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Mainstream, VOL LIII No 46 New Delhi November 7, 2015

Cowed Down, But not Quite

Tuesday 10 November 2015, by Badri Raina

Perched on the horns of Nandi,
Bharat strikes back,
Too quarrelsome to be cowed down.
And too hypocritical to boot:
Looking askance from a garbage dump,
A thoughtful cow moos her rebuke:
“Having no fodder for me, you will
Let me munch of plastic; having
No shelter, I may roam
The busy street in mortal risk to
Life and limb; driving in your latest
Fad, you may ride over my leg,
Unmindful of my existence; careful
Of your till, you may send me off
To far climes and hostile countries,
Just so long as you do not have
Blood on your hands, although,
All pusillanimity notwithstanding,
You stll feed me to high-class customer
In five-star hotel; I refuse thus
Your politics, preferring to chew
What cud I can from kind men and
Women who do not use me to feather
Their honest nests; let me not be
The cause that this country is hostage
To violent contention that has little
To do with any bovine intention;
Your sins are many; do not hold
On to my tail for a successful franchise—
Your idea of salvation—for I, that
A cow I am, may well burst
Into popular rage and kick
You where it hurts the worst.
Begone, dissembler and mere
User of cows; you always were
And always will remain a louse.”
After such reprimand what
Argument. Already, the hoi
Polloi reject the cynical perfidy.


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