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Mainstream, VOL LVI No 30 New Delhi July 14, 2018

Why Mommy didn’t tell me

Sunday 15 July 2018

Why Mommy didn’t tell me
That world is full of predators
I should let nobody near me
Even though I’m still a Bambi 

Why Daddy didn’t teach me
When I was only six
To be careful with every gentleman and their brother
Not to mention akin

It’s not just stranger danger
Or that I have yet to become a lady
When the lustful beast takes over
Doesn’t even care if you are a baby

It has to satisfy its hunger
At the cost of a lifetime
Impacts of which are heinously gruesome to reveal
Shattered mind and body making it impossible to heal

Men, so easily corrupt
Stripped a dove of its feathers
Devouring childhood over salacious pleasures
Why Mommy didn’t prepare
Or Daddy kept me unaware

Perhaps Mommy wanted to protect my innocence
I wish she should’ve saved my being instead
Premature grown-ups are far better than capital punishments
Lo! Encounters so monstrous.

Sofia Parveen

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