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Mainstream, VOL LVI No 48 New Delhi November 17, 2018

A Wider Perspective for Electoral Alliances is Necessary

Sunday 18 November 2018



In many parts of the world the need for electoral alliances has acquired a new urgency in the wider context of protecting justice, peace and democracy. The reason is that due to a complex of reasons, political forces with a narrow harmful agenda of promoting discrimination and inequality are finding short-term support among the people. To counter this the forces of justice and equality have a much greater need for unity. One aspect of this coming together has to be in the form of electoral alliances among these forces.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of our times is to take timely steps to check the many-sided environmental crisis which is now taking the form of nothing less than a survival crisis. So any electoral alliance that takes place for protecting the interests of equality, justice and democracy has to keep in mind this wider reality.

Once the enormity of these real challenges is realised, it should be clear that such electoral alliances have a huge responsibility in the new, emerging conditions which are unprecedented. Hence there is a no room for division based on personality clashes, past grudges, trying to get a few extra seats for one’s political party etc. There should be a wider realisation of the bigger responsibilities and all narrow considerations should be overcome for the sake of fulfilling the much bigger responsibilities.

Bharat Dogra

C-27 Raksha Kunj,

Paschim Vihar,

New Delhi-110063

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