Independent Researcher
1143. Snehanshu, NA
1144. Snehashish Chatterjee, Social Worker
1145. Snehlata Shukla, Social Activist
1146. Snehlata, Assistant Professor
1147. Sobha Ran, Associate Professor
1148. Sohail Hashmi, Writer, Film Maker
1149. Somdeb Lahiri, NA
1150. Somnath Ghosh, Retired Professor, IIM Kashpur
1151. Sonal Jha, An Artist
1152. Sonal Kellogg, Independent Journalist
1153. Sonanjali Aneja, Student
1154. Sophia Khan, Gender And Legal Consultant
1155. Soumit Dutt, Retired
1156. Soumya Datta, Senior Assistant Professor, South Asian University
1157. Soumya Dutta, Researcher
1158. Sreedharan Edayath, Former Vice Chairman Vatakara Mun.Council
1159. Srimanjari, Assoc. Prof.
1160. Sriram Ramaswamy, NA
1161. Srirupa Roy, Professor
1162. Sristi, Working Professional
1163. Stree Jagruti Samiti
1164. Subash Karunakaran, Self Employed
1165. Subha, Student
1166. Subhajit Ghosh, NA
1167. Subhash Gatade, Activist, New Socialist Initiative
1168. Subhendu Dasgupta, Retired Faculty, Calcutta University
1169. Subodh Lal, Poet-Author, Once Senior Civil Servant (Resigned ), Theatre, Television
1170. Subrata Bagchi, NA
1171. Subrata Ghosh, Retired Scientist
1172. Sucharita Sen, Professor
1173. Sucheta Mahajan, Professor JNU
1174. Suchita Malakar, Teacher
1175. Sudarsan Raychaudhuri, Former Member Of Parliament (LS)
1176. Sudeshna Banerjee, Associate Professor, Jadavpur University
1177. Sudev Pratim Basu, Associate Professor Of English
1178. Sudhanshu Bhushan, Professor
1179. Sudhanshu Firdaus, Poet
1180. Sudhanshu Pathak, Entrepreneur
1181. Sudhansu Mohanty, Former Financial Adviser & Controller General Of Defence Accounts, Ministry Of Defence
1182. Sudhanva Deshpande, Theatreperson And Publisher
1183. Sudhir Pattnaik, Independent Journalist
1184. Suhaib, Professor
1185. Sujata Gothoskar, NA
1186. Sujata Madhok, Journalist
1187. Sujata Nag, Retired Academic University Of Delhi
1188. Sujata Shakeel, Independent Journalist/Consultant
1189. Sukanta Chaudhuri, Professor Emeritus, Jadavpur University
1190. Sukla Sen, Peace Activist
1191. Sukumar Muralidharan, Journalist, Journalism Instructor.
1192. Sumedha Basu, Phd Student
1193. Sumi Krishna, NA
1194. Sundar Burra, IAS (Retd.), Former Secretary, Government Of Maharashtra
1195. Sunetra Deshpande, NA
1196. Sunil Kumar Mandiwal, Assistant Prof.
1197. Supriya Chaudhuri, Emeritus Professor, Jadavpur University
1198. Supriya Sinha, CSR Professional
1199. Suranjan Sinha, Independent Researcher
1200. Surbhi Arora, Student
1201. Surbhi, Student
1202. Surekha Bhanot, Professor
1203. Suresh K Goel, Retired Ambassador
1204. Suresh Rajamani, NA
1205. Surinder Singh Jodhka, Professor
1206. Surjit Kishore Das, Retired Civil Servant
1207. Surya Narayan, Associate Professor, Allahabad University
1208. Susai Sebastian, Social Service
1209. Sushanta Kar, Associate Professor
1210. Sushil Khanna, Professor Indian Institute Of Management Calcutta
1211. Sushil Kumar, Secretary, AISF
1212. Sushma Varma, NA
1213. Susmita Ram, Associate Professor
1214. Sutanuka Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Jadavpur University
1215. Suvir Kaul, A M Rosenthal Professor, University Of Pennsylvania
1216. Suvrat Raju, International Centre For Theoretical Sciences, Bengaluru
1217. Svati Joshi, Academic
1218. Swapan K Chakravorty, Former Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore Distinguished University Chair In The Humanities, Presidency University
1219. Swapnil Jain, NA
1220. Swarup Ray, Associate Professor, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira
1221. Swati Bhimte, Indian Citizen
1222. Swati Goswami, Independent Writer
1223. Swatija, Activist Of Feminist Group
1224. Syed Asif Akhtar Naqvi, Professor (Retired)
1225. Syed Rehan, Student
1226. Syed Wasim, NA
1227. Syeda Hameed, Writer Social Activist
1228. T K Arun, Journalist
1229. T M Vats Nimal Mishra, State Secretary SWJP Bihar
1230. Tana, NA
1231. Tanvi, NA
1232. Tanvir Ahmad, NA
1233. Tanwar Akhtar, Generalbsecretary Bihar IPTA
1234. Tanweer Mazhari, Associate Professor
1235. Tapan Bose, Documtary Filmmaker
1236. Tapan Sen, NA
1237. Tapasya, NA
1238. Tarun Sagar, Social Worker/ Activist
1239. Tarun, NA
1240. Tasneem, Indian
1241. Tathagata Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Bangabasi College
1242. Tazeen Khan, Resource Person
1243. Teena Gill, Filmmaker
1244. Teesta Setalvad, NA
1245. Terence Samuel, Academic
1246. Theertha Menon, Filmmaker
1247. Thomas Manayida Thomas, NA
1248. Tripta Wahi, Retd Associate Professor
1249. Trishna Senapaty, Phd Candidate
1250. Tuhin Bhattacharjee, Phd Student
1251. Tultul Biswas, NA
1252. Tushar Gandhi, Peace Activist
1253. Udaya Kumar, JNU
1254. Udayan Bandyopadhyay, NA
1255. Ujjwal Kumar Singh, NA
1256. Ulka Mahajan, Activist
1257. Uma Bhatt, Citizen Of India
1258. Uma V Chandru, NA
1259. Upendra Prasad Singh, Self Employed
1260. Upendra Shanker, NA
1261. Urmilesh, Journalist-Author
1262. Urvashi, Psychotherapist
1263. Urvi Khaitan, NA
1264. Usha Raman, Professor, University Of Hyderabad
1265. Usman J, Independent Researcher
1266. Utpal Anish, Research Scholar
1267. Utpala Shukla, Field Coordinator
1268. Utsav Mukherjee, NA
1269. Uzramma, Social Activist
1270. V Jayakumar, Concerned Citizen
1271. V Raghunathan, Citizen, Academic, Author
1272. V. Alan Bosco, Guest Lecturer
1273. V.P.Raja, Former Chairman, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission
1274. Vaibhav, Student, DU
1275. Vaishali Janarthanan, Social Worker
1276. Valsala Kuriakose, NA
1277. Vandana Kulkarni, NA
1278. Vandna Mathur, Assistant Professor
1279. Vanya, Researcher
1280. Vasantha Arora, Journalist
1281. Vasantha Kumari, WSS
1282. Vasundhara, NA
1283. Vasundhara, NA
1284. Veena, NA
1285. Veeraiah Konduri, Publisher
1286. Velu, NA
1287. Venkatesh Nayak, Transparency Advocator, New Delhi
1288. Veronica Pinto, NA
1289. Vibha Puri Das, Retired Civil Servant
1290. Victor Savio Bragança, Lawyer
1291. Vidya Das Arora, Retired. Associate Professor
1292. Vidya Dinker, President, Insaf
1293. Vidya, NA
1294. Vijay Kiyawat, Retired Executive
1295. Vijay Kumar, State Secretary Of CPIML- Red Star Madhya Pradesh
1296. Vijaya Venkataraman, Associate Professor, Delhi University
1297. Vijayashree Dangre, NA
1298. Vijaylakshmi, Human-Rights Activist
1299. Vijender Singh Chauhan, Asst Professor
1300. Vikas Maniar, Faculty, Azim Premji University
1301. Vikash Narain Rai, NA
1302. Vikram Kaushik, Management Consultant
1303. Vikrant Jha, Journalist
1304. Vimal Bhanot, Retired Professor
1305. Vinay Gidwani, Professor, University Of Minnesota
1306. Vineet Bhambhu, NA
1307. Vineet Tiwari, National Secretary, All India Progressive Writers’ Association
1308. Vineeta Bal, Pune
1309. Vinod Mubayi, Co-Editor, Insaf Bulletin
1310. Vinod Raja, Film Maker, DOP
1311. Vipul Mudgal, NA
1312. Virender Sharma, Activist
1313. Virendra Singh Malik, State Secretary CITU Haryana
1314. Virendra Yadav, Writer
1315. Vishnu, NA
1316. Vishu Bellani, Associate Professor
1317. Vivek Mehta, NA
1318. Vivek Sundara, Rights Activist
1319. Viveka Kumari, Homemaker
1320. Vs Krishna, Human Rights Forum
1321. Wajahat Habibullah, Chairman Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
1322. Y. S. Alone, Professor In Visual Studies
1323. Yemuna Sunny, NA
1324. Yogesh Pratap Shekhar, Assistant Professor, Central University Of South Bihar
1325. Yogesh S, Researcher
1326. Yousuf Saeed, Filmmaker
1327. Yusuf Haim Muchhala, Senior Advocate
1328. Yuvaraj Dayanand, NA
1329. Zaheeb, Journalist
1330. Zamser Ali, Senior Journalist And Rights Activist
1331. Zeenat Shaukat Ali, Director General Wisdom Foundation
1332. Zoya Hasan, Professor Emerita, Jawaharlal Nehru University
1333. अफ़लातून Aflatoon, महामंत्री, समाजवादी जन परिषद
1334. आलोक चंद्र प्रकाश, Social Activist
1335. निशांत हुसैन, अध्यक्ष नेशनल मुस्लिम बीमैन वैलफेयर सोसाइटी
1336. बजरंग बिहारी तिवारी, अध्यापक
1337. संजय शांडिल्य, अध्यापक, कवि एवं संपादक

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