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Move to Communalise CBSE Syllabus - Press release by the Communist Party of India | July 8, 2020

Saturday 11 July 2020


Communist Party of India
Central Office
Ajoy Bhavan
15, Com. Indrajit Gupta Marg
New Delhi- 110002
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July 8, 2020

Press Release

CPI Condemns Move to Communalise CBSE Syllabus

Communist Party of India General Secretary D RAJA has issued the following statement today (on July 8, 2020) condemning the move to communalise CBSE syllabus:

The Communist Party of India strongly condemns the move of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to remove from the syllabus for IX to XII classes relevant portions regarding India’s historic developments. The nefarious attempt to implement the Hindutva agenda of RSS using COVID-19 restrictions in the school syllabi calls for all-out condemnation from all democratic and progressive forces in the country.

The CPI strongly objects to the move to remove chapters on human rights, social movements, citizenship rights, etc. The Party condemns the move to condition the minds of our youth so that fascist poison can be easily injected into them. Ever since the RSS-BJP government came to power, they have been trying to communalise and commercialise education. The present move is part of their hidden agenda towards that purpose. There is already an attempt to centralise education in the name of New Education Policy.

The Party warns the RSS-BJP government that our youth and students will outrightly reject the move. CPI demands immediate reversal of the nefarious move.



Office Secretary

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