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Mainstream, VOL LVII No 34 New Delhi August 10, 2019

Stab in the Back: Kashmir Valley Finale

Sunday 11 August 2019

by Mustafa Khan

PM Narendra Modi and his group were willing to wound but afraid to strike. That period has ultimately transpired. They have gored into the life-blood that was circulating in Kashmir and had kept it alive for so long. Not any more, now. Nothing major was planned, asseverated the government time and again, and then suddenly this stab in the back! This is a total betrayal of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The spin-off effect is like that of the Duke and the King’s none such show of Mark Twain’s rogue characters in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The secrecy that surrounded the sudden return of National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval from the Valley and build-up of military and paramilitary forces, especially in the Kashmir Valley, was calculated to sink the natives into a state of hysteria or panic, to deteriorate into an anxious mental state.

Psychological warfare?

The authorities did it with wild abandon. Instead of treading softly they rushed where angels fear to tread. The rogues of Mark Twain had cheated the people over and over again by simply appearing in stark nakedness. It made the rustic spectators roll over with hilarity. And before they realised that they were cheated of their money, the rogues simply decamped with the collection. Ultimately the spectators got wiser, they made the people ready and when the rogues appeared in their nudity in the next show and rolled over the stage again and attempted to make people laugh at them hilariously again and again, this time it did not happen. Finally the people came back with preparation. They chased them and tarred and feathered them. And, rode them on donkeys for the whole villages to have heartful of laughter and great fun for years to laugh at the rogues leisurely.

This tragedy-comedy has been going on what with madrassas and mosques being spied upon not only in the Valley but elsewhere too, like Deoband. The larger public, who have soon been disabused of the pranks that the desi Duke and King have been performing, is lifting the veil of secrecy. That all this is the grand show that is threatening to unearth the lies that lie at the deep of the fake encounters; the travesty of justice and foisting of the genocide in 2002 Gujarat subsequent to the burning of the train; demonetisation; going for the black money and ultimately not revealing how much it was; and not giving Rs 15 lakh to every poor Indian is finally a hoax. The duo is taking everyone for a ride and for all the time!

Is the duo still duping the people of the country? Look at the signs of the time, Amit Shah asserts: “You tell me scrapping this Article would be catastrophic. I want to tell the people of J&K what damage Articles 370 and 35A did to the State. It’s because of these sections that democracy was never fully implemented, corruption increased in the State, that no development could take place.”1 How could this come about? Farooq Abdullah and Umar were with the BJP during the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat. How much did they do to the development? This is the prime first family out of the three Shah had in mind. In what way was this dynasty different from the Nehru/Gandhi ones?

Look at the Bhopal contingent of Amarnath pilgrims—how they have lauded unanimously the truth that there is no communalism in the Valley.2 How can the same working democracy in India give rich dividends to Modi and Shah but has failed in the Valley? Who has rigged the election in the Valley as a matter of fact?

The most remarkable truth of the situation is that the decision to send troops was taken all of a sudden (with deep-rooted design)and there was no trace on the ground that there was any justification of scrapping Articles 370, 35A. Today Judge Padalkar is hearing the case of the bomb attack in Malegaon 2008 where the defense lawyers want in-camera hearing because of the fear of communalism. I, as a native of the town, give testimony that there is no communalism at all. What is at variance is that communalism is attributed to Muslims of the Valley. Hindus cannot be terrorists! But the government’s fight against terrorism is a partisan one. This discrepancy came out in the open when PM Modi addressed the gathering in Osaka in Japan. He wants to close all the funding to communalism which is a source of terrorism and yet his government has moved the earth and heaven to save Lt Col Prasad Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, etc.

Despite all the funds flowing into the Kashmir Valley from Pakistan there is hardly any communalism discernible. Why has this failed to open the eyes of the majority of people in India? Why the duo is still pulling the wool over the eyes of the people in India?


1. Shah in Parliament on August 5, 2019.


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