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Mainstream, VOL LVIII No 10 New Delhi, February 22, 2020

The Law is an Ass (Shakespeare)

Friday 28 February 2020, by Badri Raina

When men make laws that rip the realm
Into unequal smithereen,
Who more than women know the ruse,
Having many a tyranny seen.

Then comes a day when perfidy
Overshoots the mark;
While men debate the pros and cons,
Women light the spark.

Injustice wrapped in due process
And the correctness of law
Crumble to their penetration
In bewildered awe.

The blaze of knowledge in their souls
Then melts the subterfuge.
Innocence that was compliant
Unravels the spurious dodge.

Armed with nothing more than truth,
The meek become a force
That renders legalised cruelties
Disembowelled dross.

A Shaheen Bagh becomes a range
More than Himalayan,
Unshakable by the weaponry
Of strutting, midget men.

A wall of truth rises askance
Before the gumption of laws
Unjust to the human soul,
Offensive to the First Cause.

Victories become petty things
Before the unfolding:
However lethal the aim they take,
The birds will chirp, will sing.

Badri Raina

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