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Mainstream, VOL LIII No 29 New Delhi July 11, 2015

Two Poems

Saturday 11 July 2015, by Badri Raina


That you can smile and smilw and be a villain (Hamlet)
People die all the time; it is
The way of all flesh.
So what does it matter how they
Died, or continue to die.
Such silly things cannot possibly
Occupy the attention of the highest
In the government, not to speak
Of the routine little corruptions
That may have informed some
Murderous intent. What is of
Greater danger to the country
Is the sad fact that the media
Should suddenly become so
Vociferous a participant in
An oppositional conspiracy to
Distract the great leader from
His imperial determination to
Win over nation after nation.
After all, the Indians who matter
Live abroad; the bulk of what we
Have at home is inconsequential sod.
You say Vyapam has a scale
Which boggles the mind; well, we
Are flattered indeed; it only
Means we can beat the Congress
At their own kind. You say please
Resign if you are a true Ram Bhakt,
Since Lord Ram did to Sita what
He did at a hint from mere
Washerman; well, that was then;
This here is Kalyug, and who is to
Say were the Lord among us today,
He may not have thought that one
Over again in deference to good
Governance. What ignorant fools
Do not know is that Scriptures,
Which are for eve, nonetheless
Mean different things be you
In or out of power. Thus, Raj
Dharam allows no easy copout
From the responsibility to shield
From the fakeries of the law
Those who so vast an enterprise
Have brought about. We
Will stay the course till all the
Perpetrators disappear, leaving
Us and our realm in the clear.

Athens Again, 2015

Athens, from your ancient loins
You engendered Europe.
Mussolini and the Reich dismantled
Your doing, letting Uncle Sam
To gobble her up.
The dollar became her enchanter,
Instead of Rus and the Red Army
Who shed most of the blood.
But now Socrates and Pericles
Are back, setting the polis free
To answer exploitive centralism
With good old democracy.
Whatever be the consequence
For now, Athens, know that you
Have struck a historic blow
For life-infusing resistance.
However the oppressor may
Pull the monetary string, you
Have brought the little people
Back into the reckoning.
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