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Mainstream, VOL LVII No 14 New Delhi March 23, 2019

Save Democracy, Save the Nation: Defeat BJP-RSS Alliance

Appeal to Voters from Citizens For Democracy and PUCL (Delhi)

Saturday 23 March 2019

Citizens For Democracy and PUCL (Delhi) view with grave concern a recent statement made on March 14 by Sakshi Maharaj, a BJP MP, at Unnao that there is Modi tsunami and after this election of 2019, there would be no further election. This should not be viewed as a stray statement by a political leader but a belief which is widely shared by the top leadership of the Sangh Parivar. Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Amit Shah, the President of the BJP, also declared last year that after the BJP wins the elections in 2019, nobody will be able to remove them for the next fifty years. The RSS and its offshoots already see the Indian Constitution as a major roadblock to achieving its main goal of establishing a Hindu Rashtra. There have been continuous attempts by it and its followers, overt and covert, to weaken and destroy the basic constitutional values, namely, secularism, socialism, equality and tolerance. They give tacit support to the incidents of mass-lynching of the members of the minority and Dalit communities who continue to remain in a state of fear and helplessness while unemployment and poverty have grown more than before. The Sangh Parivar is trying to sway the masses by demagogy and promoting a wave of nationalist mass hysteria to regain power. Once the BJP wins again, the periodical elections may be discarded for ever so that its totalitarian ambition of continuing to rule for fifty years may come true. This eventuality will mean the destruction of all our hopes and aspirations for freedom—social, economic and political. Periodical elections are powerful weapons in the hands of the people by which they can remove a corrupt or repressive government and elect another one of their choice. Once the people are deprived of this weapon, they will be compelled to live in a realm of serfdom.

We therefore appeal to the voters to vote for such a candidate in their constituency who cherishes democratic and secular values and who is in a better position to ensure the defeat of the BJP-RSS alliance. Defeat of the BJP is the imperative need of the day if we wish to save our country, our democracy, our Constitution and the cherished values of our freedom struggle.


S.R. Hiremath, N.D. Pancholi, Anil Sinha, Arun Manjhi, Ramsharan, Manimala, Mahipal Singh, Thomas Mathew, Ramendra, Vijay Pratap, Dr Sunilam, Prabhat, Ghanshyam, Putul, Shalu Nigam, Malathi Maithri, Sheoraj Singh, Radhey Shiam, Prem Chand, Sajjan Kumar, Rajindar Kumar Sharma, Dr Ravi Kumar, Amit Srivastav, B.B. Thapa, Subhash Bharti, Sumit Chakravartty and others for and on behalf of the Citizens For Democracy and PUCL (Delhi).

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