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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 51 New Delhi December 10, 2016

Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi

Sunday 11 December 2016


Yatin Oza, a former BJP MLA from Gujarat, who was a close confidant of Prime Minister Narendra Modi when the latter was the Chief Minister of the State, has in an open letter to him, dated November 9, 2016, blasted his demonetisation drive, calling it an act of befooling the people of the nation.

He also accused that all the district cooperative banks in Gujarat, controlled by people close to the BJP, exchanged Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes against smaller denomination since 9 pm on November 8, 2016 till 5 am on November 9, 2016.

He further accused that people close to the BJP’s National President, Amit Shah, were involved in the money exchange business in Gujarat since the night of November 8. He claimed to possess a video recording of the same.

The following is the content of the letter going viral. India Samvad picked it up from the facebook.

We are reproducing the latter with due acknowledgement.

Dear Narendra Bhai,

I hope this letter finds you in best of health and happiness.

On 8th of November 2016, after I heard your speech on demonetisation, I was really very happy and from within complimented you for such a bold and historic step. Unfortunately, happiness did not last long. In the morning of 9th November, someone very near and dear informed me that yesterday i.e. on 8th November at around 12 in the afternoon the wife of one of the leading industrialists of Ahmedabad in her presence came to a very leading jewellery shop and as per pre-order purchased gold worth Rs 20 crores. Gold was ready and packed and it took two minutes to transfer gold and cash to each other. She was incidentally present at the shop buying pre-ordered jewellery worth Rs 5 lakhs. She is a doctor of a very high repute and eminence.

Having worked so closely with you and being a part of your kitchen cabinet at one point of time in the past, it immediately clicked to my mind that the information of demonetisation must have been conveyed well before the announcement to your near and dear industrialist who in total controls 50 per cent of black money of this country. Having spent whole day inquiring, thinking on the above lines the information that I gathered is shocking; by adhering to such a populistic measure you have really befooled the people of this nation.

In fact your above move was to enrich your near and dear ones, your party and your party workers by apparently putting forward the national cause and interest. I have a video recording with me which will clearly and beyond reasonable doubt prove that all the near and close associates of Shri Amit Shah since 8th November till today are engaged in exchange business. There is a big queue outside their office and residence for conversion of black money into white at a discounted rate of 37 per cent; people have queued up outside their office and residence. One has to go without identity with at least a sum of Rs 1 crore which will be counted by the employees and a bag containing Rs 63 lakhs of valid denomination would be handed over. I could have easily parted with that video but as I know you, you will punish those standing in the queue rather than booking those persons engaged in the business who are near and dear to Mr. Amit Shah. However, I will show the video to two or three senior journalists and intimate you about the same so that you can cross-check and verify the genuineness of my statement from the journalists.

One who knows you would refuse to accept that the ban that you imposed on district co-operative banks yesterday was after you received an information that large scale irregularities and illegalities were committed at that level. Even your enemy would respect your ability, capacity and intelligence. One thing is certain that such an important aspect could not have been out of your mind. I for one know very well that you will not act unless a complete blue-print of your action is in your mind. All pros and cons of your action would very much be alive in your mind before you act. This in my respectful submission was permitted to be done in Gujarat because all district co-operative banks are controlled by people committed to the BJP. These banks right from 9 PM on 8/11/2016 till 5 AM on 9/11/2016 exchanged Rs.500 and Rs 1000 currency notes against smaller denomination. You had through the RBI called for the details of exact cash with denominations from all banks of the country on 08/11/2016. You yourself can get verified the veracity of my above statement. I assure you that if I am proved wrong I will tender a public apology.

To weed out any doubt in the mind of the people of India that sharks and whales have been let off and that your dear and near industrialists were intimated well in advance about demonetisation, you should inform the people of India by disclosure on the official website of the Government of India about the disclosure of above Rs 1 crore. I am sure that not one chairman or MD or director of first 300 fortune companies of India would make a disclosure and if they don’t then my allegation stands proved. I saw people hungry and thirsty standing in queue for Rs 4000 and small deposits but I did not find a single Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Porsche or Range rover outside any bank or any owner of the said vehicle in a queue either for withdrawal or deposit of money. In your opinion possibly the black money was hoarded only by those people in queue either at the ATM or with the bank but not with the owners of vehicles mentioned above. The people of this country would also like to know that apart from those fortunate 300 industrialists how much money builders, contractors, more particularly contractors who have been awarded government contracts, miners who are more particularly involved in iron ore mining, other industrialists and, above all, politicians and bureaucrats have deposited the money.

Unless the people of this country have the above information as to who has deposited what amount, the allegation that the hoarders of 50 per cent of black money, that is, those 10-12 like industrialists have been blessed by you by prior intimation will stand proved. Moreover, at least poor and helpless people who have stood outside the bank in queue for petty amount would like to know what is the amount of deposit made by those 10-12 industrialists whom you allotted land worth more than one lakh crores and who did not generate between themselves employment worth 7000 people. The publication of deposits on website would also throw light as to who are the persons who have deposited Rs 300 to 400 crores and what action the income Tax Department would take if their deposits either do not match with their return or known source of income. I request you to also inquire the purchase of gold and diamonds sold on 7th and 8th before 8 pm and by whom. This will enable people to think as to why few top notches needed to purchase huge amount of gold and diamonds.

Be kind and gracious enough to share the aforesaid information on the official website of the Government of India so that the people of this country may judge whether demonetisation is for the larger good of the country or for the benefit directly to you, your loved ones and your party workers.

Sincerely yours,

Yatin Oza

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