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Young Mayakovsky’s Letter to his Sister in 1905

Tuesday 9 June 2020, by Harsh Kapoor


 Letter [in Russian] by 12 year old Vladimir Mayakovsky to his sister Lyudmila in 1905

Vladimir Mayakovsky (7 July 1893 – 14 April 1930) was a Soviet poet, playwright, artist, and actor, he also edited the art journal LEF, and created posters in support of the Communist Party. Mayakovsky often found himself in a confrontation with the Soviet State over cultural censorship and the development of the State doctrine of Socialist realism. Works that contained criticism or satire of aspects of the Soviet system, such as the poem "Talking With the Taxman About Poetry" (1926), and the plays The Bedbug (1929) and The Bathhouse (1929)

The above letter by Mayakovsky written in a circular form is like a work of art; Thi has been used on the cover of the Mainstream weekly of June 6, 2020.

Text of translation from Russian of a very young Mayakovsky’s letter to his sister Lyudmila in 1905:

"Dear Luda! How are you doing? I have finally got the Bagdati air together and am writing to you. I went to Baghdati for a few days, because, according to local Georgians, we had a "punti" (riot - broken Russian) in Kutaisi. There is nothing new in Baghdati. I went to the city, and by chance, I had to pass through the Boulevard, and I met two young ladies, one of them was a high school girl, maybe a fake. They remarked aloud that I was in a hurry and that I thought I had a lot to do. I said that I thought a high school student should have more to do than street singers, but that was because they were singing something. I bought an alcohol lamp and use it to learn how to burn wood. Write more often. Sorry for the mistakes. I Kiss you very much. Your brother Volodya, who loves you.
February 2, 1905".

Photo of young Vladimir Mayakovsky
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