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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 25 New Delhi June 11, 2016

Respect for Religious Sentiments not Synonymous with Appeasement

Saturday 11 June 2016



When Darulum Deoband, the largest Muslim religious seminary in Asia, protested over the proposed visit of Salman Rushdie, the author of Satanic Verses in which he has used highly offensive and objectionable language against the Holy Prophet of Islam and Islam and on which account this book had been proscribed by the Government of India, to attend the literary festival at Jaipur, Muslims all over the country, including Muslim organisations, supported the verdict of Darulum Deoband and the Chief Minister of Rajasthan also supported the Muslim stand, the media and a number of columnists condemned the acceptance of the Muslim demand as an appeasement of Muslims and violation of the right of freedom of expression completely ignoring the fact that no right is absolute and is subject to reasonable restrictions and that no one has the right to hurt the religious sentiments of any community. By no logic respect for religious sentiments can be anti-secular or synonymous with appeasement of any particular community.

Dr M. Hashim Kidwai (Ex-Member of Parliament)
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