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Mainstream, VOL LVII No 26 New Delhi June 15, 2019

We are Doing Fine

Monday 17 June 2019, by Badri Raina

We just proved that in the end
It is not the economy, stupid.
Hindutva armed with war-like purpose
Is a more potent Cupid.

What if investment is zero now,
And manufacture slightlessly lesser;
So long as inspiring
Hindutva icons
Adorn the national Dresser.

Consumption, that third driving force
Of the Economy’s GDP growth,
May also have lost some appetite,
And gone into the sloth;

And unemployment may be ubiquitous
And farmers’ suicides at all-time high;
All is well so long we say
“Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”

Exports may now be paralysed,
And growth, in truth, at a one per cent sum;
We will yet outstrip the growth leaders
Should we with vigour chant
“Vande Mataram.”

After all, in glorious Vedic times
We had the Internet,
In-Vitro know-how, and apothecaries
Who carried the plastic-surgery kit.

We had the internal-combustion engine,
We flew the aeroplane—
All that and more, till the Saracen invaders
Dampened our elan.

That teaches us why our economy
Is inseparable from
Hindutva nationhood—
A fact that our electoral victories now
Make much better understood.

Decades of secular hobnobbing
Brought our country low;
We now have come into our own,
All things will now improve.

Badri Raina

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