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Mainstream, VOL LVIII No 22, New Delhi, May 16, 2020

Our immunity is innate

Sunday 17 May 2020, by Suhas Borker

You dare not make us the nowhere people
You dare not stop us from reaching our hearths
We are the harvests and the grains and all the food We are the furnaces and the smelters and all the steel We are the mills and the looms and all the fibre
We are the factories that cast and mould the future We are the fires that stoke and alight the economy
Remember never to push us against the wall
Remember without us there is nothing
Only you are in your antiseptic and sensitised bubbles
Only you are with your ventilators and heartless souls
Only you are counting your filthy notes that amount to nothing
All this is our land: all the mountains, all the rivers,
all the forests, all the fields, everything is ours
And more than anything else
Remember the future is ours because of our immunity The future is ours because the toil and sweat and blood of centuries makes our immunity innate.
Forget the skirmishes, forget the small battles,
We shall win the final battle for Our Democratic Rule
Victory shall be ours, Our victory shall be glorious!
On that Day of Victory, all women and men shall come out
on the fields and streets holding aloft their tools of labour,
in celebration, together with their children, dancing with gay abandon and singing with pride the song of joy and victory and liberation.
It won’t be long! It won’t be long!

- Suhas Borker

12 May 2020

(Suhas Borker is Editor, Citizens First TV (CFTV) and Convener, Working Group on Alternative Strategies. He can be contacted at suhasborker[AT]

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