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Mainstream, VOL LI, No 12, March 9, 2013

Hugo Chavez, A Consistent Life

Sunday 10 March 2013



While mourning the untimely demise of Hugo Chavez we offer our sincere tribute to that indomitable personality. We are reproducing here the following profile of the Venezuelan leader issued and distributed by the Venezuelan Embassy in New Delhi, and publishing a poem composed in his memory.

A tireless fighter. A unique social vision. An idea, universal and perennial: Socialism of the 21st century.

Hugo Chávez Frias was born in Sabaneta de Barinas, on July 28, 1954. He passed away in the city of Caracas on March 5, 2013.

With the vigour of one who knows himself destined to imprint and leave behind indelible marks in the history and essence of a country, the Commander President Hugo Chávez Frias fought resolutely, right from the beginning of his adulthood, to achieve far-reaching, radical and structural changes in his beloved country.

In 1992 he shook the political paradigm of a decadent Venezuela through a military rebellion which, in spite of failing, helped consolidate the awakening of a slumbering and politically disillusioned nation.

In 1998, the Commander President Hugo Chávez came to power in a country longing for deep changes—socially, politically and economi-cally. The people went along with the feats of the new President, giving way to a novel and unbreakable civil-military fusion: the Army and the People, as one single entity.

With the support of more than 70 per cent of the voting pubic, he began the process of construction, consolidation and renewal of a new vision, of a Revolution: the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela. The principal foundations for the new humanist conception of the Commander President Chávez were laid down in 1999: the National Bolivarian Constitution. This vision definitely changed the essence of the Venezuelan nation, founded as one Bolivarian nation.

Over and over again, the People, the mass of young, adult people, without distinction of class, encouraged and aided this untamed warrior: as in 2002, demanding his return after a coup and succeeding in their endeavour; in 2004, giving him massive support by referendum; in 2006, re-electing him; and in 2012, by continuing their support. Over and over again, untiring, seamlessly fused, each reflected in the other—the Commander President and his People. All the Venezuelans...

Numerous battles were unleashed. Within the country, as well as on the international stage, configuring a new Latin America. A new American continent. The Bolivarian Revolution, his idea, lives on. But it is no longer only his idea. We have taken it up as our own, and so it shall always be.

Today the fighter has departed. Rest and a seat of honour in History awaits him, in the national life, in the very society that is changed forever. This is the legacy of a few great men. This has been the legacy of Hugo Chávez.

Long life Chávez!

The Bolivarian Revolution shall live and triumph!

Unity, Battle and Victory!

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