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Mainstream, VOL LIII, No 11, March 7, 2015

Women’s Day

Monday 9 March 2015, by Badri Raina

Would it not be nice if, in fact,
You did not set aside that one
Charitable day to propitiate us,
But simply, through the year,
Internalised our human status.
Would it not be nice if you
Understood how, lacking us,
Your brood would have no
Existence, not to speak of
Swagger, muscle, puissance.
Would it not be nice if, in fact,
You came alive to the infinite
Beauty of our complimentarity,
Finding fulfilment and grace
In our answering disparity.
Would it not be nice of you
To be grown into an intelligence
That could show you how
Our minds are often keener
Than your own; how being equal
With us could groom and bless
Your humanness more than
This or that warlike icon.
Would it not be nice if you knew
How, when push comes to shove,
You need us more than we need you.

Badri Raina

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