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Mainstream, VOL LII, No 38, September 13, 2014

Teacher’s Day

Saturday 13 September 2014, by Badri Raina

You who teach in schools and colleges

And are called ‘teachers’ have

Come to believe that you are teachers.

Employees that you are, we call

You guru to keep in place an idea

Whose social yield is quiescence—

Suited to good governance by

One great man who alone is true guru,

With certification from Naguru.

So, on guru utsav day, please know

That your job is not to teach

But to obey. And if you are a guru

On contract, it is just a fact

Without which no minimum government

Can happen. Only from salaries

And staff rooms can moneys be saved,

And the high road to moral values

And spiritual self-denial paved. 

Additionally, do not pretend that

You have useful ideas because you

Have a degree, and much reading

Under your belt; in Bharatvarsha

All that is worth knowing for ever

Was spelt out some three thousand

Years ago in the sanaatan shruti

Of Hindutva. Do not, therefore,

Question or criticise, discover or

Originate; your job, if science guru,

Is to innovate for the bazaar,

And, if humanities guru, to do

Dirt on the West which taught 

Us to innovate, and reinforce not

Polluted liberal ideas but to

Proliferate sanaatan ngyan in

Country, town, province and state.

Thus, shoulder to the wheel, guru ji,

And do not ask for a higher fee.

Badri Raina

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