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Mainstream, VOL LIV No 10 New Delhi February 27, 2016

The Ugly Face of ‘Hindu’ Nationalism

Sunday 28 February 2016


by Arup Kumar Sen

The recent arrest of the JNU Students’ Union President, Kanhaiya Kumar, on the charge of sedition, thrashing him by a section of “lawyers” in the court premises on his way to the hearing, and physical assault on the students, faculty and journalists by the same “lawyers” on the first day of hearing in the presence of the police signify complete breakdown of the constitutional order. The matter did not stop there. The unruly “lawyers” did not even spare senior Supreme Court advocates, Kapil Sibal and Dushyant Dave, who went to the Patiala House Court complex on the direction of the Supreme Court to ensure the security of Kumar. A brick was thrown at the two senior advocates when they were about to board a car. While recounting the “atmosphere of terror” at the court complex, the senior advocate, Rajeev Dhawan, who was also part of the six-member team of Supreme Court advocates, stated: “We could have been beaten black and blue. We barely escaped with our lives. ”

Vikram Singh Chauhan, one of the “lawyers” who beat up journalists, JNU students and faculty on February 15, was again at the forefront of violence on the day Kanhaiya Kumar was thrashed in the presence of nearly 3000 personnel from the Delhi Police and Central Police forces in and around the court complex. A lawyer in the Supreme Court hall shouted Vande Mataram on the same day the Supreme Court team of advocates “barely escaped” with their lives.

The above stories reported in the media carry a single meaning: direct assault on the judicial system and the Constitution of India by the advocates of ‘Hindu’ nationalism.

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