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Mainstream, VOL LIII No 49 New Delhi November 28, 2015

Writers, Scientists, Artists Cannot See their Land Wrecked by Fascist Forces

Friday 27 November 2015, by Humra Quraishi


Whilst the 2002 Gujarat pogrom was peaking, I was attending a Governing Council meet of one of the colleges here in this Capital city. Seated next to me was a woman lawyer who later became one of the spokespersons for the BJP ... Towards the end of that meet, she asked me what I thought of the news reports on the killings in Gujarat. Quite obviously I didn’t mince words and told her rather too bluntly that more detailed reports should be out, naming-nailing the murderers—that is, the BJP’s top-brass in Gujarat. She looked wild and hissed: ‘You journalists are writing all this ...do you realise what foreigners will think of us!’

To that I hit back: ‘Well-planned butchery is on in the State and you expect nobody to write the details! You kill and yet I’m expected not to voice my anger-anguish at those killings!’

Today, towards the autumn of 2015, things have moved far beyond. There’s anger mounting. Call this anger by any term but its people’s outburst against the divisive tactics of today’s governance. A silent revolt is on. It’s building up as more and more are realising that ‘development’ was a mere tactic to hoodwink. Under that garb lies the state’s merciless machinery out to make us slaughter. No not, animals, but each other.

Writers, poets, authors, scientists, artists, film-makers, planners, entrepreneurs are not just returning their awards but sitting in gloom—they cannot see their land been wrecked and divided by fascist forces.   

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