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Mainstream, VOL LVII No 24 New Delhi June 1, 2019

An Elegy for Democracy

Saturday 1 June 2019

23.05.2019 will be remembered as a black day.
It was the day democracy in India was gagged to death.
In line with a new bhakti
A demagogue became god and dictatorship was reinstated.

In a country that boasted of unity in diversity
Hate came to be normalised
Murder came to be justified
Bigots became rulers once again. 

Jobs became endangered species.
Education became a luxury.
Economy crashed.
Media and institutions became puppets. 

It was not a festival of democracy
It was a pogrom against human values
Where secularism, inclusiveness, communal harmony
And humanity were burnt on a funeral pyre.

Let us observe silence for two minutes.
But for two minutes only.
Because if we do not rise in rebellion now
There will be more casualties.

Democracy will survive this death blow
Democracy will rise again
Democracy will not rest in peace

Democracy will revolt against power

Let us save the country from the hatemongers
Who will now unleash their terror even more ruthlessly
Let us not give up, let us continue the battle
We cannot let the Fascists take the streets.

Aishwarya Bhuta

[Aishwarya Bhuta is a graduate student and social scientist in the making in Mumbai]

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