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Threat To The Nation

NRIs as Non-Patriotic Indians

Saturday 26 January 2008, by Shyam Chand


Addressing the Sixth Pravasi Bhartiya Divas meet on January 7, 2008, the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, announced the establishment of the PM’s Global Advisory Council of People of Indian Origin, launched the Overseas Workers Resource Centre and assured the 1500 delegates from 50 countries that ‘your security and welfare is our priority’. He also mooted an idea to set up an India Development Foundation to direct overseas Indian philanthropic effort into human development activities in the country.

In the free congenial atmosphere in the West the immigrants have been able to make their mark in every field—industry, trade, commerce, transport, science, art, literature, dance and music. Quite a few of them have won the Nobel Prize, Bookers and Pulitzer Prize. They have provided India the much-needed foreign exchange. They are among the richest men in the world and India is proud of them.

They are free to criticise red-tapism in India, corruption, lack of infrastructure, human rights violations and even political cynicism. But they should not be allowed to conspire to play with the unity, integrity and secular ethos of India. In other words, they should not turn into Non-Patriotic Indians.

Jinnah did not coin the word Pakistan. Nor was the idea of Pakistan formed in Lahore. It was widely used after the Lahore Resolution in 1940. The word Pakistan was coined and with that the idea of Pakistan, the brain-child of Rehmat Ali, was propagated by his friends sitting in the UK. The pages of the history of Partition are splattered with human blood and shame.

The conspiracy to create Khalistan was hatched in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. To announce to the world the concept of Khalistan an Air India plane bound to India, from Canada, carrying about 300 passengers of all faiths was blown up mid-air. Immigrants in Toronto and Vancouver provided all the material support to the terrorists in Punjab. The rise of militancy and Bhindranwala brought death and destruction culminating in ‘Operation Bluestar’, the assassination of the charismatic Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, and the subsequent carnage and massacre of Sikhs. The ghost of Bhindranwala still haunts the Sikh psyche.

THE demolition of the Babri Masjid on December 6, 1992 was a plot against the secular Constitution of India and sedition against the state. In the Bear Hall Putsch Hitler won the battle of propaganda. London Times commented: “The trial has at any rate proved that a plot against the Constitution of the Reich is not considered a serious crime in Bavaria.”

Before the demolition of the Babri Masjid, the plot was planned in the US by the immigrants. An imaginary brick was sold for one hundred dollars on which the name of the donor would be engraved. As the brick was to be used for the construction of Rama’s temple in place of the Babri Masjid, the donor was also ‘promised a secure place in swarg’, heaven.

In the aftermath of the demolition of the mosque, mayhem in Bombay and the Bombay blasts have torn the Indian society apart, giving rise to fundamentalism and terrorism.

The RSS is against Muslims and Christians. Its activists in the US have found the wealthy Jews as their natural allies. The foundation of friendship with the Jews, as such, was laid by the External Affairs Minister in Morarji’s government, Atal Behari Vajpayee, who smuggled the Israeli Foreign Minister, Moshe Dayan, into India in the darkness of night. Morarji Desai refused to meet him. As the Prime Minister, Vajpayee invited the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, known as the butcher of Lebanon. (May God give him long life!)

When Vajpayee visited America his National Security Advisor, Brijesh Mishra, enjoyed the dubious distinction of being the first Indian functionary to address the Jewish Committee in Washington and called for the development of the US-Israel-India triad ‘that will have the political and moral authority to take bold decisions in combating terror’. Saffron fundamentalists are a threat to India’s integrity and unity. America has become a threat to itself and the world. Israel practices state terrorism. This ‘triad’ breeds terror!

The RSS has been raising funds in America for charitable purposes but it has been using these funds for the conversion of tribals in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Orissa. This ‘philanthropic effort’ is misdirected and misused. Those who till yesterday were the exploiters and seducers of the tribals have become their benefactors to create a vote-bank.

These ‘relics of the past’ (Nehru) with ‘their frozen articles of faith’ (Dr Radhakrishnan) who never allowed the tribals to enter their temples have built ‘cheap temples’ for them and placed Hanuman as their deity of worship. Hanuman’s mother was Anjana and her husband was Kesari. To call Hanuman as Pawanput is not only a slur on him but on the entire tribal community.

The height of hypocrisy can be judged when they open schools for the tribals, with funds collected from NRIs in the US, after the name of Ekalavya whose thumb was emaciated and he became victim of social prejudice, practised by the RSS. Now these tribals are being indoctrinated, by some Swami or Sant-turned Saffron Stunt, and in lieu of capitation fee or gurudakshina they must kill Muslims and Christians.

Whether it is genocide in Gujarat or arson and carnage in Orissa, these converted tribals are used against their own ancient brethren. On X-mas day in 1998, Christian schools, houses and churches were set on fire. ‘The only lights visible that black Christmas night and the nights to come, were from infernos of churches.’ (“Conversions and Politics of Hindu Right” by Sumit Sarkar published in Economic and Political Weekly, June 26, 1999)

On the last Christmas day Swami Lakhanand and his band of scoundrels celebrated Hitler’s Crystal Night by torching 30 churches, hundreds of houses and by killing a man. Social conscience refuses to prick under fascist threat.

Tribals are animists. Whether they adopt Christianity or Hinduism, either way it is conver-sion. Christian missionaries opened schools and hospitals. Their act is termed as allurement. But they preach love and peace and not violence nor do they create a vote-bank. Vajpayee calls for a national debate on conversion, when the RSS activitists indulge in violence. Perhaps pedantic dishonesty is worse than conversion, even for consideration!

These converted Hindus indoctrinated into violence are being turned into potential terrorists. The RSS and its fund-raisers in America must learn a lesson from Pakistan: terrorists, like crabs, devour their own parents!

The author is a former Minister in Haryana.

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