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Mainstream, VOL LVIII No 11, New Delhi February 29, 2020

Science, Technology and Skills

Needful Parameters of Advancement of Educational Status

Sunday 1 March 2020

by Suparna Sanyal Mukherjee

Education and advancement of educational status are both sides of the same coin, while skills play a vital role for development of science and technology. Scientific advancement and technological connotation always substantiate through the skills.

Science is an accumulation of systematic knowledge which can propagate through systematic and scientific knowledge orientation, logical argument and systematic theory. These are the hidden content of the terms before the phase can stand as a definition of science.

Science is a method of approach to the entire empirical world, that is, to the world which is susceptible of experience by the human being. It is of “Ultimate Truth” or at conversion. Thus, it is merely a mode of analysis that permits the scientists to state propositions.

Thereby, the sole purpose of science is to understand the world in which the human beings are living which tantamount to understand the empirical world which is very complex and requires considerable explanation.

Modern science is an intricate relation between theory and fact, while technology and skills are maintaining relations between the duos. The popular understanding of these properties obscures more than its illuminations. This dichotomy conceives of these as direct opposites. Theory is confused with speculation and thus a theory remains speculative until it is proved. At the time of proof the theory becomes fact. Facts are thought to be definite, certain, without question and their meaning to be self-evident, with the same gesture technology is a theory and skills are fact.

Technology has a definite root with a particular notion. It depends upon manufacturing, production, geometric shape, structural values, physical and chemical compositions etc. A step-wise development of any modern thought and its implications are orientation of technology. Technology is based upon the communication system also. Ancient and modern both the technologies are fact-oriented. The most important phenomenon of the technology is the theory, though it is hypothecated until it’s proved.

In modern science technology is the backbone of all system. Scientific development always achives progress through technological advancement. Technology can change the attitude and approach of modern science which is changeable in nature and furthermore can develop the appropriate direction towards value-based production.

Skills are self-orientation of every individual. Self-awareness, active motivation, listening, active participation, interview schedule, participant observation, group discussion, digital interaction, device operation all are skill-oriented. Without skills nothing is possible. Skills are the accelerator of science and technology. Thus, skill is the fact of technological advancement. Therefore technology has a definite base-point like theory along with concrete background; but at the same time, it cannot rectify by the fact like skills.

Skills are inborn quality of the human beings; for implementation of scientific technology skills are manifestation of the needfulness. It’s an accelerator of every scientific advancement while educational status develops automatically through skill management.

There is no inducing method which can harm skills at any stage of scientific benefit and technological advancement which coincide through skill. Thus, skills are the key factors for the processing of educational upliftment and scientific upgradation with cognigence of technological step forwardness.

Thereby, it is quite evident that science, technology and skills are basic parameters for the upliftment of the educational status which can propagate through base level to higher educational point. Hence, the upliftment of educational status is necessitated through skills for scientific advancement and technological update for future generations and people at large. The relationship of science, technology and skills are the basic statutory nomenclature for educational accuracy and education for the 21st century.

Dr Suparna Sanyal Mukherjee, Head-PhD Cell and Academic Coordinator Seacom Skills University

Bolpur, Shantiniketan, Birbhum. She can be contacted at e-mail: drsuparnasanyalmukherjee[at]

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