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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 18, New Delhi, April 23, 2016

Lenin (April 22, 1870-January 21, 1924)

Monday 25 April 2016

Where accidents of birth or whims of money
Determine the World’s value, high or low,
And gambling greed flits where the wealthy go,
Man’s bagatelle, a pawn, not worth a penny.
Thru this external fault, mankind has been
For ages dark, paltry amid profusion.
But empire’s siren-song, of Commerce queen,
Now ends, is changed in Life’s great revolution.
Each his own value now—life’s based on reason.
Now starts the blade sharp conflict that’s worldwide
Of mind and body, that new forms allow,
Being classless. At the delta mouth has risen
The Soviet workers’ sacrificial tide;
Brothers! your Bhagirath’s our Lenin, now.

Bishnu Dey

[The poem in Bengali, written before 1945, was translated by David Esbury]

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