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Mainstream, VOL LV No 6 New Delhi January 28, 2017

He Stands There

Tuesday 31 January 2017


He stands there

holding his iconic hammer

silhouetted stark against history’s horizon

watching the sickle move and meet

the full harvest of time.

He stands there

waiting for the flags of revolutionary change

flutter aloft fearlessly

and redeem their promises.

Waiting for the surging moments

led by visionaries to knock out

the rotten pillars of exploitation.

He stands there

Watching the old-fashioned labour-mills

disappear in the jaws of emergent market sharks

watching the green cover recede

into the mirage of capital prosperity.

He stands there

watching radical slogans lose their edge

and his leaders’ feet bog down

in the quagmire of indecision.

The mirage shimmers for endless miles, and history gets ready

To turn another leaf of his epic chronicle.

Yet he stands there

holding his iconic hammer

silhouetted against history’s horizon

seeing the crimson rays of hope far in the future

where the sickle moves and meets

the full harvest of time.

Sharad Rajimwale

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